13 Sure Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back




Are you also waiting desperately for your ex to come back in your life? If yes then these signs may give you some hope!!

The complexity of the situation sometimes doesn’t let the persons control their emotions!! Moving on isn’t so easy after a lovely long time spent together and somewhere in the corner of your heart you still keep a hope that the person may return to you. This means you still want a chance to give for making the things work out. Many times your partner is also thinking the same and tries to reach you but you may not understand the signs. It may also happen that your partner could not confront you but still wants to get back you. This can make you lose a precious moment of yours. So If you are interested in being together and want to know if your partner possesses the same feeling or not then this article could help you find those signs.


1) They have moved on with someone else


If your ex is already in a new relationship with someone then don’t let this confuse you. It may not be necessary that they had got over with you and is being in a serious relationship.

Mostly, if the people get into a relationship right after the breakup then they are trying to fill the gap by replacing you with a substitute to overcome the trauma.

It may give temporary relief to them but inside they still want to have you. The bitter truth is, they cannot divert their feelings to someone else in just a couple of days after a breakup.

The attachment, memories and level of understanding made between you cannot be replaced by someone else in just a few days.

They will realize it soon that their fake happiness won’t be lasting longer and they should come back to you instead of forcing themselves to get rid of their feelings.

The actual reason may also be that your ex is trying to make you feel jealous so that you come back to them and confess eventually. Of course, it is the wrong way to deal with it but you need to the sign positively that  ‘your ex still loves you’.


2) They are not interested in anyone


If your ex is still single after a long time has been passed to your breakup, it may be a sign that they are unable to find the one perfect like you.

Your ex is so much influenced by you that they still can’t get over you and choose someone else. Your ex may be still thinking about the past while keeping hopes that you will get back someday.

These people are most likely to be depressed and don’t socialize much with new people. Their happy time has been paused and they start living in shells being traumatized about losing you.

They would no more be seen as a happy person and their inner interest in living life with joy dies. Everything starts feeling useless to them. If you can also feel such things within your partner then this may be the sign that you’ill gets back together.

You can simply get in touch with them and they will surely hit the chance upon you for confessing their feelings.


3) They are in no mood to return your belongings


After the breakup, if your partner is very sure that they are not gonna back together, the first thing they do is to get over with your stuff.

They don’t want your things to remind them about their past. If your ex is not ready to get rid out of those things then they may be unsure about moving on.

They want to keep your old stuff which will make them remind of good times spent together because it still has a lot of value for him. Also somewhere your ex may be expecting that you both would be back together and this may be a temporary pause.

They still are in plan to convince you for one more chance but waiting for the right moment to do so.

The expectations of will my ex come back doesn’t let them return your stuff to you.

If your ex is also not agreeing to return your things then you may simply confront them by asking why they want to do so.

They may confess you or make an excuse that keeping this will remind it of their good times but you are smart enough to catch them up.


4) They keep stalking your moves in social media


One of the biggest signs your ex misses you could be if you notice always liking and commenting on your pictures. They are much updated about your moves through social media and can’t help them stalking upon you.

They may also follow you sometimes but predict as you have met accidentally. These are the hints given by them to make you feel you are still going on in their mind.

Your ex may get annoyed by seeing you clubbing late night especially with other guys and this may make them impatient. All this clearly shows their concern for you.

Their constant efforts to be in touch with you and make you feel good is a surety that they are planning to re-enter your life soon.

You can apply a nice trick by removing them from social media, their reaction will make you clear about their intentions!


5) Your relation got broke on good terms


If you both haven’t cheated on each other and never played mind games then nothing much has been damaged yet. There could be a sign he wants you back after a breakup but you need to be alert to understand it.

If everything was so right and perfect in your relationship then there were no such reasons to be apart. For a time, he may have a loose interest in you but eventually after a sometimes he may have a realization that he couldn’t find someone as perfect as you.

The good terms have not bought any negativity regarding you in his mind and your good soul may attract him again towards you. If he is still possessive for you and your moves affect him but he is not so expressive then you should be smart enough to understand him.

