I Hate My Job And Don’t Know What To Do [clueless]?


    If you think “I hate my job very much” while going to work every day, you are not an exception.

    Almost every second person who has been employed for more than 2 years feels burdensome to visit the workplace right in the morning.

    There are probably fewer solutions if you think I hate my job and what can I do about it. However, after reading those few of them on this page, you will definitely feel relaxed and way better.

    How to deal with a job you hate?

    You just can’t help yourself if you repeatedly keep on saying I hate my job, I don’t like my job and things like that. If you want to learn how to cope up with the job that you hate with the bottom of your heart, the first thing that you need to do is to identify those reasons that are creating the malice.

    1. I hate my manager, what should I do?

    I hate my manager

    If you say that I hate my job because my manager is someone I cannot deal with, you need to think about your decision once again. While being a part of the job industry, there are certain things that should be there in your blood to manage.

    For example, it’s quite common for people to find a dominating boss and irritating managers.

    You have to learn to be submissive to a certain extent. It’s not your own company where you can practice your own sweet will. If you still cannot figure out the answer on how to get to a job you hate, probably self-employment is the answer for you. Dominance is always a part of the job industry and you need to remember this eternally.

    [Fact] : According to an opinion poll by gallops,70% of employee hate their managers.

    2. Monotonous routine

    I hate going to work every day just because it involves so much of travelling  -says every third person who has to travel for more than one hour to the workplace. Now, this is something that you can always change.

    You don’t have to stick to a job that is miles away from your home. Drop your resume to the nearby companies or simply settle to the place where your job is located.

    Also remember, the initial years are always full of struggle. Once you start feeling uncomfortable for something on a permanent basis, it becomes difficult to carry it on for the long term. Frustration should not be a part of your job in any case.

    Whatever reason is making you say that I hate my job should have a quick solution.

    Maybe it would take time for those companies to approach you but then at least you have a scope to get out of this. 

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    3. Choose a good travel partner

    I hate going to work issue can be solved by simply choosing a good travel partner to the workplace. Believe me, you will rather feel excited to go to your work if you have a good company with you.

    Moreover, a good travelling partner can boost your mood and help you to stay positive while you are struggling with the chaos.

    4. Workplace network

    good relations with colleagues

    One of the main methods to learn how to get through a job you hate is to create friendly relations with people in the workplace.

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    If you find that there is a lot of politics going on around you, simply ignore those people and catch hold of those individuals whom you find soothing.

    The main frustration most of the time is because of seclusion and not because of workload. It has been observed that people who enjoy their jobs are mostly found to have good relations with their co-workers.

    If you do not have a good company to work with you, it’s quite natural for you to start hating the job.

    5.  Take a break

    Sometimes it’s not that I hate my job or I am finding it difficult to carry out things for others.

    It’s just that you are tired of the same monotonous schedule. For that matter, you can apply for leave even if you face salary deductions. Come on, nothing is more important than your mental peace. Instead of quitting your job on a permanent basis as an impulsive decision, simply get away from that schedule for at least two weeks.

    You don’t have to plan out a vacation and again strain yourself. Take leave to relax and detoxify yourself at home.

    Sometimes sitting in your room and doing nothing is the best thing to keep yourself away from negativity.

    6. Be thankful to the Lord

    There are millions of people who are still struggling for having a job and you keep on saying that I hate going to work for no specific reason.

    There is no shortage of postgraduates and PhD holders who are still looking forward to getting employed as Clerks and middle school teachers.

    As you would have already heard – I cried for shoes until I saw people without feet.

    so if you learn what you have got, probably that would be the time you would realise how to cope up with a job you hate.

    7. What would you do without this job?

    Question yourself, for what reason are you hating this job and what would you do without this. Will you get a better job than the current one? Is there any assurance for getting employed at a better pay scale? If you do not have any answer for all these questions, you are definitely going to make your life was after quitting your job. 

    8.  Work is worship

    Work is something that you should worship and not hated. It’s the bread earner of your family.

    Hating your job simply means that you are not ambitious enough to work hard and climb the ladder of success.

    People in the corporate world constantly achieve better positions when they work enthusiastically.

    On the other hand, the ones who keep on repeating that I don’t like my job and I would like to quit it, remain in the same position year after year. Your company pays you only for what you do for it. If there is an extra effort in your behaviour, they will eventually be appreciated according to the corporate work culture.

    9. Choose the work you love

    Do Something that you love


    There are very few relevant reasons when you start hating your job. monotony, boredom and disputes remain the irrelevant ones always.

    If you are really willing to learn how to not hate your job, the first thing is to love the work you have been employed for.

    Make sure that you are carrying out the exact task in which you hold a special interest.

    It might take a certain number of years to realise what kind of work you love.

    There is nothing wrong with quitting a job just because that did not offer the exact kind of work you excelled in. However, once you happen to receive your favourite kind of task, it’s the time when you should settle once and for all.

    10. Develop immunity

    I have heard people saying that I am starting to hate my job because of distractions, corruptions and negative atmosphere in my workplace.

    Well, for that matter you need to develop a special kind of immunity to cope up with this.

    It’s not your parents’ home where everything is going to be justified and lovable.

    The corporate industry has a lot in it. It’s you who have to remain clean, determined and focused on your work.

    11. Keep your ego aside

    If you ask for certain favours from your coworkers, that would not make you small. in fact, that would create a healthy relationship and a Cooperative work atmosphere altogether.

