13 Sure Signs A Man Slept With Another Woman


As per the various surveys and studies, it is reported that more than 22 per cent of men are disloyal in a relationship whereas the female partner tries her best to save the sinking relationship. Well, this can be totally opposite in some relationships but today, we will be discussing the signs a man slept with another woman.

We all know how sacred marriage is considered in various cultures, it is a bond of deep love especially in Asian countries such as India.

The couple promises to stay together till the end and support each other in their ups and downs. Well, a lot of them manages to keep the promise, but some of them fail to do so because of toxicity in the relationship.

You must have heard some stories or watched Tv serials that show how the women are getting cheated by her man and have no clue about his other relationships.

This may create a feeling of curiousness to find out the signs a man slept with another woman. Therefore, in this article, we have penned down the major signs that may get your man busted.

20 Signs a Man Slept with another woman


  1. Maintaining a distance

It is normal for a man to stop talking for some time and maintain a little distance after a serious fight, to control and fightback their emotions. But, if you notice that you man has started hiding things from you, not spending enough time with you at home and has no proper time of leaving for office and coming back, there is something fishy going on.

  1. Harshness in tone

Some men are rude in nature and some men are soft. If your man has started talking to you rudely, giving short replies and gets frustrated easily, there is something odd going on. You can notice this by a change in his tone. Did he use to talk to you like you are his queen and now talks to you like you don’t mean anything to him? Well, if the answer is a yes, you got to do something before he slips out of your hand.

  1. And suddenly, privacy matters a lot to him…

A little privacy is important in a relationship, and you will have to agree upon this. But is you man a person who has never used a fingerprint lock on his device but has enabled it now? Well, do you often see him texting to someone and hurriedly turning off the screen when you insist to check what he is doing? Well, if this keeps happening on a regular basis, it is a red flag. It would be better if you talk to him about this directly rather than living with a burden of doubts.

  1. You have no clue what’s going on in his life

It is natural that two-person who are in a relationship share about their daily life happenings. Well, if your partner has stopped doing this, it is a matter of worry. You should try to find out the reason he is not sharing his problems and routine with you. Maybe it is because of work pressure or someone else is making him happy, who knows?

  1. Pointing out your flaws

Do you remember the first time he told you that you are beautiful or you cook the most delicious food in this world? Has he started pointing out your looks now? Is he shouting on you because of some extra sugar in his coffee? If he is doing it too often, it is a matter of worry. Men usually get tired of their wives when they find out someone else who maybe is better than you.

  1. Comparisons

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and comparisons shouldn’t be made in a relationship as it can ruin things between the two people. If he starts comparing your dressing style with her new colleague in office or with your neighbour, he has started losing interest in you.

  1. He spends very little time with you

It is very important for a couple to spend time, and spending the time doesn’t mean that you both should go out only when you have a holiday. You can go out for an ice cream date after dinner or for a late-night movie show. But if he is not making enough time for you, there is something else going on in his life. If he starts making excuses and cancelling your date plans, you should sit down and talk to him about this.

  1. Not taking interest in bed

When a man is cheating on you with some other woman, his appetite or interest in having intercourse with you can decrease rapidly.

He won’t be able to please you the way he did before.

Although it is common that a man loses interest in intercourse after a long tiring day but if it continues to happen for a long period of time, you should start to look out for the reasons.

  1. A changed outfit…

Did you wave him goodbye when he was in a white shirt and welcomed him back in a blue shirt? If he has a desk job, there is no point in changing the outfit unless his colleague intentionally pours coffee on his shirt and helped him change it at her house. Yes, detective, start looking out for some more clues and interrogate him.

  1. Too many secrets…

Has he started to hide to keep secrets from you? Is change the topic whenever you ask about the watch, he received on his birthday from someone special? This usually happens when he is sharing his secrets or his feelings with someone else.

  1. Always busy on his phone

Although it is quite usual for a working man to stay busy on phone calls and text messages.

If you notice him spending a lot of time on the phone even when he is free from his office work and projects, you should interrogate.

Sometimes it can be friends, relatives or colleagues but if he hides his phone as soon as you walk in the room, you should consider it as a red flag.

