How To Get Revenge On A Cheater [ Perfect Ways ]


How to Get Revenge on a Cheater

A relationship is based on mutual trust, love and respect. All three of them are necessary to maintain a healthy relationship. If even one of the elements goes missing, the relationship becomes toxic. 

But we always assume that our relationships are meant to last a lifetime. We can never accept the version where the relationship takes a wrong turn.

We build castles in the air and fill our days and months with the loveliest and wildest fantasies. But as they say, the world is not a bed of roses. Irrespective of what you feel for your partner, he/she may cheat on you and break your trust. 

Learning about your partner’s infidelity can wreck your world and leave you feeling worthless. But it’s not how you should let him/her get away with this. Weep as much as you wish to but don’t back down from exacting your revenge on the cheater. You must be wondering if avenging it will be worth your time! Read the article and you will know for yourself. 

You can’t go back in the past and change the line of events. But you can always protect other people from falling prey to a similar fate as yours. Here’s how you can seek revenge on the cheater.

1)Let everyone be aware of this

If you wish to spread fire in the jungle, you need nothing more than a lit matchstick. Similarly, if you need to spread a word to everyone, writing about it on social media would suffice.

If you had been with your ex for a long time, you must be connected to his friends and family. You should write about his shameful act on your account and tag him. Everyone connected to you and your ex will get to read about it.

You never know how many other girls/boys will learn a lesson from this. Your ex may put other women/men through the same fate in the future. But this act of yours will provide him/her with no such opportunity. Your ex will regret doing this to you.


2) Date one of his friends

 Do you wish to see him/her suffer at your hands? If yes, you should consider dating one of his/her friends. It will be better if you choose a person who is on very good terms with him/her. No girl/guy can bear to his/her ex with someone he/she is at good terms with. Dating your ex’s friend will put your ex through a lot of misery.

 He/she will request you to not go ahead with this. But you shouldn’t spare a single thought to this. When your ex couldn’t control himself/herself before cheating on you, who’s he/she to give you pearls of wisdom. People who themselves can’t commit to the path of honesty and truthfulness, can’t preach others to follow the same principles.

3) Become friends with the person he/she cheated with

Imagine the look of horror on your partner’s face when he/she finds you hanging out with the person, your partner cheated you with.

The whole idea of cheating on a loved one is to keep the affair clandestine. It’s not easy for your partner to keep the affair a secret. He/she has to go to cover an extra mile to keep it hidden.

If you have had enough, if you wish to wipe off that condescending look from your partner’s face, just reach out to the third-party responsible for all the turmoil in your life. If that person is genuine, he/she will agree to meet you in a restaurant or a coffee shop.

If not, you can always find a mutual friend. Whenever you are meeting the person in a café, do not forget to invite your partner. Seeing you hanging out with the third party will knock the living daylights out of him/her.

4) Gain family support

Did you meet your partner’s parents or siblings? If yes, don’t forget to take them on your team when you are plotting to avenge your partner’s betrayal.

If you have been on good terms with your partner’s mother or sister and have known them for quite some time, do share all the details of your partner’s betrayal with them. Do not tone down your version of the story.

Instead, add up some details here and there and paint him/her in the negative light. Your partner will be in shock on receiving cold treatment from his/her parents and siblings.

If you are too fortunate, they may even cut off ties with him/her for putting you through all the misery.   

5) Reconnect with your friends

People in relationships hardly find time for their friends. Balancing work and love life is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most of the boyfriends/girlfriends do not want their partner to spend too much time with their friends.

Hence, at times people end up losing the best of friendships for the sake of their partner’s happiness. But never underestimate the importance of good friends. They will be there for you in the darkest of times.

If you have just had the realization that your partner cheated on you, it is the most appropriate time to reach out to your friends.

Your partner will be happy to see you all alone in the darkest of time. He/she will feel proud of himself/herself for keeping you apart from your friends.

He/she would want you to suffer so that at the end of the day you have no one else to turn to. But seeing you reconnecting with your friends will shatter his/her overconfidence.

Your partner will feel insecure. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful opportunity to turn the tables for once?

Your friends may be a little upset with you for not staying in touch but they will accept you back. If they had warned you about your current partner, don’t feel ashamed. Everyone tends to ignore unsolicited advice. But learn a lesson from this. Your friends would never have ill intentions for you. 

6) Learn to be indifferent

Have you ever noticed your partner’s behaviour in the past whenever you both argued? Did he/she refuse to speak to you until you apologized a hundred times over?

If this is what happened to you, you overlooked these warning signs all the way. Does it cause you tremendous pain to think about all the times when his/her indifference made you feel worthless?

