How to be stay positive everyday in life [2019 special]


Are you fed up of the negativity around you? irritated with people criticising you always?

Tired of thinking about the ways to stay positive but didn’t get the desired results?

Then my dear friend you are at the right place, just go through the article and you will find the answers to all your mind-numbing questions.

Staying positive is an art that can take some time to master, it’s not like passing an exam that you can do in one day rather its an art that requires a positive mindset.

If you start looking at things with a positive attitude, then that process will become a habit and you no longer will worry about the negativity inside you and also it will lead you towards the path of becoming a better person

But the question here is How to be positive every day in the life or how to master the art of becoming positive. Well, that’s not rocket science, just start following these below-mentioned hacks to stay positive and you will be able to spot the differences in your mindset.


How to stay positive every day in the life

1. Get rid of overthinking as soon as possible

To stay positive, you need to stop your overthinking process as early as possible. The main cause behind the occurrence of negativity in our mind is overthinking.

It has become a habit for some people to overthink about situations and things that are never gonna happen and as a result, they get surrounded with negativity. But if you have the solution, the hacks, to stop overthinking the issue of negativity will itself vanish away.

But how to stop overthinking? that’s again a minuscule issue but the solution is simple too –

Become aware – Just try to connect with my words,

whenever you are idle, don’t you start thinking of wrong things happening to you??,

don’t you start feeling that life is only unfair to you?

and that’s the point where you need to be aware. As soon as the wrong thinking comes to your mind, pause your thinking and distract your mind to something else. OVERTHINKING STOPPED

The negative thoughts won’t haunt you now and you will surely start feeling positive.

Conclusion – If you want to stay positive every day, stop overthinking as it is the root cause of unhappiness.

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2. Always try to identify 3 positive messages in every situation

One of my tried and tested method to stay positive is trying to identify at least 3 positive things whenever something unfavourable happens to you.

No matter what critical things you have gone through- it might be a breakup, a job rejection or whatever.

Just focus on the positive side

Just for example – You have an interview today, you went to the office, the interview went on and unfortunately, you got rejected. Luckily, the recruiting team told you the reasons as well. The reasons were – you were not wearing formal dress, your cv was not well formatted and you arrived late as well

So instead of blaming the company just focus on three things, you got to learn

  1. Wear good clothes and according to the situation
  2. Always carry well structure documents
  3. punctuality

So just by getting rejected, you came to learn these three important qualities and that’s how we come out of negative situations in a positive way. I hope you got my point

Conclusion – to stay positive and happy in life, take out something positive from negative things and once this thing becomes your habit, you won’t feel negativity ever around you.

3. Read or listen to something productive to stay positive

Thw world has become a hub of technologies now, you don’t have to visit a spiritual guru to stay positive in your life.

We have books, we have podcasts, videos that are worth watching whenever you feel negative about your life.

Read some books that can bring a sense of productivity inside you,

most of the time we feel inferior and negative just because we have not done any productive thing till now in our lives.

This thing hinders the way of positivity, take a pledge, start learning something, read productivity books and videos. You will feel the change inside

Conclusion: make it a habit to listen or watch something productive as it will motivate you to build something for the well being of others and ultimately make you feel positive from inside

4. Remember your past achievements – they act as a shield

People often forget what they had achieved in their past, but if they really pay attention to that, then those achievements act as a shield to protect you from the negativity.

It could be anything – scoring good marks in your high school, getting praise by friends after winning a quiz competition etc etc.

These achievements look small but are of great importance they can literally make you cheerful and happy from inside.

Conclusion: Instead of thinking the distressing things happened to you, start reckoning your past achievements

5. Improve your Emotions + motions i.e action and perception

To stay positive, the one thing that is must for everyone is changing the pov.

Pov is a point of view, you need to change your perspective, the way you look at situations. I know life is brutal, it is unfair at times but it depends on you. how you look at your problems

Some people find problems in every opportunity, while others just grab the opportunities

Don’t look with a negative mindset at things you wish to achieve. Once you change your mindset you will start feeling the sense of positivity as well.

But does changing perspective the only thing you should do? Not at all, change your actions as well. Your friend, your family members are not going to do that for you.

Start achieving the things for which you have changed your mindset into a positive one. Take small steps, achieve one thing at a time and then move to the next step. Gradually you will conquer what you ever craved for

Conclusion: having a positive perception is good but make sure to take some positive action as well.

6. Don’t ever pay attention to negative people

The gravest enemies that obstruct you from turning into a positive person is other people’s opinions.

I admit, almost every one of us fears this thing ” what my relatives would say”, “what would my friend john think if I start doing that work”, ” will Emma laugh on me”?

These are some shittiest thing that comes to our mind whenever we try to accomplish something.

I don’t know why other people’s opinion matter to you. Just ignore them, it is your life, your parents raised you not the relatives and neighbour. So stop fearing about their opinion and start doing what you love. Doing something we love surely help us to stay positive.

Conclusion: Don’t give a fu#k to what other people say, they will try to harm your mental peace but it is your duty to ignore their bullshit

7. Buy some indoor plants to stay positive

Being positive from inside is the first step towards staying positive but you need to have a look at the external factors as well.

And the most crucial external factor that affects our positivity is the environment within which we live. Just look around you, do you find something that arises a sense of positivity in you? Yes? Perfect!

If no, then quickly change the environment and the best is to get some indoor plants and colourful lights. Trust me these two things surely will help you in developing a positive attitude towards everything you face in life.

Conclusion: External positivity is as important as the internal one so change the environment and get some positive vibes

8. Stop following social media influencers, websites and music

I remember, last month I was scrolling down my facebook news feed and came across a comment. A guy wrote that our whole generation is depressed and negative.

I first stupidly laughed at that but later realized that the comment was relatable.

This generation is really negative and depressed but that’s the cause?

Social media is the cause, people uploading their pics of travelling, flaunting their parties, showing the new car they bought can make the viewer a bit inferior.

They start comparing their lives with the social media celebs and influencers, as a result, they get surrounded by negativity because they presume that they won’t be able to achieve that kind of lifestyle.

But do you even know the truth behind those photos? Do you even know half of them are fake, only meant for showing off,

And people fall in that trap, especially teenagers. You need to stop admiring those influencers and celebs, enjoy the life you have got. You are reading this post that means you have access to the internet

Then what’s stopping you from making your life a less ordinary?

Work your ass off, achieve small goals and see the shield of positivity around you

Conclusion: To stay positive every day in the life, don’t get obsessed with social media celebs lifestyles, instead work hard on your dreams

9. Help others to stay positive

How helping others to stay positive help me in staying positive? this question might be striking your mind right?

Let us get back to school time, do you remember any situation where you helped your friends to solve a mathematics problem or helped him to pronounce a word correctly.

Well, I remember,

I always helped my buddies to solve complex problems and the thing I always got in return was that I never forgot those problems, they were fitted in my find because its psychology if you explain something to someone you also get a better understanding of that thing.

The same case is with positivity if you help others to stay positive, in return you will get some positivity. I hope you got my point. Try this and thanks me later!


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