10 Healthy Eating Habits That Level up your lifestyle




The process of ” healthy eating” sounds easy but when someone tries to inculcate those healthy eating habits they seem to fail at that. The reason for this is they don’t adopt it as a habit, people just want to follow the healthy diet plan or healthy eating habits for a month or two; that’s it and they think doing this will work and they will be able to keep themselves in shape.

Eating healthy  needs discipline you have to divert your  mind from your cravings, you have to keep managing your calories intake, you need to keep distractions away while having a meal and there is a whole list which I will be sharing with you in the following article which will definitely work for you if you reckon those habits in your daily routine.

It won’t be easy but It won’t be impossible too. So let us have a look at the top healthy eating habits you should start following to lead a healthy lifestyle

1. Managing carbs intake

Suppose you want to lose belly fat but you are not observing the carbs intake i.e the carbs present in your food. would you be able to lose fat? Simply NO because you’re not following the healthy eating habits to get the results.

You should start eating foods that have fewer carbs so that the excess of calories doesn’t get stored as fat. You can try a no carb meal once in a day.

This was just one example, There are many diet plans you may be following like losing belly fat, maintaining weight, increasing weight etc. So make sure you manage your carbs intake accordingly


2. Drink plenty of water


Water keeps your body hydrated and you know this fact still you are not drinking the exact amount. The reason is you overlook the healthy eating habits. Water flushes the toxins out of your body and deprivation of water can harm your skin and dull your complexion. So it is better to inculcate the habit of drinking at least 2 litres of water every day.

3. Never Overeat


Eating more than your limit or more than what your body needs is termed as overeating. It is one of the worst habits that can destroy your health and it should be avoided as it can lead to obesity and various other diseases.

What you can do to avoid overeating is – stop watching TV or movies while eating as they can divert your mind from eating and unintentionally you eat more than required

Set small meals – Never load your plate with foods and other eatable stuff. Keep the portion small and if you still feel a bit hungry, you can further add more.


4. Don’t chew food fast

You have teeth but your stomach does not so if you eat too quickly then the digestive enzyme of your stomach won’t be able to break down the food properly. Also eating fast results in swallowing lot of air bubbles that eventually leads to bloating. And I know you don’t want to be felt bloated well, no one does. So next time make sure you chew your food slowly and patiently

5. Avoid dairy product if you feel bloated

For some people it is hard to digest the dairy products, it can be a matter of age because as we grow old our enzymes become less efficient in breaking down the dairy products such as milk, yoghurt etc.

So if you feel bloated after having a meal chance are that you might be intolerant to the dairy products.

Just take a small break and then try adding 1 or 2 dairy products in your diet and check how you feel.

6. Never eat on the bed


Comfort is something that all of us want but we should not crave for the comfort while having meals. The reason is quite simple – If you are eating in bed chances are you might be either watching TV or using some other gadgets, talking to someone over phone but all this results in distraction and your brain won’t get the message that you are full now and as a result you overeat and do I need to tell you how bad overeating is??

From the digestion point of view eating in the bed can cause acid reflux. So next time don’t forget to sit over a chair or your dining table to grab your favourite meals.

7. Eat protein-rich diet

Protein is a significant part of our diet if you miss protein you lose your health.

Proteins are the building blocks of our body, they help to repair the broken tissues and build muscles. If you are a gym guy then definitely you must have heard the importance of proteins. Lack of protein can lead to weak healing system, Marasmus ( disease), low immunity.

8. Portion size

Are you grabbing a large part of the meal? Are your plates full of eatables? If yes then stop doing it right now. I am not being harsh neither telling you to follow dieting, just trying to explain how the portion size matters

A study was conducted that included 51 men and women and was given a large portion and some were given a small portion of plates. After the conclusion of the study, it was found that energy intake was more in the plates with bigger portion size and excess of energy can lead to obesity.

You should always track the energy intake that why Portion size of your meals always matters.

9. Don’t forget fruits

Healthy eating habits are incomplete without the addition of fruits in your diet. According to research people who tend to eat  5 – 7 serves of fruit daily were found to be at a lower risk of getting stressed. So yes fruits are beneficial in reducing stress.

Other benefits of fruits include

  • Reduced risk of heart diseases
  • reduced risk of kidney stones
  • Better eyesight

10. Never skip breakfast

Eating breakfast maintains the insulin level of the body and skipping it can result in increased risk of getting obese.

ALSO – According to a study done on primary school students, it was found that students who skipped breakfast  performed low in academic and physical performance

so there is no reason to skip the morning meal as it is quite obvious that by doing so the body will miss the essential nutrients that are required for good functioning of the body

11. Add foods that increase stamina and endurance

People now a day have a hectic schedule, not their fault as we need to change with time. Working more hours has become a priority, people tend to focus less on eating habits.

As a result of a busy schedule, people start relying upon less nutritious food that is completely useless and eventually their health get disparaged and make the functioning and energy level of the body almost zero

To maintain your health you should add food that provides you with stamina and endurance such as oatmeal, fish, eggs, avocado, green veggies




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