It’s not the time to reminisce the good memories and cry your heart out. Now, it’s your turn to give him the silent treatment. People like your partners are narcissists.

They like to feed on your insecurities. They have a fragile ego. He/she has an unwavering belief that you can’t manage your life without him/her. You have to defy this belief by being indifferent towards him/her.

Once he/she sees that you are doing great being single, your ex will want to reconnect with you. Your indifference towards your partner will become breeding ground for your ex’s insecurities.

He/She will be in agony when he/she notices that his/her presence has become irrelevant to you. 

Your partner didn’t value you enough to stay loyal. It’s your turn to give him/her the taste of his/her own medicine. Your partner will ask you for forgiveness, he/she will request you to provide him with a second chance.

He/she will try to manipulate you emotionally. You have to be indifferent towards him/her. Your indifference will teach that cheater a life-long lesson. He/she will understand the value of not taking someone’s love for granted. Once you embark on this path, don’t turn back.

You will only encounter hurt and betrayal along the way. Don’t get fooled by his/her changed behaviour or million promises. Someone who loves you truly would never allow himself/herself to find perfection in another. 

7) Focus on your career

If you are in the early 20s or 30s, you might feel the need to settle down with your partner. But what do you do if your partner turns out to be immoral? Facing betrayal at the hands of your partner can be nerve-wracking. It can damage you emotionally for a long time.

You start doubting everyone’s intention around you. You find it difficult to invest in new friendships. What your partner did to you was never in your control.

No matter how many times you feel like slapping him/her in the face or punching him/her in the guts, you can never turn back time.

You can never go back in the past and change things but you can always take the reins of your life in your hands and pave the way for a better future.

Whenever you feel the emptiness created by your ex gnawing at the very fabric of your soul, do not immerse yourself in self-pity.

Do not sit and mourn break up with the people in the same boat as you.

Instead, thank god for showing you your ex’s true colours and saving you from unnecessary pain and hardships. Start planning for your future. Decide the course of your career and work for it round the clock.

Success is the sweetest revenge. This will not only heal you over the time but instil you with newfound confidence. And your ex will regret breaking the beautiful bond with you once he watches you succeed. 

8) Get a Makeover

 When did you get the last haircut? How long has it been since you went shopping with your friends? Life can be chaotic once you step out of college. You have to spend time with your partner, chalk out time for your family, focus on your career, etc.

The list is never-ending. But managing the different aspects of your life can take a toll on your health if you aren’t cautious enough. When the relationship takes a wrong turn, you find yourself in front of the mirror with swollen eyes.

If you take a closer look, you may find yourself putting on weight in the most unlikely places, purple bags under your eyes, messy hair signalling that you need a hair cut. It will make you feel unwanted in so many ways.

You will end up feeling insecure about your looks, your body and whatnot. Break up may be the best chance to turn around your life. With all the extra hours on your hand, you will realize the importance of taking care of your health. 

Once you settle down with someone, you don’t feel the need to go out of your way and look like you own the world. You stop spending money on spas, beauty treatments, gym memberships, books etc.

But a break up can make you notice things that you should have noticed long back. With no partner to care for, it’s the best time to make yourself your priority. Book an appointment with a hairstylist.

Allow the stylist to work his/her magic on your hair. Pamper yourself with spa and massage. Go out shopping. Buy all the dresses that accentuate your hair.

Do not indulge in drinking like there’s no tomorrow. Exercise regularly and get back in shape. You will be amazed by all the compliments that come your way and will feel much more relaxed and comfortable in your skin.

You will come around to appreciate the solitude. 

Conclusion on How To Get Revenge On A Cheater

What is that one thing that stops everyone from staying happy in the 21st century? It’s the need to impress others. It’s the compulsion that you feel of settling down because you notice your friends getting married or celebrating anniversaries with their partners. There’s no definite age of falling in love.

Some people get married to their childhood sweetheart but end up divorcing after a few years. Other people stay single until the beginning of the 30s and carve out a niche for themselves in the chosen field.

So, everyone’s life is charted differently. Do not compare your life to someone else. Breakups and patch-ups are the part and parcel of life. So, do not treat your breakup as a period. Let it be a semicolon.  

You can’t change the person you love. You need to love them and accept them the way they are. At times, you fall in love with a person who ends up breaking your heart into a million pieces.

You cannot make them realize your worth. You can only exact revenge and move on. Not everyone you love will love you back or respect you. But you need to love yourself first.

Everything else is secondary. Once you have realized that your ex was not the right person for you, all you need to do is move on. One day you will look back and feel grateful for such a valuable life lesson.