I Hate My Family And Want To Leave [ Ultimate Solutions]


I hate my family and I No longer want to live with them – this is the thought that occupies our mind when we have some grudges against our family members.

But is this thought right? After all, they are our family members and hating them is definitely not the right deed to do.

So what steps should I take now? You might be wondering

Well, This article list down the obvious reasons for hating family and a collection of awesome tips that can help you in this matter.

Family should be your life and source of Living. But when you hate your everyone at home and just don’t want to be around your family members, there is certainly something serious going on. Arguments, ego clash and bad behaviour are amongst a few reasons why you might think that I hate my entire family. Here are a few more reasons-

What could be the possible reasons that you keep saying I dislike my family?

1. Maybe they want you to pursue something in the educational field

arguments in family

When you hate your family, everything about them seems wrong no matter what. If you have a viewpoint that keeps your family in a negative position, you will never find your family correct.

If you have a different career choice than what your family wants, go to the deeper details and then derive a conclusion. Sometimes, we simply follow the herd of cattle because of social influences.

However, our elders have got the correct method of Thinking through which they can judge the best for us. You have to carefully take note of each career including the expenditure, scope, employment rate and struggle scenario.

After you have initiated 360-degree research about a particular Arena, it’s time for you to make a decision. Maybe you don’t even need to fight with your family because their guidance was probably correct.

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2. Love marriage disagreement

Against love marriage

If you have suddenly started creating a feeling of hatred for your family because of your love affair is being denied, it is quite natural to you get that feeling. Your family is not really that bad. It’s just that the situation is making the circumstances worse.

You need to take note that if they disagree for a particular thing, it may be because they are not liking it from their point of view.  you just cannot help it.

Instead of revolting badly and spoiling the atmosphere of the entire home, a better way would be to carry on with your relationship calmly and remain indifferent at home as nothing at all is affecting you. In any case, you will do what you personally prefer.

So keep things simple and stop that feeling which makes you say I hate being around my family and things like that. Your parents are always happy to see you around even if they are angry or negating your decisions. Try convincing them repeatedly and constantly instead of revolting.  It’s your urge after all.


3. Maybe they don’t behave so well with your life partner

Life partner holds an important place in our heart. If someone misbehaves with them, It stings our heart. If the person misbehaving is your mother who has given you birth, things become all the more helpless.

The entire family politics and backbiting can spoil your personal relationship with your spouse.

Also, it puts you into a dilemmatic situation when you have no clue whom to support. The moment you think I dislike my entire family, just think about that woman who left her entire home just to be with you.

Also, give a thought about your mother who went through several Sleepless Nights to make you a responsible adult.

Just because you have to show a little more patience during those odd circumstances, you don’t have to create a negative feeling in you. Balance both the relations by supporting the one who is correct.

Sometimes, the lady love just wants you to support her personally instead of fighting on behalf of the entire family.

Simple words like – “I care for you and nobody can harm you as long as I am there” is enough for her. Behave casually with your mother as if you know nothing about family politics.

Take relevant steps to create a disciplinary environment at home instead of ignoring your responsibilities and finding peace elsewhere. It’s your home that should be well balanced and under your control in such situations.

4. When you are overstressed

Sometimes you are just stressed and think that I hate living with my family, dislike the world and things like that. The negative thoughts particularly arise when your mind is overburdened either because of some personal issues or because of work stress.

There might be no relevant reason why you have started hating your family recently. When we are annoyed, even the person offering us dinner seems to be the destructor of our peace.

In fact, there have been incidences when the family should hate you but it’s the other way round. Remember that they tolerate you because they are compassionate. Do not test their patience by constantly behaving rudely with them and slamming them for no reason. If you cannot tolerate the work stress, a better option would be to take some break and go out for a small vacation.

In fact, you can spend those few days at home in order to relax better. Talk to your family about everything and certainly it will make you feel better.

5. Maybe you don’t like the customs and living methods

 when you don’t like a particular thing about your family, a better idea would be to remove it either by having a conversation or ignoring it altogether. For example, if your family is a hardcore non-vegetarian and you just don’t like the animals being killed, just ignore everything cooked and carry on being vegan.

You don’t have to change the world just because there is a sense of discomfort in you. After all, it’s your family and they also have certain dislikes about you which they tolerate every day.

A family that lives together has to compromise with one another for one and more reasons. Spoiling the atmosphere of the entire home is never the choice until and unless there is something seriously wrong or criminal.

6. When you play The Blame game

Sometimes it’s you who is the culprit but since you can Blame everything on your family, you are doing that effortlessly.

Have you ever thought what have you done for your family up till now? Instead of identifying their mistakes that don’t even belong to them, a better idea would be to shoulder some responsibilities and behave better.

7. Let the time heal it up

Sometimes our family can behave so unscrupulous that they might compel you to think – I want to leave my family right now. However, that would not put an end to your troublesome situation most of the time. Face your family and let time decide what has to be done.

If you think that leaving them can actually help you, there is nothing wrong in doing that. However, don’t do that with the intention to hurt them.

In fact, just leave your family in the name of a job, education or something like that so that they at least have a reason to live peacefully ahead.

Distance does have a healing effect. But, that decision doesn’t have to be impulsive in nature. It is only when you rationally, a little distance would be creating a better rapport between you and your family. 

