How to forget your ex- 8 Simple Hacks


How to forget your ex – yelled my friend who was really upset because the memories of the past still haunted him. I felt sad for him and tried helping him by giving my own suggestions on how to stop missing your ex 

The most painful thing in the world is to move away from someone whom you loved from the bottom of your heart. There can be several reasons why circumstances are compelling you for a better journey ahead.

There can be social or personal reasons why parting away from the Love of your life has been obligatory. In order to live your life normally, you need to forget your ex permanently.

But you may be wondering how long does it take to get over an ex? well there is no bounded time for that, you have to completely rely on time and get your mind distracted.

Time is the best remedy

Time combined with the following steps will certainly help you to get out of those memories and forget your ex completely

These 8 steps + Time = Forget you ex as simple as that

Here are some of the most effective methods that can help you to bid adieu to the memories of your loved ones –

How To Forget Your Ex completely [chill out]

1. Stay Busy To Forget Your Ex

The sad memories of your ex can acquire your brain thereby spoiling all your peace and happiness within a fraction of seconds. Never sit idle or all alone at all. Even if you have nothing to do, switch on the television or music system so that it feels as if there is all around you. The feeling of loneliness persists more vigorously when there is pin drop silence or no one around.

How to stay busy? you may be wondering- there are a hell lot of things to do

There can nothing be more stupid than sitting idle and not doing anything. Life has so much to offer. You can indulge yourselves into new activities like joining an NGO to help people, you have internet and mobile try creating something that can help people around you.

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2. Sleep Early

Why this works – Avoid afternoon nap and try to sleep early at night. Most of the people are habitual to night conversations with their loved ones. Once you are over with your relationship, you are probably going to make that like hell. Therefore, instead of waiting for the call that is never going to flash on your phone, simply embrace sleep and let your brain relax better.

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3. Talk About It to Your Friends 

Sharing the feeling of Emptiness with friends and loved ones of your life can help you to overcome sadness up to an extent.

Our brain just cannot understand things on its own. Therefore, when people explain the reasons for your breakup in a justified way, you would automatically feel better and lighter.

The best way to overcome a broken relationship is it to enhance the friend’s circle and always remain in permanent contact with someone who can understand things better. This is the most practical tip to for your question- How do you stop missing your ex?

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4. Stay Positive

People often think that if they have encountered a failure in their previous relationship, never in their life they would be loved again. This is wrong teaching that you are inculcating in your life. A single incident cannot determine the future course of your life. Maybe she/he was not the one whom you are destined to stay eternally.

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5. Don’t Sit At Home All The Time

If you really want to stop missing your ex then stop sitting at home and doing nothing. One of the most effective methods to get away from the sorrow of Breakup is by getting out of the home and enjoying nature.

Everybody deserves some alone time at home for relaxing. However, when you undergo a breakup, there has to be something to occupy you all the time. Staying indoors for a long time period can impose a lot of sadness to your brain.

Simply go out on a busy road and walk while watching the vehicles and Hustle bustle. The sunlight, fresh air and outdoor atmosphere will immediately help you to feel better.

7. Join Some Classes To Stop Missing Your Ex

Socializing is very important once you get over with your relationship. Begin teaching something or simply join a learning class so that you can get in touch with new people in life.

8. Improve Your Skills

Maybe you always wanted to dance or Cook but your relationship just did not give you the time to enhance your inner talent. Being single and free can be taken as an opportunity to stimulate your interest.

If you don’t want to become a part of any class or learning session, simply practice things at home for a better tomorrow. This can be the best way for you to stop thinking about your ex

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9. Avoid Contacts With Your Ex and His/Her Friends

One of the best ways to forget your ex is to avoid any kind of contact with them and their friends. Stop the connection on social media, stop stalking their profiles to see with whom they are hooked up now as these things will only hurt you more rather than doing any good.

According to a study, 56% of people stalk their exes even after 1-2 years of breakup and this is the worst you can do. So just avoid harming yourselves.

Delete that number, block them from social media, throw way their so-called ” valentines day gifts”, burn down their love letters, delete stupid songs that remind you of your ex and see how relaxed you will feel after doing this.

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Take away On How to Forget Your Ex

Lastly, Have a positive attitude towards life and remember that everything happens for good. Never let your past affect your today and tomorrow.I hope these tips will help you to stop thinking about your ex and stop missing your ex

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