After all, you must know him and his thoughts better!! Just have some patience and his emotional breakdown will surely result in confession one day.


6) You both still hang out together


Do you guys had a breakup but you are still in touch while considering each other just as friends?

Don’t get this confuse by the term friend zone!! If you both are still dependent on each other for small things and find excuses to text or call each other’s, then it’s not over yet.

Your partner may also be getting desperate and crazy like you to come back together. If she still compliments you and want your presence in her special days or make plans to spend time together then these are signs that your ex-girlfriend is not over you.

She may make plans including you with other common friends but her ultimate target is to spend some time without expressing that she still feels for you.

If you are getting sure day by day through these signs you can call her to spend some quality time remembering about your good old memories and in the heat of the moments she may confess her feelings for you.

If not then your ex-girlfriend is not over you.


7) They keep texting you


Even after your breakup, if you are still in though that will she come back then these signs may help you. If she keeps texting you frequently and wants to know where you are and what are you doing, then definitely she hasn’t loosened up interest on you.

She is not able to overcome the habit of being in touch with for the whole day neither she has diverted her interest to someone else. Just be confident and reply to her text if she is trying so hard to gather your attention.

Don’t let her feel that you are just doing formality, instead show equal interest and start texting first from your side too. This will gather her confidence to speak to you for getting back together again.

Remember not to put up negative things in your mind like she must be doing it for a time pass, instead go with the flow and rest would be a happy ending.

Her texting is a way of showing that she still thinks about you. She might hint you your happy past time to make you realize the good time you have spent together.



8) They drunk dial you


Are you wondering about do exes come back? Then your answer might be here!!

This is the most important signs your ex will eventually come back. If your ex calls you after getting drunk and tells how much he loves you, then he is indirectly conveying you which he can’t gather courage while being in senses.

While having their favourite beverages they keep thinking about you. They do such things to get over from the tough time faced by them. Being high ultimately splits all the truth and then you are smart enough to join the dots down.

Getting drunk, and not being in senses makes it easy to confess because people don’t have much capacity to think at the time.

They get so much inflow of emotional breakdown that they can’t control their feelings and say whatever they feel like. If this exactly is happening with you then don’t neglect it instead calm them down and next morning give away a call explaining about last night.

Your ex might show being guilty towards you but you can confess to him that you also feel the same for him.


9) They maintain a good relation with your friends


The common thought everyone faces after a breakup is does my ex want me back? If you are also going through the same phase then worry not, you have been in the right place.

All you need to do is follow our sign!! Your ex may not be directly in touch with you due to awkwardness but they may have all the information about you by being in touch secretly with your close friends.

They may think that you won’t respond to them but still are so conscious about every move of yours. If your close friend has secretly conveyed to you about this then you can fix things by some simple steps.

Tell the middlemen to convince your ex that you also had feelings for your ex and this is not just been predicted but as been confessed by you. This will give surety to your ex of getting back to you again and they may confess you directly.

It’s well said that you need to remain in the good book of your partner’s friend to start a relationship because their opinion matters a lot, so your ex might also be doing the same!!


10) They are unhappy without you 


If your ex has confronted you directly that they are unhappy after the breakup, then it’s a clear answer to your mind-boggling question – does my ex wants me back?

If you can see the truth and have the same feelings towards him then it might be the right time. Just be sure they are not fooling you or has not cheated you before.

In such a case, you need to be extra careful. But if you are well known with his personality then there is nothing to worry about.

Most of the people keep fooling themselves for a long time that they are happy without their partners but not all are same. Some like to speak directly about their feelings. You can also judge his unhappiness by his regular activities and be sure about it.

If he seems to be upset and avoids talking to people or going out then don’t be late in realizing the signs. Their friends might also come up and say you about how unhappy is he, this is also an indirect way of sending you a message to gain a little sympathy.

Well, true love is not easy to find and if you have one you must give it a try!!



