Pubg Tips and Tricks : The Best to Make You a Pro


Are you looking for the best PUBG Tips And Tricks that can help you in getting a chicken dinner every time? Then do follow the tips till the end.

The PUBG mobile game has created a revolution in the gaming filed since the day it launched, there are many tips and tricks for PUBG mobile but let us discuss the revolution it has created so far.

With already a massive download percentage on the google play store this game has become an addiction. From kids to adults and from adults to aged people all have been playing this hugely addictive game.

This article lists the best PUBG Tips And Tricks not only for beginners but intermediate and advanced level players too, So keep digging and get as much as a PUBG trick to be the best player.

PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you are a beginner then before entering into the battlefield you should adjust the controls and screenplay because without getting the right setting playing PUBG can become hectic. So let us have a look at the basic settings you need to do.

1. Select the desired view

Pubg tips and tricks on view

Pubg mobile provides you with two types of view – first-person perspective and third person perspective. In the first-person perspective, you won’t be able to see the body of yourselves but in the third person perspective, you would be able to dos so. Now it is up to you which you love and chose accordingly

To adjust the view click on the game mode just below the Start flashing
Now Simply select one of the two options i.e TPP or FPP

how to set tpp or fpp

2. Understanding the gyroscope gameplay

Gyroscope is related to the movement you do while being in the gameplay so if you turn this on you won’t have to move the player by yourself, it will move automatically when you move your phone right or left.

But wait – move does not mean the player will start running on his own, move in the sense that  you are aiming at an enemy and at the same time you have to move the aim a bit right, then for this the gyroscope setting come into play you don’t have to tap on the screen to change the directions. It will make it easy for you to kill multiple enemies quickly.
Basically, the gyroscope setting just improves the reaction time.

3. Adjust the graphics setting

One of the most important PUBG tips is to adjust the graphics setting so that you can enjoy the best game display while playing.

But before adjusting the graphics setting you need to understand the software and hardware requirements of your mobile. Though the game setting adjusts the display automatically according to the mobile devices still if you feel like the game is lagging then lower down the graphics setting for a smoothe gameplay.

4. Adjust the size and position of controls

Another most important PUBG Tips to make you pro is making the size and position of controls according to your ease. Don’t make them either too small or too large as doing so will hamper your gameplay.

How to adjust – head over to Settings >> Controls >> customize
Now an adjustment screen will appear and from there you can adjust the size and position, to change the position just drag the control whose position you want to change.

5. Don’t forget to enable auto open doors

Opening the doors though is not a big issue but when you are surrounded by enemies you have to do things quickly and for that make sure most of the settings are auto enable especially the doors.
How to do – Go to settings >> Basic and now scroll down a bit and you will find the option, if it is disabled make it enabled.


So till now, you must have done the basic game setting in order to play a smooth game now its time to get some PUBG tips and trick for the actual gameplay. First, five PUBG tips and tricks are for beginners

PUBG Tips and Tricks For Beginners

  1. Don’t do the mistake of running without sprinting in an open ground

Most of the beginners or lets say noobs while playing sprint without jumping in open ground , you may be wondering that why does it matter, let me tell you why – if some enemy is aiming at you then if you sprint chances are that he may miss the shoot and you will be at safe place but if you keep on running there are 99% chances that the enemies aim won’t go waste and you would be knocked out.

2. Make sure to collect most of the things you get along the way

Another silly mistake done by beginners as well as intermediate players is that they don’t pick up most of the things, they ignore them and mostly focuses on the weapons.

You would find many things such as Health, bandages, scope, grenades, fire smoke, energy drinks make sure to collect these things as they are equally important as the weapons are.


3. Fall back into the safe zone as soon as you can

This mistake is done by almost every noob, even me. When I first started playing this game I had no idea what this zone is, I was trapped and started losing my health, I didn’t know what I have to do in order to get rid of it.

So Dear noobs always stay alert, keep an eye on the map and don’t fall into the trap of zone, fall to the safe zone as soon as possible.

4. Never exit the car When it is on a high speed

This is not the mistake everyone does intentionally, it can happen by mistake but you need to take care of it. While running the car or chasing the enemy in a car don’t press the exit button as it can damage your health.

First either make the car slow or completely stop it and then exit.

5. Never jump from a high location 

Jumping from a high location also reduces health, sometimes player often releases the parachute very early or jump straight on the floor from the rooftop. This blunder damages your health and weakens your gameplay.

Liked the basic PUBG tips and tricks? wanna grab some more? then do give this article a further read.

6. Want to land faster than other players?

Everyone wants to land faster than the other players in order to get the maximum loot and for that, you need to do one thing.

when you jump make yourself perpendicular to the land area i.e align yourself at 90 degrees. Didn’t get me? watch the image below. Isn’t it one of the cool pubg tips and tricks?

pugb trick to land fast

PUBG Tips And Tricks for Intermediate Level Players

1.Cook Grenades before releasing 

This mistake is done by most of the noob players and the intermediate level players as well. In order to kill the enemy, they release the grenade just after releasing the pin but that’s not the right way because after throwing it on your enemy it will take some time to explode meanwhile you enemy can get a chance to escape.

So to make sure that it damages your enemies health, cook it 2-3 seconds before releasing. It will explode really quick and your enemy won’t get any time to escape

2.Dodge while walking as it won’t trace footsteps

You might have seen that during the gameplay you see some red coloured footsteps on the map in the top right corner.

The same is visible to your enemy and this can become a weak point sometimes, so whenever you are near your enemy, dodge and chase because when you dodge while chasing your footsteps won’t be visible in the map and you can easily surprise and kill your stupid enemy.

3. Use buggy as it is bulletproof

pubg tips and tricks

There are plenty of vehicles available in PUBG mobile but do you know which is the best one?

The buggy is the best as it has a bulletproof seat so if the enemy fires on you from the back side, you won’t get any damage

In other vehicles, there is no bulletproofing, and you can get killed easily

4. Run in a zig-zag path

Most of us run fearlessly either when we try to chase the enemy or when we need to fall back in the same zone and in a haste to fall back to the safe zone, we don’t look around and keep on running but sometimes the players inside the safe zone are already aiming at us.

So how to break their aim? always run in a zig-zag motion, this won’t ensure that you will reach alive but definitely, if someone is firing on you, your health damage would be least.

5. Use smoke while looting

Some players are lazy enough because they never utilize the resources available in the game and one of the important stuff is a smoke grenade.

You should be using smoke grenades while looting as this will confuse the enemy about your location and your loot will be successful without any health damage.

Another use of smoke grenade is while rushing, suppose your enemy is taking a tpp in a house in front of you. In that case, just release a smoke grenade and rush straight into the house. Your enemy won’t be able to see you and you can get a kill