10 Qualities Of A Good Student You Need To know


When I was in school, I believed that scoring good marks is all I need to do to be called a “good student”.

But as time passed by, I realized being a good student has much more to do then just scoring good marks and being good at studies.

It needs you to be a better person, discipline, good leadership skills, working with different teams, participating in co-curricular activities, attentiveness and a lot more. I tried doing all eventually and after inculcating all those qualities I proudly called myself a good student or you can say a student filled with qualities!

Now it’s your turn to see whether you have the qualities of a good student or not

And If you possess those qualities then feel proud to call yourself a successful and a student with qualities.

Excited to know what exactly those qualities are? Grab this post till the end as it highlights the most common qualities of a good student.

Qualities of a good student: good qualities to be inculcated by a student

1) Dress Sense 

dress sense is a quality of good student

No matter which class or institution you are studying in, a good dress sense ultimately shows how well you possess the qualities of a good student. Being well-dressed shows you care about how you look, you care about how you present yourselves before others.

Dressing good has nothing to do with showing off. It does not mean you have to be funky,it means you need to dress according to the environment and the place you are in.

How to improve dress sense

  • Make sure your shoes are well polished
  • You should be wearing the complete uniform of the particular school or college
  • Always take a bath to remove bad odour from the body
  • Take a proper hair cut from time to time

2) Good communicating and socialising skills

a good student has good communiacting skills

A good student won’t hesitate in communicating with others.

Greeting others, talking politely with them, listening to their thoughts are some of the qualities of a good student that every student must try to inculcate.

If you have weak communication skills or you fear to talk to others – improve it. Analyse yourselves, look at your weak points and work on them.

Use the internet – read blogs, watch youtube channels to improve your communication skills.

Believe me, lacking communication skills can do a lot of harm to you in the long run but if start working on it today it can help you in  making more friends, understand people better and from the job perspective it can help you in clearing an interview to get a job in your dream company, so being a student it’s your responsibility to work on this area as well

3) Helps fellow classmates

A good student never steps back when it comes to helping other classmates. Maybe you are good at something that others are not. Accept that as a god gift and use it to help others.

For example, there might be some students that are weak at mathematics and aptitude, and here comes your role to help them out if you are good at that subject.

So instead of being arrogant about it, be kind and enlighten others with your knowledge

4) A good student has a positive mindset

 always positive

Having a positive attitude and mindset can help us to stay positive in negative situations but this is something that our generation lacks, they get surrounded by anxiety, depression and stress when things start becoming a bit difficult.

They tend to lose the patience inside them and this thing differentiates a bad and good student.

A good student has a positive outlook towards the difficulties of life because he knows life is full of ups and downs, life gets darker sometimes but the rays of hope can vanish the darkness.

And because of this positive attitude, a good student has the ability to conquer anything

5) Being Disciplined is a quality of good student

Arriving late at school, not completing your assignments, arguing with the teacher, fighting with classmates are some bad qualities that can never make you a good student.

Try to avoid these bad manners at all cost. Become disciplined, pay attention to what the teacher is teaching, get in the class on time, stop cutting classes.

A disciplined student tried doing everything on time, he maintains a time table, he knows when to wake up and when to go to bed. I know following the correct timing mentioned in the time table is not everyone’s cup of tea but at least try to do what you have written in it, even if you get slightly late or early.

6) Respecting teachers is a quality of a good student

गुरू गोविन्द दोऊ खड़े, काके लागूं पांय।
बलिहारी गुरू अपने गोविन्द दियो बताय।।

This is a Hindi couplet by saint Kabir that means – The teacher and god both are standing in front of me, whom to wish before, from whom to take the blessing?

The next line says- Greet and take the blessing from the guru(teacher) because the teacher shows you the path to meet the god.

So start respecting your teachers, never talk bad behind their back, never argue with them.

Try to maintain a friendly behaviour towards them because that ultimately show the qualities of a good student.

7) Able to work in groups

team work is necessary

A good student is adaptable, he does not limit himself to just a small circle of friends, if required he can team up with other groups as well.

And this is one of the best quality a good student must possess, he should not fear out to work with different groups on any assignment or project.

