How To Stay Calm During Exam [ Proven Methods]


How to stay calm during exams is the most common thought a student gets when exams are near.

Do you agree??

Exam time can be an opportunity for some to showcase their talent on the other hand for some people it becomes a crying shame. Staying positive is mandatory but there are other things you need to keep in mind that will be discussed later in the article

Some students get anxious and troubled, as a result, the peace of their mind gets vanished and they don’t perform well and if you belong to the same category than do stick with this post and we will learn how to stay calm during the exam.

The exams process can be divided into three phases:

  1. The phase before the exam
  2. the phase during exam i.e when you are giving an exam
  3. the phase after exam i.e your results

We will look at each phase separately and will tackle out how to stay calm during these phases of the exam

1. How to stay calm before the exam

  • Keep your notes at one place – One of the biggest blunder students make before exams is not keeping their study notes safe and at one place, as a result, they waste a lot of time finding the notes they made throughout the year and panicking comes into the picture that ruins away your calmness. You have to stop this habit of yours, so keep all your notes safe and secure as this would help you to stay calm during the exam


  • Make sure you have revised the syllabus at least 3 times – Yes it matters how well you have prepared the syllabus but the thing which matters more than this is the revision. The key to performing well in any exam is revision and not only once but at regular intervals. Revising topics helps you to understand the part of the syllabus that still needs more preparation.


  • Make an effective study plan– You have to organize an effective study plan with your smartness, try giving priorities to subjects at which you are extremely weak, conquer them because the subjects that you are good at can be prepared in less time compared to the weak ones


  • Find the time when your concentration is at its peak – we humans have different times of concentration, some are night owls while others love to study early in the morning. you have to figure out which time suits you the best. Well If I have to give an opinion I would say start studying in the morning as during that time our mind is uncluttered and fresh. You can put as much knowledge as you can.

But again, it depends on individual to individual – you have to figure out at what time your concentration power is at peak.


2. How to stay calm during the exam

  • Do not forget the mandatory items – Always keep a checklist of all the stationery items you need while writing an exam, it can be pen, compass, eraser or any other kind of documents such as admit card. This needs utmost care because missing these crucial items means a bad performance in exams


  • Always keep a water bottle – Water is the most relaxing fluid people like to have during stressful situations. So make sure to grab one as it will help to lower down the anxiety level and you will feel calm during the exam


  • Read the instructions carefully – Mistake committed by most of the students is ignoring the instructions part, sometimes they fill incorrect details as well that later on disturbs the peace of mind. So make sure you carefully read the instructions before attempting the answers


  • Don’t panic if other students are taking plenty of extra sheets – Keeping an eye on your classmates during exams is a habit of many of us. It has both positive and negative aspects. the negative side is that it can make you restless if other students are taking extra sheets and you aren’t. And that’s the point where the mistake is committed.  It looks a small issue but can create a panic inside you. So better stop worrying about the no of sheets your friends have taken instead focus on your answers that will enhance your performance


  • Don’t forget to revise the answers if you get time – Revising is important, before taking the exam and also after finishing the exam. Revise can improve your scores if done quickly and properly.

Make sure to revise the long answers as they have the maximum chances of grammatical error, spelling mistakes etc, and if you have a logical exam then do consider checking the calculations again.


3. How to stay calm after the exams

  • Learn to stay positive – Relax, if you have given your best, everything will be positive, you will get an expected score. After the exams, most of us get restless and start overthinking and develop negativity inside but you need to understand this, just stay calm, stay positive even if you fail once, life will offer you another opportunity soon.


  • Plan outing with friends – Go out with friends, enjoy, plan a movie, date a girl, go to your granny’s home. Cheer up. Meeting with close ones can really alleviate stress and make you feel happy from inside. Talking to friends is a must if you want to stay calm during exams.


  • Join some classes till results are out – If there is a huge gap in the results date then don’t sit idle otherwise you may Start overthinking 24*7 and that really bad for your mental health. Join some classes, something you are passionate about.

It could be any dance class, guitar class or learning any foreign language. Trust me these things will surely help you stay calm during pressures.


To Sum up

Exams are the phase of life that all of us have to face at some point in lives. Some people are burn out and worry a lot during exams but that’s not going to lower down your pressure anyway.

So instead of worrying g make sure to fight with the stress you are facing, a little anxiety is normal during exams and to make sure that your mind stays at peace follow the above-mentioned tips.



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