Why Do I Hate My Life : Reasons And Quick Solutions


I am not even a person anymore, I am just stress and sadnes

I hate my life and I want to die

this is the thought that hits our mind when we are sad or depressed because of something

That something can be your job, your partner, maybe your family or friends.

Or it could be you – your habit of comparing your life with others

Am I right?

Nevertheless, with the help of this article I don’t want to make you feel as if you’re the only reason that is forcing you to hate your life rather I have curated this article to provide you with the best actionable tips possible that can help you come out of the thought of hating your life and change your perspective towards the life

Why Do I Hate My Life: 7 Common Reasons.

  • Poor Performance In Academics
  • You Are Single
  • You Don’t Have The Job You wanted
  • Friends and Relatives Always Demotivate You
  • You Did A Big Mistake
  • Some Of The Above
  • All Of The Above

1. Find Out the root cause that makes you hate your life

root cause to hate life

Finding the actual reason for hating your life is very important as it will help you to tackle down the problem easily.

For some people there can be one root cause, while for others there can be many.

For example during the last year i.e 2018 I too felt that I hate my life but after spending days in frustration, anger, moodiness I find out that it’s not my life that I hate, it’s my job.

I didn’t love my job much, though the environment was pretty nice yet the work wasn’t something that I loved doing.

So after a few days of stupefaction, I decided to quit and do something that I love and that was blogging stuff which I am doing now.

Like me, you also need to figure out the root cause and work on it.

Maybe some people are ruining your peace of mind so its the time to cut off those toxic people from your life. Cut off that negativity that’s haunting you.

Trust me you will feel calmness all around you and this will make you stop hating your life.

Find the root cause instead of getting confused about the reason for hating your life



2. Stop Comparing Your life with others, please!

I remember when I was in high school, my teachers would say ” develop a sense of competition” rather a healthy competition. But that competition never turned out to be healthy as it used to create a feeling of envy among friends.

And that’s dangerous.  Competing and comparing though are a bit different yet develop the same feeling in our mind. A feeling of hatred, hating the other person and hating ourselves as well for not having the kind of lifestyle the other person has. Cursing God for not giving us looks the other guy in your school has and the list is endless

So what should I do to stop comparing myself with others? It’s simple just stop comparing.

Here are some tips that you can do instead of comparing

  1. first of all, accept your life no matter how miserable it is. Accepted? Now think what you can do to change it. How can you reduce the misery? Maybe by studying harder, doing a job and investing that money in some business or if it is about love life then always try to forget the one who has gone and look for people who still care for you.
  2. Kick out social media – One of the biggest platform for the art of ” comparison” especially Instagram. We are surrounded by people who often post photos related to their lates trips to Europe, about their new girlfriend or regarding the scholarship they got in the university.

Let it be, they might have worked hard to achieve that but you should not feel jealous and of course, you can tell them to stop putting those photos. So the best thing you can do is stop following those account or deactivate yours for the time being. “Out of sight, out of mind“.

3. Improve your life instead of wasting time in stalking others

Could you please tell me one thing? what if there is a cook who puts all the necessary ingredients in his dish, obviously his dish would be tasty and on the flip side if you keep feeling jealous of his dish would your dish automatically become tasty?

pause and think, instead of feeling jealous why not put those ingredients in your dish and make it tasty as well? Hope you got my point. Start doing efforts if you want to upgrade your life

4.  Focus On Your Health

improve your health

Do you remember the last time you went out for a sprint ? or maybe to do some bench presses in the gym?

Any idea?

well, the people who hate their lives have one thing in common – they don’t focus on their health.

They don’t do anything that can have a long-lasting benefit on their health and in addition to this, they start doing things that make their health more miserable just to feed their ego and kick out frustration.

People who hate their lives never go out for a walk, they isolate themselves.

And even if they step out of their comfort zone, the reason would be either to smoke or to consume unhealthy stuff such as alcohol.

