How To Stay Positive In Negative Situation


I know Life becomes extremely unfair and complex sometimes, situations seem to be out of our hand, we cry, get depressed, stop talking to everyone and there is only one thought that occupies our mind and that is how to stay positive in this negative situation.

But laying on the bed and thinking to get out of that situation won’t land you anywhere instead take some action to get positive in that negative situation.

The actions can really help you in making your thoughts positive. They can give you a positive direction if you want to.

So Just keep scrolling down to know the ways to stay positive in a negetive environment

Ways to stay positive in a negative situation

1. Change your room – Sometimes living in an old dull environment fills us with dullness, mind stop bringing ideas, we procrastinate and eventually, everything seems to be losing.

A change in the environment will fill you up with freshness, Your mind will ask you to do something productive.

2. Get Rid of Friends who always criticise you – Admit it or not but friends influence a majority part of our lives. Sometimes you get a good company who inspires you, motivates you while sometimes you may get closer to someone who isn’t worth it. There are some people who will always criticise you no matter how much effort you put in to grow yourselves.

That kind of people needs to be kicked out of your life. Famous Indian Guru “Chankaya” once said – if you get a choice to chose either a snake or a negative person then chose the snake as it will bite you once but the negative person will bite you at every point of life.

3. Start your day with a positive thought- ” Yes, I Will achieve my goals no matter what the situations is” this statement has its own value. It can literally fill you with amazing confidence and positivity.

On the other hand, some people wake up with a dull thought, they take life as a burden and as a result happiness in their life does not exist.

4. Start Meditation – To stay positive in a negative situation you need to stay away from stress, anxiety and depression and that’s where meditation and yoga come into the picture.

According to a study, meditation helped over 4,600 people to cut off depression from their lives. Yoga and meditation can really help you to charm up and freshen your mind.

5. Appreciate what you have got – We humans always crave for more, if you have a bicycle you will wish for a motorbike, once you get it, you will start wishing for a car and so on.

The cravings are endless and if they are not fulfilled our moods get irritated and low.

Eventually, we start feeling that life is mean to us, we haven’t got what we wanted but the bitter truth is you get what you deserve.

The deserving level can be changed with the art of hard work, being passionate towards work, being optimistic towards life.

So pay attention to what you have got and enjoy with that and if you want more, take actions to achieve that. Complaining won’t work buddy.

6. Accept the reality of life – yes I know accepting the truth is challenging but once you make it a habit there is nothing in life that can destroy you, that can destroy you positive emotions.

We all know life sometimes make us stand in situations that are unbearable, unacceptable, we cry, we feel lost but that is not a solution at all.

For example – someone you loved passed away or broke up with you than crying over that issue won’t let you out of the situation, you just need to accept it and move on. Time will heal everything

Take Away

Life is a roller coaster for sure, full of ups and downs but it is up to you whether you face the fear or close your eyes and let the fear finish you.

Life will sometimes make you stand in situations that you, might have never thought of but in the end, the thing that matters is your positive attitude towards the situation. I hope you liked the article.

Feel free to share it with your friends and let make every soul positive


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