11 Signs He Loves You Deeply But Not Confessing


Men are not easy prey, they can be picky when it comes to falling in love with a girl, they do have their own personal tastes in dating a girl but how can you know whether he loves you deeply or not? and these things become more problematic when the guy you want to be yours is shy.

He won’t confess his feelings for you easily  but here comes the game you need to play to know exactly what he feels about you and is he really into you or not

Here is a list of signs that shows  he has fallen for you

  1. Respects you

True signs that show he has fallen for you is respect. He would respect your decisions, respects your perceptions and thoughts but that does not mean he will be agreeing to your incorrect choices. A real man won’t treat her girl disrespectfully, he will make sure that your thoughts also get priority among his. If he respects you trust me he loves you deeply

2. Keep Gazing at you

keeps gazing at you

Staring is a bad habit, right? but Gazing with loved fill in eyes isn’t.

If a man is really in love with you then chances are you will notice him gazing at you during the lectures, during office hours, while jogging in the park etc. This is a secret sign he has fallen for you

4. He is nice to your best friends

When a man is in love with a girl, he starts behaving nicely with your friends too. So never miss a chance to notice how well your man is treating your friends. He will become more helpful, more caring towards them. Make sure that you notice what he is trying to do with your friends too. Maybe he is a kind of guy who has a habit of flirting with almost every other girl. Keep an eye on him to check if he loves you or lusts you

5. Brings the best present for you

brings best gifts for you

Do you think he loves you deeply but tell me one thing?

Did you ever get a gift from your man? either on your bday or on the valentines day, if yes then definitely he is in love with you because men generally don’t care about surprising their girls with gifts and presents but if he does so you are lucky!

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6. Does not misses your phone call

Do you need to wait for hours and hours to talk with him over the phone? does he keep cutting your phone call? if yes then chances are that he is not in love with you yet but wait if he cuts your call doesn’t mean he is not in love maybe he is busy with some other work or doesn’t like to talk over the phone. A single factor can’t decide that he has fallen for you or NOT, so make sure you read the next points too..!

7. Becomes extra protective

A man in love becomes way more protective than before. He would sometime become obsessive too. but it shows how much he loves you deeply. Being protective he will try to call you 10 times a day to check out if are ok? have you done your breakfast, lunch bla bla

8.Cooks  delicious food for you


What if a man wants you to know that he loves you without saying? the answer is- he will cook food for you.

Yes, chances are that he will cook the best food for you to show his love provided he is not lazy and knows how to cook food. And yeah never force him to cook food for you..! let the flow go on naturally. This is one of the surest sign to know he loves you without saying

9. Plans out a romantic date

Planning out a romantic date to some enchanting destination would be a thing done by him at times. and this is one of the surest things to know that a man is in love with you. Planning a romantic date is a way of showing love to a girl for most men.

10. Books the ticket for a romantic movie

Does your man ever books cinema tickets ( corner seat)? if yes then you may stop reading this post, go to him and give him a tight hug. Doing such activity shows how much important you are to him and he loves you deeply


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11. He would try to look ultra handsome

the first and foremost sign to let you know if a man loves you or not is that he will try to look the most charming man in your entire friend circle. His hairstyle would be sexy, he definitely will invest in his clothes and will not miss a chance to be in front of you and flaunt his dashing look.


Men do feel shy sometimes when it comes to showing their love, but it is your responsibility to notice the signs, the activities he does to ensure if he loves you deeply or not. If he does even 5 of the activities mentioned above then be free and happy because these are the sure signs that he loves you deeply.