11 Movies To Watch With Your Girlfriend These Days



Best movies to watch with your girlfriend


At a time in the world when we are witnessing a one-of-a-kind situation, where we all have to be locked inside our houses, it is not surprising that you have visited this site. 

The times are such that one has to be grateful for life and existence and make the best of what is available at the outset.

In fact, this should be the best time to spend with your girlfriend or partner by re-discovering things that you love to do together. Since a lot of time is saved by not travelling to work or socializing outside, you can travel virtually to worlds that you haven’t explored together through movies.

Whether it is to re-ignite your passion or to discover your core likes and dislikes, let’s go over a set of movies that you along with your girlfriend can binge-watch, or watch during cooking, or cleaning the house.

Makes mundane things more interesting, well, not to forget the oomph factor, that comes with the package. Here we have collated a few of the best movies that you should watch with your girlfriend to make the best use of the time you both spend together.

This blog post answers your question – which movies should I watch tonight

Four of the best Romantic comedy movies or most commonly known as Romedies:




This is a 2004 movie, starring the ever-charming Drew Barrymore and the handsome Adam Sandler. Add this movie to your list of top movies to watch with your girlfriend.

It is the story based in Hawaii islands, of a girl, who suffers from short term memory loss, so everything she does during a day gets wiped off her memory by the next dawn.

The male protagonist happens to be initially a person who likes to woe woman and never really get the strings attached to anybody, until and unless he meets her. When he meets her, he is presented with a person, who by medical conditions cannot remember him, and every day he has to woe her to know her as a stranger.

Hence, the name, 50 First Dates. It is a heavenly blend of romance, comedy, emotions and most importantly loves. Make sure to also keep some tissue papers handy, just in case of emotional overflow. You also get to travel to the Hawaiian beaches and get some sun virtually.





If you want to fall in love again with the smile of Julia Roberts and the personality of Richard Gere, you must watch this movie. It contains the brilliant acting of both these actors with their respective crafts that compliment each other.

It is about a girl, who has a number of failed relationships owing to the fact that she is used to running away from the altar just before the nuptials. The hero who is a columnist by profession, played by Richard Gere, comes into her life, on account of correcting some mis-information that he spreads about her in one of his articles.

While getting to know her, in due course, both of them fall for each other. However, she continues the trend of running away just on time as always.

This leads her into digging deep about her actual fear of marriages, that you have to find out by watching it. Not to be missed are few passionate scenes between Gere and Roberts, and the chemistry between them is sure to rekindle yours as well.






“A couple that laughs together, stays together”. So, if you want to snuggle up with your girl and wade through the ways to Mexico and back, with laughter that makes you go weak, this is one movie you should not miss this 2013 movie.

  Jennifer Anniston plays the staged wife of Jason Sudeikis, here, and along with Will Poulter (the kid whose meme “You guys are getting paid” has gone viral) and Emma Roberts (who are the staged kids) goes with Jason to smuggle drugs as per Jason’s request.

The dialogues and the unfurling of events will crack you up and that is exactly what you need when you are with your loved one. It is a must watch as till the last moment it would be a fun-filled nail-biting experience. You would also be hooked to know the part where Jason gets attracted to Jennifer. 





This 1990 romantic comedy is a Richard Gere and Julia Roberts starred. It also boasts of being the third-highest box office hits in 1990 in the United States of America. This story is about the love story of a business tycoon, Edward, who by chance bumps into Vivian, who happens to be a prostitute. Initially, he proposes to her a business deal, by which being his paid girlfriend, she could help him with networking in his deals in lieu of money.

Eventually, as they spend some more time together, she falls for him and also confesses this to him. It all becomes a bit complicated because of the growing feelings in both of them, the uncomfortable emotions Edward feels during such an odd courtship and the difference in their status with respect to society.

Love moves all, and naturally him too. The last scene shows Edward climbing up the fire escape of her house, just to prove to her that he was the knight of fairy tales who has come to rescue her. This movie is definitely going to leave you both mushy prompting you to cosy up.

One very interesting scene of this movie is Vivian’s transformation from looing like a hooker to a very charming lady, so much so that Edward can’t take his eyes off.


Three of the best classic romantic movies:





This 2003 romantic movie, that has some pinch of comedy to it too, revolves around the lives of eight couples, most of whom are related to each other. Hugh Grant and his smile is a heart-warming combination for all of us.

