How To Stop Thinking About Someone You Love[Best Tips]


Got obsessed with someone and want to stop thinking about that person anyhow?

You tried every single stuff your friends advised you but got no results?

I understand – this is one of the harsh time everyone faces during some point in their life. we spend sleepless nights,food stops getting inside our throat, tears rolling out every day and whatnot.

Your mind starts craving for the answer to this question” what to do when you can’t stop thinking about someone”? right?

If this is the case then we assure you to give a read to our best tips on how to forget someone and thanx us later

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Forgetting someone or stopping your mind to think about someone is definitely not easy as it sounds but its not in the “impossible” category as well.

All depends on the actions you take to let go away the memory of whoever the person is.

Why You Should Stop Thinking About Someone?

Don’t you think getting obsessed on someone who has already left your life is nothing just a waste of your precious time? Well, it definitely is.

Just pause and think what others thing you could have done if you were not stuck in this stupid obsession, in this habit of thinking about someone else.

You could have done a lot of things that could have benefitted you in many ways.

However its never too late as we are going to share with you the best tips on forgetting someone and investing your time for yourself.

1. Remove their belongings

If that person is someone you had a romantic relationship with,then its better to remove all  gifts and stuff you received from him/her because their belonging would constantly remind you of their presence and ultimately your brain would start thinking of the sweet time you spent together, the memories will get refreshed and it would become a hard task for you to stop thinking about him.

Yes For some of us it is difficult to throw away or remove the gifts received by that particular person but you need to understand this, you are doing it for your peace of mind and it is something mandatory.

And If you are not able to remove those items ask your close ones to either take them away or hide it someplace where they are not visible.

2. Never Consider yourself a victim

The phase of forgetting someone fills us with anxiety, frustration and sadness because the old memories haunt us even if the relationship was toxic.

We start feeling that there is something which we could not offer to that person and that’s, why he/she left us for no reason and ultimately this, lowers down your confidence and it becomes difficult for you to grab other opportunities coming in life.

We start feeling as if the whole world is against us. And here is the stage when you need to change your thinking.

Maybe there is someone better coming to your life, but we get stuck in a phase that doesn’t let us recognize that a better option is standing in front of us and this happens because we get stuck in a phase where we start considering ourselves a victim.

And you should avoid it at all cost, here are some steps that can help you to do so:

  • Think About the blessing you got in the past
  • Remember all the helpful and trustworthy people you have
  • Listen to some motivating music

3. The Busy Bee Technique

Ask this question to yourself. Don’t you do anything?.

Don’t you study?

Do you have something productive to do?

Don’t you have a job?

If your answer is “yes” then I really have no idea how do you get time to think about someone else. How? If you stay busy and still think about someone else then you lack concentration and this is an injustice you are doing to yourself. Work on it!

and if your answer is “no-I don’t do anything” and just stay at home then my dear friend you need to change your perspective of life. Start doing something that is productive.

Staying busy surely does helps your brain to stop thinking about someone whom you want to forget.

4. Stop interactions

Seeing or coincidentally meeting the person whom you want to forget can really make things complex and the idea of stop obsessing about that person can go in vain.

So better stop all kind of communications and interactions with them, if you both belong to the same classes, you can ask the head of departments to change yours.

I know its not the most justified example but all I want to say is minimise the interactions as much as possible.

Social media these days have a great impact on our psychology so make sure you don’t stalk that person’s profile as it would ruin all your hard work of forgetting them.

5. “Share Share’ technique

When we are in the process of forgetting someone, anxiety and sadness are something that automatically occupies our mind. Don’t they?

And in that case, we have to fight with them also but the best way to do that is letting out your thoughts and share your feelings with someone whom you have a trust on.

This is one of the best tried and tested method that can make your mind free of unnecessary thoughts but make sure you don’t share all your thoughts with someone who isn’t trustworthy.

If you are feeling stressed just because you are not able to forget someone then don’t keep that feeling within yourself. let it out.

Share it with someone who can advise you in the right way.


6. Replacement technique 

Do you love magic? well this replacement technique is not less than magic itself.

It can help you to stop thinking about someone you love and can do wonders if applied properly.

Whenever you feel like you are not able to forget your ex or not able to stop thinking about someone you like then you should start keeping an eye on someone else. You may try making more friends for some time as this will distract you from the person whom you really want to forget but again there is one thing to take care of while applying this replacement technique, don’t develop feelings for the person that you are using as a replacement otherwise you would find yourself in an infinite loop of replacement technique.


7. Stop getting too attached

Sensitive people have a habit of taking everything seriously and they often get attached to someone with whom they had just met or had a talk for the very first time.

Though there is nothing wrong in that, we are humans and attachments are natural stuff that we feel but don’t let it become a weakness of yours.

Try to have control over your emotions and don’t let your heart dominate your mind.

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8. Start Thinking About Yourself instead of that person

In haste to forget someone, we somehow start ignoring and often forget to take care of ourselves and that’s the worst mistake a person can do.

You need to observe what you are going through, you don’t have to hurt yourself, its a matter of time, don’t let it affect your daily activities.

If you love going to the gym or hang out with friends maybe then don’t stop doing these things as this stuff keep you happy.

Don’t unnecessarily isolate yourself, eat food at the right time, sleep at the right time do everything as you were doing when everything was fine.

9. Stop Watching Romantic stuff

Romantic songs, pictures and other visual scenes can really have a great impact on our brain. Especially when we are on the way to forget someone we should avoid listening and watching such stuff as this will create a kind of flashback in your mind. And your hard work to forget those memories will just go in vain.

10. Accept that the bad time will pass anyhow

Yeah, one of the harshest thing you have to do in order to forget someone is accepting that this is just a bad moment of your life but it will soon pass.

You will again live a bright and cheerful day without any burden in your head. A free mind that will just care for yourself and no one else.


11. Avoid People Who Talk Romantic Or Sad Stuff Whole Day

Please don’t get me wrong here,I am not trying to say that you should cut off connection with all the people, rather I just want to say that avoid people (for some time) who talk about either romantic or sad stuff as both can be upsetting for you at the stage where you want to forget someone.

12. Leave That Place For Few Days

Places also play a vital role in both forgettings and recapturing those memories. So if you have to frequently go through those places that you together visited or maybe you saw your crush in that place for the first time then its better to leave that particular city or area for some time or forever.

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TakeAway On How To Forget Someone

Just Don’t be harsh to yourself is all I would say at the end of this article. Forgetting someone sometimes becomes tough but definitely its not possible right? Go with the flow of life as many more thing and opportunities are waiting for you. Grab them and leave a peaceful life.

Don’t forget to share this if you think this was quite helping!