How To Be A Nicer Person In Life: [12 Actionable Tips]


There are plenty of ways to be a nicer person, to be a better friend, to be a better person from inside out in life but those ways won’t help until you do take the initiative.

There should be an urge from inside to become a better version of yourself. Being nice to everyone doesn’t ensure that you are a better person, rather you have to be nice to yourselves as well to call yourself a good human being.

It’s not a day’s work, it will require some time to bring out the better you. By practising the following points on a daily basis you can achieve the goal of becoming a better human being within months. So let’s just dive deep into this article

How To Be A Nicer Person: 12 Simple Hacks

1. Learn to respect others to become a better human

The first step towards becoming a nicer person is to learn how to respect others, how to respect their ideas and thoughts. Everyone single person has their own worth and you should never try to devalue it.

for example – if your parents are trying to teach you something then you should try to listen to their advice instead of thinking that they have no knowledge in your domain or the work you are doing. Every thought, every advice has some value, try to take the most out of it.

2. Increase your knowledge

You should always try to increase your knowledge to become a nicer person. By increasing knowledge I don’t mean that you have to be good at every field. That’s a useless thing. A doctor cant is good at engineering and vice versa.

So by saying that increase your knowledge I mean try learning something new in your domain. It will fill you with confidence, will increase the efficiency of your mind, your thought making process will improve. Stay updated

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3. Help at least 1 person each day

help people to be a better person

The most powerful factor in making you a nicer person is helping others. But the main question is how to help others? if someone asks me for handsome money and I refuse then should I consider myself an awful human? not at all

Helping someone doesn’t always mean that you have to pressurize yourself instead it means that support others if you really can.

for eg – You saw an old lady in a shopping mall carrying some bags which are heavy enough for her to lift, then you can really help her to lift them up

These small bits of help can really make you a blessed person in the eyes of the needy and can help you to be a better friend.

4.Learn to sacrifice

Master the art of sacrificing if it makes someone happy if it is made for your own benefit. Stop getting distracted from short term pleasure, make it big, go for some long term goals. Sacrifice your sleep for what you really wish to achieve.

Sacrifice the attachments – Sometimes life put us in situations that need some sacrifices, maybe you have to support your family financially and for that, you have to leave your comfort zone, and step out for some work. Then make it happen, earn some bucks as it will help your parents.

5.Manage Anger

Anger can be your worst enemy and the only thing that can hinder your growth towards becoming a better and happy person. Most of the people fail to manage anger and ultimately the anger kills them from inside. It steals away their mental peace.

You need to understand, anger destroys you more than it destroys the person you are holding a grudge against. So learn the art of letting go, learn the art of forgiveness.

6. Kick-Off negativity

Negativity can stop your growth as a nicer person, I know we don’t become negative intentionally, situations make us but it is better to get rid of it as soon as possible. You should stay positive in a negative situation too.

Bring something positive out of every negative situation you step it. It will really grow you as a better individual.

Don’t let the negativity hamper your way towards being a better person

7. Stop Being an overthinker

stop overthinking if you want to be a better person

Overthinking is a situation when we tend to revolve around something that doesn’t even going to happen.

Annu, an IT professional had to give a presentation in her office but unfortunately, she pronounced some words incorrectly and that day after reaching her home, she started thinking about it.”I sounded so dumb”,” how could I not pronounce that word correctly”, “everyone might be laughing at me”.

These are the thing that makes you overthink, make sure to get rid of this habit as it will hamper your growth as a better and happier individual

8. Practice yoga To Be A Happy And Better Person

Practising yoga and meditation are sure ways to be a better person.

How yoga is helpful?

Without a calm mind you can not become a better person, I know actions speak a lot and you need to do actions to be a better human being but if our mind and body aren’t ideal then being a good person is close to useless.

Yoga can reduce stress and helps to connect the mind and body. If you have a fresh mind and a body then you can focus all your energy to be a better person

9. Limit showing off To Be A Nicer Person

Anny, an 18 years old teenager had a habit of showing off, she used to boast off her new mobile phone, her new water bottle, her new clothes but little did she know that showing off isn’t worth it. Are You like Anny? Think about it and if you too have this habit, get rid off it as soon as possible

Almost 25% of us carve to show off the things we possess and this is the thing you should put a limit at as it doesn’t have any worth.

It will take you away from becoming a better person. So even if you have some cool gadgets or stuff then instead of showing off, try doing something productive with the help of it.

10. Know your strength and use it for better doing

We all have some strength as well as weaknesses. And we should accept both. Weakness can be modified to strengths but that’s again a topic to be discussed later. Let us focus on how you can use  your strength to be a better person

Before using your strength you should first know what strength you actually possess,  some may be hardworking, few of you might be good at being punctual. Others example of strengths are




Versatility, to name a few

Now look at your inner self, think about your past achievements and try remembering your achievements. They will tell you what your strengths are.

For example, if you are a creative and hardworking person then you can use your strength to help your kids to do the homework, help your wife to make some special dish with your creativity and so on

12. Let yourself out of the comfort zone – try new things

step out of comfort zone to be a better person

Staying in the comfort zones is the biggest mistake we humans do and that too knowingly. Stepping out of comfort zone can really help you in interacting with a world you never thought off.

Leave your comfort zone and try new things, maybe you don’t like talking to new people and this habit of yours is making you lonely day by day then why not make a change and start making friends, start having a conversation with people around you?

Take another example- when I was a kid I used to hate mathematics, why? because it needed a lot of logic and analytical thinking but later I realized that if I kept on hating and avoiding this subject, it might create problems.

So what did I do? I practised a lot, stepped out of my comfort zone, took some classes and improved my logical thinking and this is the way you come out of the horrible comfort zone you have created.

Take Away On How  To Be A Nicer Person

Becoming a better person is hard as it seems, You just have to develop qualities that can really help the people around you. It does not mean that you have to please everyone. Just stay positive and do your best in order to solve someone’s problem. And that’s all you need to be a better and happy person


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