How to work in groups effectively

  • Identify what the goal is !
  • Communicate with other group members
  • Don’t be jealous if someone is better than you in the group instead learn from him
  • Be active and help to collect the resources
  • Monitor the progress and celebrate with others when  the work is done


8) Passionate about his subjects

a good student is passionate about his subjects

A good student loves the subjects he is studying whether in school or college but not loving your subject does not always mean that you are not a  good student.

Sometimes because of the course curriculum, we have to study subjects that we hate to the extreme and that’s where you need to prove that you are a good student.

how to be passionate about subjects

  • Try to figure out why that subject is important
  • Practice the subjects regularly
  • If you don’t like a particular subject, try learning it from some who can teach in a friendly way
  • Make that subject a part of your life for eg you are passionate about the English language then start speaking it with friends, think in English, watch English movies, learn grammar and so on

9) Having a desire to learn new skills

a good student has desire to learn new skills

A passionate student always feels the urge to learn new skills, he never limits himself to just one or two skills that he as acquired over time. He keeps a sharp eye over others and what others are learning.

A good student knows what thing is trending in the industry and the market, what skills will be relevant in the future and learns them accordingly.

You too can learn any skill and can get an edge over others, learn anything thing like

  • The art of content writing,
  • Learning guitar, swimming etc
  • Making websites, designing graphics, developing apps etc.

10) Productivity and creativity are qualities of a good student

Increasing the thought process is also one of the best quality of a good student. You might have seen some friends of yours who possess extra creativity skills, I know creativity is born talent but you can also enhance your mind to become more creative.

how to be more productive and creative

  • Don’t clutter your mind with shit that does not have any value
  • Watch out the internet, look for infographics, take an idea from them
  • Think, think and think a lot
  • Create stuff
  • Get some knowledge of colours

11) Ambitious for his  dreams

A good student is always ambitious for his dreams, he believes that nothing can stop him from chasing and conquering what he wants. He works hard, makes sacrifices, does everything that is within his reach to achieve his goals.

Well, there is no doubt that a student without any ambition is not worthy, so to become a good student figure out what you actually want in life, be passionate about it and don’t stop until you reach the skies.

how to become ambitious

  • Don’t be afraid to take risk
  • Invest time and money to achieve goals
  • Stop giving attention to negative people and thought
  • read books that help you to stay motivated
  • Stop wasting time on social media-it will clutter your mind

12. Knows How to manage time

managing time

Managing time, of course, is the finest characteristic of a good student but most of the student fails to do so. Managing time can help you in being productive, reduce pressure, improves your reputation in the eyes of faculties and other students.

From waking up to going to be during the night, a good student plans his day effectively, though you don’t have to follow everything perfectly as timing can sometimes go up or down but make sure you do the thing that you planned a day before.

Hacks to manage time

  • Learn the habit of prioritizing things
  • Complete the work that tops your priority list
  • Don’t multitask as it will reduce your productivity speed
  • Give more time to actions rather than thinking
  • Avoid social media and other kinds of distraction

13) A good student is attentive

Attentiveness is mandatory to grab thing quickly and at a faster pace, being attentive in class is important so that you can easily grasp the things being taught to you. Your mind should be at its peak concentration.

how to be attentive

  • Don’t eat foods that make you sleepy in the breakfast
  • Wake up early and invest time in exercising to keep your mind fresh
  • Avoid talking to fellow classmates as this will cause unwanted distraction
  • Make a habit of pre-reading the things being taught to you i.e take an overview of the lessons that the teacher is going to teach so that things sound familiar and interesting

14) Not a big fan of social media

This generation has been trapped by social media like Instagram, facebook, twitter etc. From an 8 year kid to a married guy everyone is hugely addicted to the news feed of the social media they use.

Posting pictures, scrolling down memes and whatnot

students waste their precious time on these social sites. I am not against these sites but against the addiction that students these days have.

These sites have a hideous effect on the mental and physical aspects of a person body and that’s the reason you should minimise the use of these social sites

But a student with good qualities will always utilise his time in doing something productive.

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Takeaway on qualities of a good student

So here the article comes to an end and till now you might have got a clear idea about what exactly a good student means and what qualities a good student has.

Do comment if you have some additional qualities and share this with people who need to inculcate these qualities to become a good student.









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