8. Think – is it even needed?

I dislike my family because they are not buying the things I want. For that matter, you have to consider whether you really need that thing in your life or it’s just the stubbornness that is making you behave so badly.

Maybe it is the financial condition of the family that is not supporting them. Also, there can be any other underlying reason because of which it is difficult for them to fulfil your demands.


9. When there is a societal clash

Sometimes our family is Biased towards the societal norms instead of caring about the happiness of their children. However, we just cannot ignore the fact that they have been brought up like that.

For them, their dignity holds the foremost importance. It’s the same reason why we see honour killing taking place in different parts of the world. Just because the family is holding a special affinity towards the social customs and norms, it’s not only difficult to change their view but impossible to convince them for certain things.

Instead of having a clash for the things that they are never going to understand, a better idea would be to elope from such a situation and create a distance. If possible, the idea of leaving your family words better when you have to choose that one thing in your life. your family will eventually accept you during the later years.

Take a firm decision and the following action is important to manage the situation at that time.

For instance, if you got pregnant before getting married and don’t want an abortion, probably a better idea would be to go to a place where you can nurture your child alone. There is no point of facing your family and trying to convince them.


10. I hate my family because they downgrade me

Family Demotivates You

All your life you have been failing and is still you expect your family to cheer you up. Well, that is slightly difficult because while you fail, that is a failure of parenthood as well. They don’t feel happy about your failures and eventually, they start losing faith in you.

So if your parents have been lately discouraging you for everything you want, a better idea would be to continue your journey on your own without even expecting any encouragement from them.

If they are behaving unscrupulous, it’s time for you to behave like an adult. Prove yourself by struggling in the required way and eventually making them happy.

Instead of hating, love them more because they forgave you every time you disappointed them.  Take your life goals as challenges and motivation. Keep working hard and one day you will surely make it up.

11. When they compare you

It’s quite normal for parents to compare their children with others. You don’t have to punish yourself by hating them in this matter. Just forgive them because sometimes adults also commit mistakes.

By hating them, you happen to create negativity within. You cannot change their habit of comparing you and your neighbour’s child. A better idea would be to behave like a mature adult and let it go.

If they are expecting a fish to climb the tree, it’s they who are at a mistake. You have to learn to forgive them in that case. 

12. I hate my family because they expect too much from me

You have been already excelling in everything in life and yet your parents Can’t Stop demanding more from you. I hate living with my family is the feeling that is naturally going to acquire your mind. But then, you should remember that human wants are unlimited; That’s what Adam Smith taught us.

You cannot expect your parents to go beyond nature because they are humans too. Do not push yourself harder just because someone is expecting too much from you. Practice whatever keeps you happy and easy-going.

13.  Stop expecting

Once you are physically fit and learn to take care of yourself, you will really not get affected by the people around you.

Most of the grudges in the family take place when the work we expect our family members to remain incomplete.

So for what that matter, try to remain self-dependent instead of expecting things from your wife, mother, sister anybody else and getting disappointed.

I Hate My Family : [ The Solution ]

stop hating family

Hating someone should have no place in your life.

No matter even if it is your enemy,  if you are going to have a feeling of hatred for someone, It is eventually going to reduce your efficiency. Your family has always done a lot for you.

That you will realise only when you happen to live miles away from them.

 If you really want to embrace your family back and get over the feeling that I hate my entire family once and for all, you must learn to forget the past.

If you continue to remember whatever happened previously, it will be very difficult for you to forgive them. Live life peacefully and leave certain things to the almighty because he has better control upon everything.


1. Don’t allow the Words to control you

If you are being controlled by the words of someone, it’s probably you have given your charge to them. You should be the master of your will and character. If you are being influenced or disturbed by the unwanted behaviour of your family, it’s partially your fault too. As long as you are clear about yourself, nobody in this world can influence you through negative words. When you know you have to become an actor, nobody in this world has the power to pursue you for a government job.

2. Catch up people with positive thoughts

If you think I hate being around my family, a better idea would be to catch hold of people who give you a soothing feeling. There is nothing wrong with spending time with people who make you feel better . You don’t have to ignore your family all together but simply remain indulged in a better company.

3. Do not care what others have to say

People are bound to create an opinion in any case. No matter if you fail or reach out of the sky, they are going to criticize you if they are determined to do that.

Therefore,  choose to do what your heart says. Give your best in everything and stop giving a damn for people who are not your priority.

Instead of answering back to everybody and fighting All The Way, simply follow what you want and remain calm.

4. Believe that you live with strangers

Believe me, nobody in the world wants you to succeed and progress but it’s just your family who wants to see a better position.

You are your own Fighter and caretaker.

If you still hate your family, just consider them as strangers and after that, you will find every little task they do as a big bonus. Practice the same feeling for a few days and you will eventually create an equilibrium that removes all your frustration.

In fact, you can take the test practically by living as a paying guest for a few days. Eventually, you will identify the real difference.


The fact that your family loves you is inevitable. If you have eaten home-cooked food today, it is probably because someone in your family cares for you. Maybe they don’t like what you want to do or cannot understand your situations at a particular point in time. However, thinking that I want to leave my family or the feeling of getting rid of them is going to lead you nowhere. Also, long-lived frustration can end up spoiling the relations further. Choose a middle path in which you and your family can find your space and practice whatever you individually like.