How to please a woman? 11 easy ways to do that


If you are looking for an idea of how to please your wife, you are probably in the right place.  we have just the perfect answer to your question on this page. Sometimes, making love is not the only thing to please a woman. You need to do some homework so that you can create that urge in her to love you.

How to make love to a woman is not difficult if you already know what we are going to share with you. Let’s talk about it further –


1. Find out whether she wants it or not

This is the most important part of a woman. Remember that you can please a woman only when she allows you to do that.

For that matter, just pull her up close to you and compliment her hair or looks without even kissing her lips.

Her gestures would let you know whether you should take things ahead or not. There is  a list of questions to ask a girl that you should definitely try to make her comfortable

It is quite normal for a girl to feel shy during that moment. However, if you see that annoying face, it’s probably time to regret.


2. Avoid getting close to her genitals and breast in the beginning

Every woman thinks that a man just needs her body in order to madly falls in love with her. Although, that is true to a certain extent, yet you need to defy that altogether this time. Just ignore the genitals and breasts in the beginning.

This will probably make her more intrigued about you. This is one way you can say that love is more important than lust for you. Love and bite those thighs, feet , shoulder and neck.

Eventually, you will find her craving for more and then and maybe you should move ahead to other areas of her body.

3. Just focus on pleasing her

Since you have a question on how to please a woman, your primary goal should not shift to your satisfaction during that moment. Women take some extra time to get aggressive on the bed. Show her the signs that you love her deeply

Once you do the initial preparation well, you both are definitely going to reach the orgasm at the same time. After all, Every man’s goal is to make his woman squirt multiple times during the session.

So the first step towards achieving the climax is by touching those parts of her body that make her feel shyer.


4. Pay attention to her moaning and breathing

While you are just loving her here and there, make sure that you particularly touch her on the places where she moans a lot.

Avoid touching those areas which make her uncomfortable. There are certain things which are preferred by men but totally discarded by women.

So you have to avoid those things before even starting with the session.

5. Do not haste

The old wives have always said that Haste is waste. And the same goes in case of pleasing a woman.

If you directly start with the main thing, probably it’ll create disgust in her mind about you.

Therefore, you have to always start it slow in the beginning so that it ends up enlighten her inner fire.

6. Foreplay is the thing

Always keep in mind that a woman wants a totally different thing than what you want. It’s not that she will not need the final insertion at all.

However, she is just not in a hurry to have it. You need to foreplay so that she is the one who intensifies your pleasure instead of vice versa taking place.


7. Do not let her know about your desperateness

Once you show women about your inner urge to make love, you lose the game that very moment. Touch her everywhere but with lots of love, even if you have lust in mind, your women should not come to know about it.

A woman can easily differentiate between a touch filled with lust and love. Therefore, how to pleasure a woman comes with the answer in just one word minus love.

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8. Watch porn Together

It’s not necessary that you need to arouse Her only the first time when you make love. In fact, you should do it every time before getting intimate.

So once you create that comfort zone with her, make sure that she is in the mood to do it with you.

If she is not willing to surrender, probably watching porn together would create a different environment.


9. Do not forget the back portion

The back of a woman is equally tasty. So make sure that before you have the final crunch, you should at least have a lick of her back portion.

Just turning her head downwards and getting on top of her from behind and kissing her back in the highest intensity possible will definitely make her mad and crazy at that very moment.

Don’t leave the slightest area to kiss because here you can play safe.

10. Time to play with the clit

As soon as you are done with her back, it’s time to make her face once again towards you. now you can start kissing her nipples as well as sucking them as deep as possible.

Simultaneously put a finger on her clitoris and start rubbing it in a round circular motion. Increase your speed gradually and you will start finding her getting more lustier than you.

11. Time for knickknack

While you are rubbing her clitoris, insert your penis in her vagina and do it all together. Do not stop loving her clitoris because through that you are going to make her scream and shout after a few minutes.

The clitoris stimulation is the most effective way to please a woman. Keep your penile movements slow and eventually increase them along with the speed of clitoral stimulation.

You can continue the clitoral stimulation with the help of your pubic area instead of using your fingers.

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TakeAway on How to please a woman

During the last stage, you have to behave like a bull and not as soft as you have been all this time. Behave really wild and do not mind being Harsh on her. Dominate her and satisfy the entire intercourse with your power and masculinity.

After all, the goal is to get pleased together!