7 Best Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercise


Many people wonder how to lose weight without exercise or painful dieting. Instead of troubling your soul by restricting your food intake, choose the best weight loss tips and come up with best body shape and Healthy Lifestyle.

Best ways to lose weight without exercise in a week

Lose Weight Without Exercise

Lose Weight without exercise is much possible. All you need to do in plan out things in a sustainable way. Weight loss plan and expert dietician chart can certainly help you to reduce those extra layers of fat from different parts of your body. However, if you cannot continue the same routine eternally, you can get back what you have lost all that while. In order to find out how to lose weight fast and conveniently, keep reading the article.

The fastest way to lose weight –

  • No food after sunset

Jainism particularly restricts followers to consume food after sunset. Even from the health. of view, consuming food after sunset can generate obesity and other life-threatening diseases. Food consumed after sunset is normally converted into fat instead of energy.

Since the physical activities are reduced during night time, there is lesser utilization of food consumed. Losing weight fast requires you to alter the overall timings of food consumption instead of cutting back to carbohydrates and fat. Eat as much as you want but before sunset.

  • Eat protein-based food items

Every meal you consume should comprise of low carbohydrate and high protein content. Our body tends to utilize protein at last.

Therefore, the body feels absolutely full with 50 grams of protein consumed every day. Main sources of protein include eggs, milk, beef, chicken and pork. You just cannot overstate the importance of including protein in your diet.

It is believed that the consumption of a high protein diet can enhance your metabolism and make you feel satisfied with lower consumption of food.

  • More water

The human body often confuses thirst with hunger. Therefore, if you start feeling hungry right after consuming food, try consuming some hot water in order to feel full.

Consuming hot water throughout the day can melt away fat and improve digestion. Also, it is known to cure a variety of diseases without any special treatment required.

  • Choose to go for long walks

Best way to lose weight is by enhancing your overall body movement. Hitting the gym can impose a lot of physical strain on your body.

Therefore, you might feel reluctant to go for that stuff work out that a resultant lot of sweating and body pain.

Alternatively, you can choose to go for strolling anywhere in a park or a shopping mall. You can even team up with your friends and enjoy evening outings that help you to cover around 2 – 5 km without any stress.

The best is to go for walks empty stomach in the morning. However, it is not possible for you to do the needful during the inception of the day, plan out some spare time for walking during the evenings.

  • Cut down the frequency of tea consumed

If you are consuming more than one cup of tea every day, it is time to switch on to green tea. With simple alteration in your life, you can achieve weight loss results without special weight loss Plans.

Reducing your evening tea can also help you to control the snacks and other junkies that you munch that time. Switch on to soup, juice or something healthy to quench your evening cravings.

  • Consume a lot of fiber

One of the best ways to lose weight without exercise or diet in is regulating your fiber intake. Pooping Away your fat can keep your body healthy, Agile and perfectly shaped. Fiber consumption helps in enhancing overall metabolism and nullifying the effect of junk food consumed.

The best way to ingest fiber in your body includes consumption of banana, apple, pear, and guava. Start your morning with a cup of milk and fruit followed by normal breakfast.

Alternatively, you can also prepare a big basket of fruit salad at night and have it slowly and gradually. Don’t consume less than 5 fruits in a day for regulating your bowel movement.

  • Apply castor oil on the belly button

As mentioned above, losing weight fast doesn’t require you to hit the gym all the time. You can achieve a great body shape by following simple weight loss tips. Simply apply pure castor oil in your belly button during bedtime.

Fill your belly button with 10 drops of castor oil and massage the area for a couple of minutes. This would help in relaxing the internal nervous system and regulating your digestion.

Castor oil naturally works upon the digestive system to provide you exceptional weight loss results.

  • Eat freely during breakfast

If you ask a maximum of the people how to lose weight, they would simply suggest you survive upon boiled food. However, as an expert weight loss tips, you should consume whatever you want during breakfast time.

Keep your lunch simple and free from fried stuff. Subsequently, your evening and night should be all about fruits and sugar-free milk. Morning is the best Time when you can freely consume your favorite dishes and junkies.

Getting a chance to eat whatever you want once in a day is sustainable and doable for a lifetime.

Why weight loss plan is important?

80% of your weight is about your diet and not physical exercise. Therefore, having a sustainable weight loss plan is a must for every health-conscious individual. Weight loss plant doesn’t have to keep you away from your favorite food eternally. It is indeed about regulating the routine timings and including healthy stuff in your diet.

Final words

Even the Fastest diet plan in the world cannot help you if there is insufficient willpower to lose weight. It is only when you are self-motivated; weight loss tips and expert advice can assist.