11) Distance separated you


Many times breakup doesn’t take place due to misunderstandings but it’s the distance creating the problem. When you are surrounded by couples and see them spending quality time, you may feel the things missed by you.

Later one if your mind can be diverted to someone being more closer to you in distance but soon you will realize, no matter what the distance is your ex was the perfect person for you. No one could be so, even someone close to you in distance. 

If the same things happened between you and your ex wants to apologize for it, then they should get a chance for his honesty. Yes, diversions happen!! But the realization teaches life longs lesson to the person.

Every relationship suffers from ups and downs and no one can be perfect, but what matters is realizing the mistake. Giving one chance may fulfil your life with lots of happiness so have some faith and think of doing so!!

The reason may not be same however, in long-distance understanding plays an important role. The misunderstanding might happen due to these but try to fix those things because ultimately what matters is love between you both.


12)  They reply to your text quickly


After the breakup, it might be possible that your ex has become too sentimental. He just wants to express you every time how much they love you and is putting a lot more efforts for it.

They reply to your messages with long texts to make the conversations longer. This way you both will spend more time together and he will keep expressing his sorrowing’s.

their desperateness in his writings is the biggest sign of how badly they want you to back again in his life. If you are also enjoying him then don’t ignore the messages instead keep relying on their texts with full concentration.

Later on, this may convince them your interest and he may become surer about it. It would also be a good way to clear your misunderstandings and spent some quality time together before you are ready to take any final decision.

They also may text or call you and say that was accidentally done by them. But in reality, it’s just a way to start a conversation with you!!

Keep these things as a positive sign and keep giving the same response to get results.


13) They pick up your call immediately 


No matter however busy your ex is, they will surely respond to your call and reply to your text in time. You may hear complaints from everyone about him not picking up their calls, but are still in his priority list.

Well, it is truly said that if you love someone you will take out time for them, no matter how much busy you are. If they are still the same and doesn’t ignore your calls even after a breakup then the signs are positive that your ex will turn up to you soon.

You are still special for them like it used to be. They are so crazy for you that they keep waiting to get a chance of hearing your voice. Your one call excites them and they pay attention to every word said by you.

Just wait for the right moment and that day is no longer when they will confess his feelings to you. They may also share their future goal and plans with you indirectly giving you hints to be a part of his life.

Not everyone is so close and comfortable with each other for sharing such things. So if they do this, you have a special place in their heart.


14) They are furious if you are dating someone or not


Your ex is so keen and worried that you don’t get into other relationship, and this nightmare is not letting them be in peace.

They might post sad stories and thoughts in social media to give you hints on how heartbroken they are and wants you back badly.

You may also notice that they would try to look the best whenever you both plan to meet to impress you once again.

They also may show some physical signs like hugs or holding hands to console you towards them. If these signs are visible to you then your ex is surely coming back to you.


15) What to do when your ex wants you back


If they want you back, the first thing is to ask yourself if you want to go back or not. If you are missing your ex equally and is unable to let them out of your mind then you must go a step forward. If your ex is making efforts and you can observe it clearly, then be supportive. Don’t let your ex feel that you are not at all interested, this may confuse them.

Also keep in mind, the reason for your breakup and sort those things out. If you think those were not so major issues and can be neglected then you might give it a chance.

But if you are just being mad after him without realizing that the consequences may happen twice then you should have a proper discussion regarding it and once you feel convinced then let him come to you.

Make sure you give him a warm welcome and tell him that you too were getting desperate to bring him back in your life but could not gather courage.

Just be sorry for your past issues and go with the new beginning.


Conclusion on signs your ex will eventually come back

So these are the signs which will help to let you know that your ex will eventually come back to you.

You just need to be positive and give response accordingly.

If you want your ex to come back, don’t ignore their efforts. It’s important that you built their inner confidence so that they could be sure about your intentions too.

This will make them clear and they will confess as soon as possible. Yes, people do hesitate so let them take their time. Take the signs positively and let the special person re-enter your life again. Efforts definitely get counted by overwhelming results.