What You should do instead:

  • Join a nearby gym
  • Practice yoga and meditation
  • Play outdoor games
  • Eat healthy foods

5. Its Time To Leave Your Comfort Zone

One of the reasons why people hate their life is that they don’t try to leave their comfort zone. As a result, they never achieve what they really wish to as they never discover their potential because of getting trapped inside the comfort zone.

6. Develop a healthy self-esteem

People having low self-esteem fear to talk to other people and don’t even try to make friends.

Developing a healthy self-esteem is extremely important. When we have higher self-esteem, we simply feel better about ourselves. Even we get more confident about ourselves, and other people simply cannot penetrate us.

Also, the plus point of having higher self-esteem is that things like rejection, breakup, or failure get less painful for us. And we start to focus on the important things that our life surrounds around. Moreover, we also become less vulnerable to anxiety. Usually, what happens in our body that we release less cortisol into our bloodstream when we are under stress, and it is less likely to linger in our system.

However, talking about improving self-esteem may sound wonderful and inspiring. But it is not really a hard task. If you are someone who is under-confident, then it will definitely not going to be an easy process. But here are some of the points that you can keep in mind to develop healthy self-esteem.

  1. If you feel bad, stop the negative thoughts: One of the first things that you need to do is stop getting negative thoughts when you are feeling bad or just done. Try to change the negative thoughts into positive ones. Because thoughts are just thoughts. And by having a positive attitude, you will be able to deal with things in a better way.
  2. Appreciate your strengths: Ask yourself what strengths or skills you have? And try to appreciate your strengths and skills whenever possible. This would help you to boost up confident.
  3. Appreciate good moments: You will also need to appreciate good moments. Whenever you achieve success, something good happens, or you meet some goal. Make sure to enjoy it top the fullest. Be thankful and confident that there are more to come in the future.

7. Never Stay With Toxic People Even If They Are Your Best Friends

Friends can make you hate your life even more. Here is an advice to you, never stay with toxic people every if they are your best friends. Why? Because the only thing that they know is criticizing others.

No matter how well one is doing in his or her life, the toxic people always have something negative to say. And this can kill one’s confidence and make him or her feel like they are no good.

And in most of the cases, your friends never listen to you. For example, if you went to a restaurant recently and you tell your friend about it. Then your friend would start talking about her visit to a restaurant she went to last night. And she would completely hijack the conversation.

As a result, you never get a chance to speak. And whenever you try to, your friend would not even listen to you or won’t pay attention to your conversation. The other person is always into a me-me conversation. And if you have this kind of friend, you better avoid them.

They do not help others to grow and always criticizing others and do not appreciate anything. This would only make you feel like how saddening life you have. Instead, you should look for friends who are interested in you, who share the same interests as you do. And most importantly, they would listen to you whenever you have something to share.

Even you have to do the same. This would not only create a good friendship bond between you and your friend. But it will also help you to boost your confidence, and you will be able to speak or keep your views without hesitating. Since the other person is not going to judge you at all. Hence, you would feel better and confident.

8. Stop Running away From Your Fears

You will also need to stop running away from your fears. There is no doubt that the world is a difficult place to be. And it has a lot of problems, and you might have a fear of a specific thing. But running away from your fears is not really a good idea.

There are quite a lot of people who always feel like the world is attacking them. But this is not the right attitude one should carry. Instead, they need to be more positive about things around themselves.

Also, the things that you fear the most often does not come in front of you. But it haunts in your head. For example, if you have a fear of interviews and rejections, then you obviously would not go to an interview. But the thought would always haunt you down.

However, getting over your fears is not as hard as it seems. You need to work on a few points, and you will never have to run away from your fears. Also, to help you understand in a better way, let me just mention the points over here:

  1. Face Your Fears: Fear often causes because of a lack of knowledge about a particular subject. And as they do not have enough idea about it, they start to fear it. However, by facing your fears, you will get to know more about it, and the fear will get vanished.
  2. Have a support backup: Make sure to have a support backup, it could be anyone your parents or friends. Someone whom you can tell your problems and can help you with a solution. Parents work the best in this case, or you can ask for help from your teachers.