15 Best Questions to Ask a Girl that will Melt Her Heart


Questions to ask a girl- Lucky Guy ! So she finally agreed to go on a date with you

You bought the best dress from the best showroom in the city, grabbed the best pair of shoes, took a great shower, bunked your classes just to get reach on time – you are doing everything perfectly but wait!!

What stuff you are going to talk about on this date? Do you have a list of interesting questions to ask a girl which makes her fall for you?

Not yet? Then grab these best collection of questions to ask a girl and thanks us later.!

15 Best Questions to ask a Girl

#1 What do you prefer doing during your leisure?

What you like to do at leisure
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If she is interested in you, probably her answer would be somewhere related to you. Maybe she loves to talk to you on phone or hang out with you. The reason behind asking the question is to know whether you stand somewhere in her mind or not. You need to occupy a certain area in her heart for finding out whether she is the one or not.


#2 What do you dislike in boys?

what kind of boys you dislike
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Finding out what she doesn’t like in boys is important for eliminating that particular habit from your life. Maybe she does not accept boys who smoke or drink. You need to make sure that in your future such habits are not portraited before her.


#3 Do you smoke or drink?

Do you smoke?

Knowing Whether she is into smoking, drinking alcohol or any such stuff is important for your personal life. Maybe you don’t prefer a woman involved in such habit. Everything must be crystal clear about the person you love. rest it is all up to you whether you accept her with the Habit she has or not.

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#4 What kind of date do you prefer?

what kind of date you prefer


That her idea about dating is all about spending time with the man she loves on a secluded place, she is more of an emotional person who finds feelings and emotions is more important than anything else.


#5 What about the idea of living with in-laws after getting married?

You need to collect some more guts to ask this question because it can be a spoiler. But then, you just cannot ignore the fact that your parents are equally important in your life. If you prefer staying in your hometown with your parents, the girl you love should be ready to adjust in a joint family. asking the same question beforehand with clear up things right away.

This would help you to know whether she is a materialistic person or not. If she talks about expensive restaurants and clubs, probably she has more attraction for money and worldly affairs. On the other hand, if you say

#6 Would you like to work Even after marriage?

Does she likes to work after marriage

Finding out whether the girl is career oriented or not is important from several points of view. different men have different preferences in life. Somewhat working women whereas rest of simply want a housewife. Make sure that you get the exact element you want in the girl your life.


#7 Do you love to cook?

Does she love coking?
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If you are a foodie, having a girl who loves to cook is a blessing. Also, this is an interesting topic for a couple to interact upon. If you have the same interest, you can disclose what all dishes you can cook. also, you can find out whether you would be required to depend on a cook or your wife for food!

#8 What makeup products does she love?

Makeup is the favourite thing of every woman on this earth. Also, it is an interesting topic upon which every woman can talk for hours. Finding out which makeup products does she love can help you to give her better things in future. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to talk about makeup products and her interest areas. Add this one as the best question to ssk a girl list of yours.


#9 What are her hidden desires?

What are her hidden Desires?
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In the male-dominated Indian society, every woman has certain deeply hidden desires which she cannot fulfil. Maybe because of certain financial constraint or lack of family support she would have taken a backseat from giving Wings to her Desires. Henceforth, ask what she actually wants from life. After all, love is all about taking care Unconditionally. Try to fulfil what you want and show deep interest in her desires.

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#10 Who is the best supporter in your family?

Finding out with whom she gels well is important in taking your relationship forward. Maybe that is the person who can help you in your near future. Also, find it out about the person who is closer to her would let you identify a lot about her overall upbringing. Isn’t it one of the best question to ask a girl ?


#11 What do you love about your work?

This would let you know whether she is actually willing to take up her career professionally or it is just because of financial constraint. This is a broad question which carries several aspects behind it.


#12 Which place would you like to travel?

Which place she likes to travel?
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Likewise mentioned above, there are certain deep hidden desires which women have to bury within. Maybe she always wanted to go for a foreign trip or something like that always. Asking her this question would let you know whether she loves to travel and what is the exact place that she would like to visit.


#13 How much sleep do you require?

This is a silly but a very caring question to ask a girl. When you ask someone how much sleep do you actually get out of your busy schedule, they simply start telling about the plight of the life which does not let them sleep. Also, if they get sufficient sleep in their life, they would happily tell you about it.


#14 Do you love me?

The question is full of Innocence and curiosity. If she is in love with you, this would help her to confess things easily. In contrast, if you don’t love you, things will come out clear. Finding out whether she loves you or not is really important if you are planning things ahead with her.


#15 Can I have a look at your text messages?

Relationships are all about trust and no insecurities. If she is reluctant to show her text messages, it is a clear sign that there is something fishy. No matter what, she must be clear with her intentions before you.


Give it some time and your questions will be answered gradually. There are certain things which we cannot ask the person we love. For those things, time is going to answer things.