I Feel Nothing :13 Sure Ways To Beat Emotional Numbness


I feel nothing these days !

My mind has become numb and dull? Find out what can happen next

For most of the people who do not have a satisfying life, feeling Numb and empty is quite common. If you often believe that I don’t feel anything emotionally or I have no emotions what is wrong with me, it’s nothing but just a phase of life that you should learn to deal with.

People who have recently gone through a trauma or have something in their mind that remains unfulfilled often get questions like-


  1. How to stop feeling Numb emotionally?
  2. Why don’t I feel anything?
  3. why can’t I stop crying
  4. why can’t I be happy

and the worst of all: why do I hate my life?

Do not worry because you are not the only person who is having such questions in mind. It’s quite normal to feel emotionally detached and unable to associate with anyone around you.

The feeling of losing control upon everything has certain reasons that you need to figure out. Fight with the situation instead of secluding yourself and some per cent in a painful situation.

Possible reasons why I feel nothing –


1) Recent breakup

recent breakup can make you numb

Whenever a human comes in a relationship, it’s quite natural to feel emotionally dependent on the opposite sex. You happen to give a special place to your relationship in life. However, if that ends up because of any reason, you just cannot explain your mind to manage the trauma. If you feel that I don’t feel emotions anymore, it’s quite natural because you are currently undergoing worse of your life.

Solution –

Let time heal your emotions and eventually, you will recover. It all depends on the mental strength you have. For some people, breakups are an eternal Dent in their mind. On the other hand, some people feel stronger because they know the importance of letting it go. If you are searching how to get rid of numbness and disinterest, do nothing but let time heal you. Making special efforts have no place in certain situations.

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2) Constant failures

Despite making all the efforts, you were unable to crack the examination. Eventually, you get depressed and don’t have a clue what to do out of your life. Moreover, you start thinking “I am a failure” which you should not

Solution –

The best solution for overcoming the situation is to give yourself a break. Don’t think that why i am not good enough, it is not about your lack of skills rather it’s about utilising your skills in the right direction.

Too much hard work doesn’t spell success. Its 99% perspiration and 1% luck. Therefore, leave it to your destiny and keep a distance from everything that has been traumatizing you.

There is so much to do in life. Don’t follow the rat race in order to achieve something. If you have been constantly suffering failures and disappointments, ask yourself – is it really needed? Maybe there are better alternatives available in life.

Maybe you can stay happier with a tiny teaching job instead of becoming a lawyer. Constantly thinking about your goals, target or a particular person doesn’t always come with achievements.

It indeed gives you depression in cases of chained failures.


3) The family atmosphere is not worthwhile

On constantly facing adverse situations, people often get into a condition when they feel that I don’t feel emotions anymore or no one cares about me.

Supposedly, you faced domestic violence for the first time and then the tenth time. Naturally, when the first time you encountered that situation, it was unbearable.

Eventually, your brain adopted certain things and started feeling Numb. If you don’t feel emotions anymore, it’s probably that you are feeling sick from within. There is nothing that can arrest your attention.

Those unfulfilled desires and the agony remaining in your mind creates the prime reason for numbness.

Solution –

There is no situation in this world that lasts forever. If you can relate yourself to a story in which there was a king who had his Minister as a best friend.

During the last days of of the minister, he handed over a piece of advice folded into a sheet of paper to the king. ” open these words when you feel the worst of your life” – died the Minister saying this.

Eventually, the situation of the king became vigorously pathetic. He lost his Kingdom and had nothing to eat. While he was about to commit suicide, he remembered to open that sheet of paper that had the last advice from his minister. It said -THIS TOO SHALL PASS

 Remember, no matter how badly you have been suffering, that is an assured end.

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4) People downgrading you

Suppose you recently got married or joined a new workplace. People around you did not come out to be as friendly as you expected. Resultantly, you were trolled for every small and big situation.  In such a matter, it is quite common to feel Numb and emotionally destroyed. You feel as if there is no self-confidence and enthusiasm for life left in you. People who are worth nothing behave dominantly if they get a little support from the empowered ones. The situations of life can introduce you with emotional breakdowns and traumas.

Solution –

Always remember – when someone tries to lower down your position, it’s not you are on the weaker side. It’s them who need to check their behaviour. You should continue to maintain your calmness without getting disturbed at all.

Emotionally strong people never put others into inferior situations. It is only their mental insecurity and poor attitude that is leading them to behave like this. Instead of trying to deal with them just learn to ignore in order to maintain your mental peace.

5) Constant rejections and shame

rejections can make you emotionless

Your friends are constantly getting employed at better jobs. they are getting married, having kids and having a good life altogether. You, on the other hand, are facing constant rejections and failures.

