healthy eating habits

10 Healthy Eating Habits That Level up your lifestyle

    The process of " healthy eating" sounds easy but when someone tries to inculcate those healthy eating habits they seem to fail at that. The reason for this is they don't adopt it as...
forget your ex

How to forget your ex- 8 Simple Hacks

  The most painful thing in the world is to move away from someone whom you loved from the bottom of your heart. There can be several reasons why circumstances are compelling you for a...
reason to leave social media

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Social Media in Excess

1.) Reason for stress in teenagers Social media has become the soundest platforms for teenagers to hookup, relationships are created, maintained and even destroyed on these social media. The outcome of breakups is devastating as it...

3 Reasons Men Should Start Grooming and How?

Is grooming really a necessity for men? Why everyone on the internet talks about grooming these days? These are some basic questions that haunt the mind of a person who does not work on themselves or...
get a proper haircut

Get a Proper Haircut and Hairstyle Next time you visit a saloon

Getting a proper haircut sometimes becomes a bit confusing, we get stuck at choosing the best hairstyle for our face and at times get a haircut that does not suit our face at all....