  1. A different smell?

Women can forget the smell of strawberry cake but not the smell of his man’s perfume. That is usually because you sleep with him and you know what brand of perfume he uses on his body.

But is he smelling way to different than a tired man returning from office should? If that happens too often and every time, he smells the same after coming from the office, you should consider this as a sign that your man is sleeping with someone else.

  1. A sudden increase in the expenses

A housewife is the one who manages all of the expenses of the house, mostly. If the monthly expenses including the credit card bills, the amount withdrawn from the bank have suddenly taken a climb, there are chances that he is spending that money on his new secret friend.

  1. Lipstick stains or a strand of hair

These two signs are too often used in movies or tv serials, well this actually happens in real life that is why we see this happening on the television too.

If you find out a strand of a woman’s hair when he returns from outside or a stain of lipstick that is different from your shade, there are strong chances he is cheating on you.

  1. Mood swings

Nah, I know you must be thinking that mood swings usually happen to a woman but that is not the case.

A man who is spending time with someone else usually starts getting bored with his wife or girlfriend.

If he is not showing any interest in you even when nothing has happened or refuses to eat dinner with you very often, consider this as a sign your man is cheating on you.

  1. Less affectionate towards you

Has he stopped being affectionate towards you? Has he stopped admiring you the way he used to do before? It may be possible because he has started losing interest in you and he is constantly thinking about his new friend and it is one of the sure signs a man slept with another woman

Why does a man cheat?

This question must be popping up in your head after reading all of the signs above. There can be dozens of reasons for a man to cheat in a relationship, some of them may include:

  1. Lack of understanding

Do you often fail to understand his needs? Do you both often disagree on small things and start fighting? If that is the case, there is a huge gap in your understanding with him.

  1. Two people, two souls.

You must have heard the famous phrase “we are two persons but one soul”, and that is a sign of a happy relationship. Do you find it difficult to connect with him? Has he stopped being affectionate than he was before? If the answer is yes, you are lacking somewhere. Find it out!

  1. No emotional support

Has he ever tried to share his thoughts or feelings with you but you failed to understand him? Did you fail to provide him with the moral support he needed when he lost his job or had some other deep issues?

In these cases, men start hating their wives and look for someone else to get some emotional support.

If the answer is yes, you know what to do.

Men usually seek moral support from their partner but will never show that they need it. It is you who has to take care of these needs, emotions and understand him.

When should you start worrying?

All of the aforementioned theories are quite generic but it can happen with anyone. If you notice any kind of changes in your man and those changes matches with what you have read above, you should consult a relationship advisor.

You cannot directly jump on to conclusions and ruins everything, the aforementioned possibilities can occur due to peer pressure of office, ageing factor, depression and whatnot. But it can also be the other way around, isn’t it?

What should you do in this situation?

Walking away from this infidelity is definitely an option but this may ruin your relationship forever, so instead of abandoning your relationship try out these other solutions that might work.

It is obvious that you will get anxious in this situation, no one can bear the pain of being cheated. and ultimately people start hating their life But in this situation, you should take your next step wisely. Do not directly conclude everything, try to tackle the situation with your right conscience.

  1. Consult a relationship advisor

You can take an appointment with a relationship advisor. Explain the whole situation to her and find out the ways you can tackle this without compromising with your relationship.

  1. Talk to a friend.

You can always lean on someone whom you trust the most. A friend can surely help you to stay strong in this case, no matter if it is a male friend or a female friend.

  1. Talk to your family

You should talk to your family about this, I would recommend you to talk to your mother at first. She will definitely help you out with your situation because at some point in life she must have had the same trust issues.

  1. Do not panic

There is no need to panic in this situation. I know this is not a small deal but if your husband is not at fault and he finds out that you are doubting on him, he may get hurt.

Wrap Up on signs  a man slept with another woman

Cheating in a relationship is nothing new and both men and women do it. You should try to give your 100 per cent in a relationship but if things still don’t turn out to be positive, you know what to do. Before jumping on to conclusions, you should first figure out if your doubts are valid or not.

There can be many reasons why your man is behaving differently. You may or may not relate with all of the aforementioned signs, but if you do, you should figure out the reasons behind it.