I hate my wife and want to leave her ! what should i do?


What to do when you hate your wife

Fights and patch-ups are normal in a marital relationship. However, when a husband hates wife it can have a serious reason behind.

It’s not normal for a husband to hate his wife just because she is meant to be a partner for life. Marriages are expected to last eternally and not end in better incidences like divorce.

If you think that I hate my wife and want to leave her, just figure out what are the possible reasons behind the problem.

Do some meditation

give it time

Recruit a counsellor to resolve your problem. Maybe the issues are just in your mind and not in your marriage.

Possible reasons why I dislike my wife –

1) She is a hardcore shopaholic

i dont like my wife

why do I hate my wife so much? maybe because she is excessively spendthrift and likes to maintain fake standards. I prefer making investments and managing my personal life modestly. I don’t know how to overcome such a troublesome situation.

Solution –

Try to encourage her to change her job or move on to a different city altogether. Maybe it is all because of her social gathering that she has to maintain those standards. When you people are going to move to a new location altogether, it would automatically introduce you to new people and unknown scenarios. That would, first of all, help you to spend more time together. Secondly, it would shift her focus from those random fake things completely.

2) I hate my wife because she cheated me in past

Cheating your life partner is the evilest deed a person can do – I would say, irrespective of gender. Getting into relationships is just not a bond of bodies rather its a connection between souls that lasts for eternity.

And if you are cheating on your life partner you are hurting the connection between your souls, it defines your character.

And if you hate your wife because she cheated you then you have all in all two options:

1)Accept it

2)Accept it

yes you have just one option and that is to accept what she has done in her past, no matter with how many men she has slept with, it was her past. Now its time to give her a chance –  a chance to start everything fresh. Time heals everything though it won’t be easy yet not impossible as well.


3) I hate my wife because she left me all alone

People whom we love from the core of our heart can leave us at any point in time , maybe for a reason or for no reason.

I don’t want to make you feel like a hopeless person, what I am trying to say is look at the brighter side instead of the tragedy that happened with you.

You need to stop thinking about your wife who deserted you all alone.

But what you can do is move on as life offers us a better option always.

Look at your kids, they don’t want to see their dad crying or hating a woman who left him.

Start a new life maybe with someone who is ready to accept your current situation and is willing to take care of your children.

Hate is not a solution at all: remember this.

4) she does not treat your family well enough

If you hate your wife because she mistreats you, family members, then you need to tackle this issue smartly.

This situation can have two sides, chances are that your family members also don’t care for her much and in turn, she loses out respect for them?

if this is the case then you need to create a mutual understanding between them. Find out the root cause of the issue.

Ask them to spend time with each other and keep the ego aside. If she is not happy with lets say your mother or your brother’s wife then ask her what’s bothering and find solutions to the conflicts.

On the flip side if your wife is the only one who is faulty then teach her what a family is, why should she respect family members.

Tell her that family members stand beside us come rain or shine. Make her aware of what your family members helped you in the past, took care of you and did all the things to nurture you.

2) My wife hates sex

It’s quite normal for a woman to hate sex after being in a marital relationship for a considerable time period.


The responsibility of managing work, children and household can leave her with negligible energy to make love with you. For that matter, you should figure out days when the work is at minimal and lust is at peak.

Behave patiently if she tries to ignore making love with you. Don’t try to dominate her when it comes to making love.

let her feel guilty for ignoring you , also, make arrangements to create a romantic atmosphere and try ways to please a woman instead of just demanding sex from her.


3) You are self frustrated

The thoughts like I hate my wife and want to leave her to come up when you are totally out of your mind. Maybe you are just frustrated from your life because of work and household quarrels. It may not be the mistake of your wife solely. Do not let the differences exaggerate. Resolve them as quickly as possible.

Solution –

Take the help of a counsellor.

According to research, it was found that 6 out of 10 couples who went to a good counsellor ended up continuing their marital relationship instead of filing divorce cases.

4) She hates travelling

On recently having a conversation with hardcore Traveller, he clearly said – I don’t like my wife because she hates travelling and I have to do it all alone. Whenever it comes to travelling on a ship, she is seasick and vomiting all around. It’s such a plight when you have to travel alone despite having your life partner alive.

Solution –

Give her some training for seasickness or plan out your vacations to such places where she holds personal interest. The world is full of beautiful destinations where both of you can spend some quality time together.

Maybe she would feel comfortable while travelling in a particular means of transportation. Choose that and try to make your trip as interesting as possible so that next time when you talk about having a vacation, she feels equally excited.

5) There is no privacy for me

I hate my wife and want to leave her because she gives me no personal space – states every 3rd person in a Marital relationship. Maybe your wife doesn’t give you time to watch television or go for an outing with your friends. However, that is not a matter when you should say that I dislike my wife or I have started to despise my wife- things like that. This problem has a solution that we have discussed below.

Solution –

Fix a particular duration in which you watch television or do your favourite stuff. Also, make arrangements for her to get entertained as well.

Maybe you can switch on the television and put her favourite show so that she can enjoy it all over while you are busy in your own life.

Eventually, when you get free just try to hold her hard and make her feel that she is the most important person in your life. Don’t just handle her ridicule negatively else you will continue having a hard time in your marital relationship.