The story begins with Hugh Grant’s voiceover and slowly opens the audience up to the lives of people, few of whom are deeply in love, few of whom just care for each other, few of whom got cheated by their partners and resorted to finding love somewhere else.

Whether it is the veteran Rockstar Billy who is not confident about his music release to be a hit, or the unrequited love of Mark for Juliet, the love that crosses the barrier of language between Jamie and Aurelia, or the blooming romance between David (the prime minister played by Hugh Grant) and Natalie (a new household staff), when all these love stories happening simultaneously conjure up, they make us go weak in our knees to learn that love sometimes may not be two-sided, love can be just affection between two friends, love never judges the social status of a person and that it can overcome all barriers.

The best part of this movie is that all these love stories climax to the advent of Christmas, enough to cause goosebumps in romantic hearts. We are sure, that you will be able to relate to at least one element from these stories.




Well, this has more of a flavour of sexual arousal rather than just pure romance. This is one of the sexy movies for couples.

This Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan starred and a 2015 movie, revolves around the lives of two characters named Christian Grey and Anastasia, who by virtue of fate, get involved in a sleazy affair, that is characterized by one-sided-feelings, a lot of BDSM, some strong emotions and also heartaches.

While Christian clarifies his dis-interest in romantic affairs at the beginning itself, and that he was only looking at the sexual aspect of a relationship, to Anastasia, the events that follow in their lives only bring them together. Eventually, as the movie progresses, Anastasia has to break up with him, given his extreme wants of sexual experimentation and the emotional distance that he wishes to keep from her.

Do not watch it with a sulking heart as the end doesn’t fit into the happy ending category. But definitely, watch it as a rule book to take tips from, to spice up your sex lives.





This may be categorized as a romantic comedy but the seriousness of the plot, forces us to put it up in the pedestal of a classic romantic love story.

Anne Hathaway is every guy’s crush, and she does justice to the character in this movie named Maggie, who suffers from the early onset of Parkinson’s disease. Jake Gyllenhaal, plays the role of Jamie, a women magnet and charismatic pharmaceutical sales representative.

Though the early part of the movie is about Jamie’s flamboyant nature around women and how he uses his power of attraction to pitch sales deals, the latter part of the movie shows to us as to how love changes him as a person to support and madly be in love with a girl fighting her own health issues and not reciprocating love.

She is definitely in love with him, but she cannot ruin the life of a healthy person with this disease of hers. The way he woes her and wins her heart by promising to be with her in good and bad times will definitely give you love goals. After all, love is a drug, isn’t it?


Two of the best horror movies:

If you are wondering as to how did this sneak into the list of best movies to watch with your girlfriend, then the answer is horror spices up the romance. Psychologically, if we ponder, horror excites a part of the brain to respond, and when your girlfriend responds with a jolt or a reaction, she will definitely lookout for a strong shoulder, that belongs to none other than you.

Moreover, horror movies also show about the love between individuals and the victory of good over evil and this can bring you together.



This movie was shot in 2013 and revolves around the life of a happy family who suddenly encounter paranormal activities in their house. In a series of scary events, one after the other, one of their children, Carolyn gets possessed by the spirit. Two exorcists, Ed and Lorraine Warren come to their rescue. ED and Lorraine, finally relieve the curse from the family, and the spirit leaves Carolyn’s body.

If you both want to cling to each other while getting startled, please do that, as it would only spice up your love life after the movie.


This 1996 movie is about the life of a girl named Sydney, who does not know that her boyfriend is the serial killer until the end. A thriller for sure, this movie would push you both to be close to each other, but make sure once the movie is over, forget all about it because it is just a movie t thrill the audience.

Now, that you have a list of movies ranging from romantic comedies to plain classic romantic movies, to horror movies, take your pick, and watch these along with your girlfriend, snuggling away to a virtual world and experience these classics. After all, life is all about small moments spent together with people whom you love. Doing activities like watching movies together goes a long way in bringing two people closer and also, to rekindle the spark if it got lost somewhere in the journey. These movies not only are great getaways for spending time but also help you to virtually travel to different places in the world along with your girlfriend, even if you haven’t travelled together. The emotions portrayed in the movies also help you to dig deeper into your relationships and to ponder as to how and when it all started. These movies will definitely help you to value your relationship because it has stood the test of time and it further will as well.

Do not forget to grab a cup of coffee or beer and your bucket of homemade popcorns, and make the experience really memorable.