How To Make Friends In College with 8 Easy hacks


Making friends in college is quite simple for those who are talkative, full of energy and belong to the extrovert community

But it becomes a headache when you are shy around people and don’t know how to initiate the conversation

From inside you wish to have more friends in college but the”how” thing bothers you a lot.

Am I Correct?

See, making friends in college is as simple as taking a piece of cake from a baby, but the thing that matters is making good friends. When it comes to friendship, the level of quality plays a vital role in shaping your future life rather than quantity. So try to focus more on making quality friends and this article will surely help you to do so

How to make friends in college: 8 easy hacks

1. Know what interests you

Know Your Interest to make more friends in college

Before starting to make new friends it should be clear in your mind about the stuff you are interested in. Try to be friends with people who share the same interest you do. It would be beneficial in the long run as well.

For example – If you are a sports freak and you got a friend who is a nerd then will that friendship last longer? yeah, it can but in the rare of rarest cases.

So does that  mean that you have to avoid the people who are studious, not at all

You just have to be closer to people who share a common interest so that you have something to talk. You can’t talk about basketball with a nerd all day, he will be annoyed and the similar way if he keeps on talking about books and authors then I know you too gonna smash him hard.

So chose wisely

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2. Be A helping person

help others

Always be ready to help no matter what the situation is. Try your best to help the mates around, it could be lending them notes during exam time or sharing your vehicle to drop someone home. Be energetic.

It costs nothing and people gonna love you for this quality of yours. And you no longer will have to search about making friends in college or whatever.

In fact, a study suggested that people who help others have a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. Helping provides satisfaction that ultimately keeps you happy

3.  Participate in co-curricular activities

Participate in co curricular activities

The best idea to make friends in college is to participate in co-curricular activities, I know the introverts might skip this point but wait, You need to understand this, people who participate in extra activities are liked by everyone.

It could be games, skits, music to name a few. Just forget for once what others will say about your performance, give a try and see the results.

You will be friends with almost 25% of your college mates just by participating in a single college event.

Events can make you popular and who doesn’t wish to be friends with popular buddies  of the college

Got my point? Then give it a shot

 4. Don’t brag about yourself every second

I do have many classmates who have the habit of just boasting off about themselves  but the best part- I don’t give a f##k about them, in fact, nobody does

Trust me if you lack friends just because of this nature of yours, you gotta change it instantly.

5. Be a good listener to make friends in college

Listening to what others are saying is morality, people love when you listen to the stuff they are trying to share with you. Don’t stay dull and say “hmm”, “hmm” all the time. The other party might not like this behaviour of yours and won’t try talking to you in future.

Revert with some thoughts of yours, tell them yes you do agree with them on what they are sharing or if you don’t agree, enlighten them about it as well. This will also make you a good conversationalist

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6. Observe the students who live in your neighbourhood

Well back in my college days, I too had many mates living nearby my house and the best part was I got to know them when we used to step out of home for some sports or any household work.

this thing really works, you too must notice the college mates living nearing your house and try to be friend with them

7. Talk whenever you get a chance

Initiate a conversation whenever you get a chance, whether its library, canteen, music room whatever.

Try seeking out help or lending it

It works. Just a normal hi, hello and the conversation is ready to go but some people might find starting a conversation a headache. Dude’s easy enough

here are some examples

  • Ask about hobbies
  • Discuss the college environment
  • Put a question about future ambitions

8. Share drinks in the canteen

By sharing drinks I don’t mean that you have to throw parties in order to make friends in college. You just need to share the stuff you are grabbing in the canteen. Sharing food, eatables with someone can really help you make more friends.

Meanwhile, you can ask them about what food they like, do they love spicy food or sweets. There are some basic fillers you can use while having a conversation in the canteen.

9. The library can be an opportunity to make friends in college.

make friends in college leveraging library

I know not all of you are library lovers, but if you are desperate to make friends in college you will find many in the college libraries.

Yes, they might be sticking to their books and pay less attention to you but it doe not mean that they don’t need friends.

Crack some jokes, make them cheer up so that they too can get a refreshing mood. This will make them closer to you.

And if you too are good at studies then help someone there and you gonna have a great friend following soon

10. Connect on social media and social groups

If you feel shy talking to them at the face then no problem, I understand the feelings of introverts and ambiverts.

You can make a comfort zone while having a conversation with the people who you want as a friend on facebook and other social platforms and once you become comfortable you can show them up in the college.


Conclusion on how to make friends in college

Making friends is not something you have to take a course on. Just be yourself, learn the art of conversation. Open yourselves up in front of people, it costs nothing. And if you are willing to talk to a girl then plan some questions to ask her before directly jumping in front of her.

Feel free to share this with friends. Have cheerful friends ahead