That’s the situation making you responsible for your thinking- I don’t feel anything emotionally. Every day you live, go to work, follow a normal routine. However, somewhere you are already dead.


Reduce your expectations with life and let the time come for pleasant situations. You never know what that person went through to achieve that job.

Similarly, you have no clue how difficult had it been for their family to accept the love marriage. Different people have different situations in life that get resolved with time.

If you feel that people around you are happy, always remember that they have gone through sadness before that.

If You really want to know how to get rid of numbness, just stop comparing yourself with others. Enjoy whatever almighty has given you because some people Crave for the lifestyle that you have.

6) You are unable to adjust

Sometimes there is an absolute difference in the thinking style. Perhaps, your family wants you to do something else than what your heart says. In such a situation, there is a symptom of depression that develops within.

You don’t feel interested in anything taking place around you. In other words, the feeling of I don’t feel anything emotionally takes place.

Obviously Your mental happiness would cease if someone would ask you to become a doctor when you want to become a musician.

Solution –

Take a stand for yourself and build space. Initially, you will find everything dominating you badly. However, it’s just that you have to create a space for yourself you too have a requirement to breathe.

Nobody can snatch it from you. sometimes, the root cause of disinterest is nothing but over dominating societal rules. Do not let anybody overpower your will else you will regret it throughout life.


7) High IQ is equivalent to more depression

It is extremely difficult to create compatibility with people if you are having a high IQ. You feel that people are simply disliking you because you always come up with logical reasons for each activity. Nothing should be done impulsively is what a person of higher IQ things.

However, society is not so sensitive. They love the wrong things more than the right ones. If you feel secluded, it’s natural to think that I feel empty and Numb all the time.

Solution –

Just mock on everybody and take things lightly. Remember that they are wrong and you are correct. Do whatever you find is correct because people have to pass negative remarks in any case. Love your life and do not follow the rat race.

8) You bother too much

If you are extremely sensitive and emotionally attached to your loved ones, it automatically becomes a reason for anxiety and depression.

Solution –

It goes without saying that people who over caring and sensitive feel hurt for little reasons. You don’t have to bother that much.

Either reduce your expectations or stop caring too much.

9) You are not physically fit

One of the main reasons why you constantly look for an answer on how to stop feeling Numb emotionally is nothing but your Physical health. The symptoms of physical distress carries forward to emotional anxiety.

Lack of nutrition or thriving up of a certain disease can result in an emotional breakdown.

You don’t develop any interest when your Physical health doesn’t accompany you.

Solution –

Let your health become better and do not take more anxiety if you do not feel like participating in anything because your health is not supporting, just let it be. Don’t just force yourself to behave fit when you are actually not.

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10) Weather conditions

According to research, weather can affect 70% of your mood. In the presence of good weather conditions, Your mental happiness and physical ability increase manifold.

The stress of life is reduced considerably and your brain can think in a good atmosphere.

However, if the weather is hot and humid, you feel uncomfortable all day long.

As a result, you restrict your activities and remain interested only in the things that ensure your physical comfortability.

Solution –

You have two alternatives to this situation. Either you should get out of your comfort zone and forcefully take interest in the activities that are taking place around you.

Alternatively, you can wait for the weather conditions to improve, behaving overactive in adverse weather condition can spoil your health.

If you think that any kind of activity is making you physically uncomfortable, simply avoid doing that.

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11.) Too much of workload

If you have more work than you can handle, it automatically feels burdensome and unmanageable. As a result, you may get the feeling that I don’t feel emotions anymore and also you start hating your job.

You would feel everything around you should stop right away. The thought of managing workload keeps on wandering in your mind. Until and unless you are mentally free, it becomes difficult to enjoy anything in life.

Solution –

Take a little break in order to relax. It’s not good to feel numb for a longer time period. You tend to develop a habit of thinking about work only.

Instead of forgetting life and overpowering your brain with excessive burden, just allocate some time for chilling.

12.) Get rid of monotony

Following the same schedule of life can put you in a situation when you don’t feel emotionally happy.

No wonder you feel I have no emotions what is wrong with me. It’s actually the cumulative schedule of life that is taking away happiness away from you. Variety is the Spice of life and tries to understand it.

Solution –

Unfollow your routine and do something that you love. In fact, If you feel like doing nothing, do not hesitate following that.

If you feel that I don’t feel anything emotionally, it’s probably that you are unable to focus on different aspects of life anymore.

You don’t have enough time and capacity to manage more things. Get away from that jam-packed schedule else you will become an epitome of boredom.


Final Words On I feel Nothing

It’s totally up to you whether your life is happy or full of emotional breakdowns. If you cannot take a step forward to resolve your problem, you have no right to complain as well. How to get rid of numbness comes with an answer only when you are ready to make efforts in the correct direction. Nobody will be coming to help you in managing the situations of life.