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6) Maybe she is over flirty

Har casual nature towards men is making you jealous and insecure. You have to remain very careful whether the problem lies in her or you. 

Solution –

Sometimes, being over possessive ends up producing thoughts that absolutely hold no relevance. Just self analyse and you will eventually figure out the problem.


7) Her job timings are ridiculous

She has been working and working ever since we got married. I don’t know why I hate my wife even when she is so hard working. I can just figure out that she has no time for me and my children. too much career-focused women are hard to handle.

Solution –

You can join the same job where she is working so that both of you can spend time together. Alternatively, you can ask her for a job which leaves provides with some leisure that you can have to spend together. You don’t have to stop her from being career-oriented. It’s just that you have to make her realise the importance of spending time with family.


Avoid her intentionally for a few days so that she can feel the pain that you have been going through all this while. When a husband hates wife, a relationship needs a complete rejuvenation. Don’t let that happen with yourself.

8) Maybe she is very lazy

She has been quite unmanageable in looking after the household cleaning and managing the related stuff. Maybe it has not been in her habit to do the cleaning and cooking food. Since she belongs to a completely different family than yours, try to know why is she unable to manage things.

Solution –

Ask her to join you in the cleaning task that she eventually understand what has to be done in what way. Maybe you have completed different cleaning standards then what she has. Explain her your requirements and for certain tasks, try to recruit cleaning squads. Believe me, Spending a few extra bucks is much better than having a quarrelsome atmosphere.

9) She is a boozer

Loud music, hardcore party freak and junk food, these have been the favourites of my wife eternally. I hate my wife and want to leave Her for this.

Solution –

It is absolutely ok to have a lively personality. There is nothing wrong about it at all. As long as she has a habit of boozing in a limit, it’s completely fine and not a matter of objection. Loud music has its own benefits.

You just cannot hate her because she has particular references. She can hate you too because of certain habits that you have. A marital relationship is about adjustments from both the ends.

If you love to spend time with families instead of hanging out with random people, just create a circle where both of you can go together. On the other hand, you should also accompany her sometimes to discos and pubs.

As time will pass, she will automatically prefer being a family person instead of strolling around with random people. It’s all a matter of age group.

10) No time for me

If you think that I hate my wife because she has to spend all her free time with children, you need to learn something really important.

 solution –

If she would ignore your kids during their growing stage, it would create a very negative impact on them.

Eventually, you will blame her for not nurturing the babies in the way they should have been.

Remember, they are your children too. Whatever she does, just try to lend a helping hand instead of feeling frustrated with her intelligence in managing the family. Don’t overburden her life with your attitude.

Already a lady has a lot to look after. When she lacks the support of a husband, it’s the worst irony of life.


11) She has a poor tone of talking

If the way your wife talks leaves you feeling frustrated every time, a better option would be to leave her on her own for a few days.

Solution –


  • Avoid doing things that irritate her. 
  • if her behaviour continues to remain rude, send her to her mother’s place for a few days. Maybe over that, she can get over with her frustrations and come back fresh again. 
  • Talk to her about her behaviour and let her know how does it affect you. You can tell her that things have affected you instead of quarrelling badly. 
  • Say it in a very polite way by explaining. After all, an Eye for an Eye Makes the whole world blind.
  • Every time she talks rudely to you, just remind her that there is a better way to say things. I hate my wife is no solution to such a problem.

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12) She is full of ego

It is statistically proven that women have a higher ego than men. If your wife has got some attitude problem, just let it go.

Solution –

Remember that in the war of ego, the ones who lose are the winner. So if you think that her Ego is higher and she is trying to overpower the relationship, just let her do that. At least you would save the precious marital relationship by letting her win the war.

How to avoid divorce?

I hate my wife and I want to divorce her is one of the most common sentences that we come to hear from frustrated men. However, every lock comes with a key. If Marital ship is not sailing good, it can be put at a correct place by taking some simple steps.


  • go for frequent outings

If she is not ready to go with you, simply choose to stroll out with her or prefer a long drive. The main purpose is to get out of the monotonous atmosphere of the home and to feel the change . when you get to view things and people outside, it automatically provides topics for conversation.


  • plan out little surprises

My wife wants a divorce, how can I change her mind has the best solution in the form of certain surprises.

You can provide your soulmate with tiny little surprises on her birthday party or on random occasions.

Take her to her favourite restaurant, order her favourite food or simply surprise her with a gift from her favourite brand. These are little gestures that are going to tell that you still love her. Don’t let your marital relationship end for any possible reason.


  • lend a helping hand

One of the main reasons why marital relationships fade away is because of excesses responsibilities. Shoulder the burden equally. Just accompany her in whatever she does and do not let her feel frustrated and alone in her life. 


  • take your time

If you feel that you are in a bad mood and that would end up in domestic violence or bad quarrel, a better idea would be to avoid being around your wife during that particular duration. Do not let your frustration reach a point where things spoil irreversibly.


  • change your role play 

Always be her strength where she can feel secure and empowered . on looking at you, she should not feel frustrated but blessed. The main goal of a husband should be to keep his family happy. A marital relationship comes with hundreds of adjustments and sacrifices. I hate my wife has no place in that.