    Maybe you become friends with people who have a helping kind of nature.

    So if you are new to a company and find it difficult to execute certain things, a better idea would be to seek some help and support from your manager.

    There is nothing wrong in asking for the training as well.

    12. Speak up

    You are not a special one who is able to see those tidbits of corruption everywhere. However, keeping those things in your head would constantly create a disturbance.

    Just discuss those things with people whom you find a trustworthy and relieve your burden.

    13. Do not remain money minded

    Every corporate company offers so many non-monetary benefits to the employees. In case they do not claim for those benefits, the company automatically adds them to the salary package of the worker.

    For that matter, my question is how much money can give you happiness? Sometimes, you need to travel and go out for movies in order to stay happy and focused. It’s not casually when a company create a travelling budget for the employee.

    Every corporate sector understands the importance of entertainment. instead of behaving money minded and converting every non-monetary benefit as a part of your salary, choose to use things wisely.

    14. Brainstorm the reason for continuing

    You could have left your job last year itself. What was the reason that made you continue? probably There is a lot more that this company is giving you, create a list of every perk and amenity you are receiving from this particular firm.

    Also, take a note of your dedication and working habits. Maybe you would learn to stop hating your job then and there.

    15. Do not publish any derogatory remark

    While you are employed in a particular workplace, there are certain things that you always need to keep in mind. – trust no one. People can extract your thoughts and manipulate them to receive a better position in the eyes of the managers.

    Play safe and keep your secrets up to you. a single derogatory remark can put you in great trouble once and for all. No matter how close people behave, never let them know what you think about your coworkers, boss or manager in a negative way.

    Of course, you can discuss certain ongoing things about the company. However, remain very cautious with the words you use.

    A simple remark can degrade your position in the company and make it difficult for you to continue. The entire workplace might plot against you and that would eventually create a reason for hating the job. Never let those things take place. 

    16. Variety is the Spice of life

    You don’t have to stick to a job for eternity.

    Jobs switchover is always healthy for the freshers, though it is a great loss for the company because there is a huge training cost investment involved in each recruitment.

    you are always eligible to move onto another job after working in a particular place for 1 – 2 years.

    That would keep you away from any stagnation and negativity piling up.

    18. Take care of yourself

    One of the main reasons why people say I hate my job is because they do not feel so healthy from within. in any job sector, you are expected to dedicate at least eight hours in the workplace.

    Apart from that, there is little or more amount of travelling involved that can round up the overall struggle for 10 hours per day. With just a little piece of time left in your hand, it becomes difficult to look after your physical and mental health.

    Eventually, you find every task of your life burdensome including the job work. You need to stay healthy and for that, start with small changes.

    Carry some fruits, yoghurt, milkshake, buttermilk and think like that with yourself. Also, the moment you get some time in the middle of the work, take a small walk so that body movement takes place.

    Talk to people in the middle of the work so that you don’t find things overwhelming. Looking after your physical and mental health is the most important part of being in a job.

    19. Go for coffee breaks

    Go For Coffee Breaks

    Working at a stretch for 8 hours might put a lot of burden on your shoulders. You can handle I hate my job, what can I do thing by taking some short coffee breaks.

    you can either sit back and relax on your chair or simply visit a nearby tea shop alone or with your friend in order to detoxify.

    Doing that 3 – 4 times a day for short duration would keep it easy to manage longer working hours.


    20. Stay Attentive

    Staying attentive would teach you how to deal with a job you hate. Once you start showing your interest in everything taking place around you, it will become easy to excel in your job position.

    It goes without saying that in order to love your job, the job must love you. The company must need you and it should remain scared to lose you. For that matter, you need to create a very positive image by working hard during the initial years.

    If you keep on thinking that I hate going to work and things like that, it would certainly downgrade your productivity. In order to sell better, try to handle the given work in the best possible way.

    21. I hate my job because I feel jealous

    It’s ok for someone to climb the success ladder sooner than you could. However, that simply doesn’t need you to you hate your job.

    Stick to your goals and do what is expected. Almighty creates a balance in everybody’s life. Maybe you do not need success that soon. Also, maybe that person did work harder than you. While you were busy gossiping and relaxing, the employee of the month was the one who used to work hard till 2 a.m. every night.

    So if someone is deserving success, do not let your mental thoughts disturb you.

    Remain calm, composed and focused on your work instead of paying attention to what unnecessary is happening around you. The feeling of hatred, anxiety and envy is going to lead you nowhere.

    22. Don’t involve yourself

    Now there is a group of people in your workplace who is constantly into some of the Other kinds of activity.

    If they ask you to join them, simply deny because that’s not the thing that would you in the long-term.

    It’s good to create a long term relationship with your team members. However, if you know that there is something fishy with them and eventually you will develop wrong habits, a better idea would be to keep yourself away from such poisonous heads.

    As already said, it’s not the job you hate but the people around you. Neither too much of friendship not too much hatred is good.

    Always create a distance and also keep a minimal amount of friendship with everyone in your workplace.

    23. Greet everybody

    It feels happy when someone dedicates a small amount of time in asking about your problems and wellbeing.

    Just greeting your co-workers and lower grade employees by asking how they are and things like that create a positive Aura.

    A Good behaviour doesn’t cost anything. Be a nicer person.

    Therefore, you can always do that in order to feel happy from within.


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