26 Best Healthy Foods to Increase Stamina and Endurnace


There are numerous foods to increase stamina are available in the market but you need to understand what stamina actually is and why do we need to build it up. Just like we all need to lose body weight, the same way you need to boost the stamina.

Stamina or endurance is something which everyone needs either to perform physical activities or exercises like working out, running, swimming or during sex. It is the stamina that keeps you going and if you lack stamina you are definitely not going to perform well, as a result, you start feeling low and depressed and ultimately start figuring out ways and foods to increase stamina.

I have seen people getting tired just after doing normal physical activities like climbing a tree or walking for less than a km. The reason behind this is not age but the lack of endurance and how does this stamina is reduced? Or why you are not able to last for long while having sex?

The answer to this is your lifestyle. Your eating habits. According to a study, 97.3% of American adults follow a bad lifestyle.

26 Best healthy foods to Increase Stamina


People nowadays tend to eat or consume lots of fast food rather they should consume food that increases stamina they have forgotten the value of nutritious food which ultimately results in low stamina.

So the main solution to this is to improve your lifestyle and one should start eating food that is healthy and if you have landed on this article let, me provide you with a list of 30 food which will increase your stamina and endurance

Essential nutrients that provide long-lasting energy


Carbohydrates are the main source of energy and there are many healthy food items rich in carbs such as  fruits, vegetables, oats etc.  you need carbs in your diet because your body needs glucose to provide energy and where does this glucose come from? yeah.. carbohydrates provide this glucose but remember not all carbs are good.

GOOD CARBS –  Carbs in fruits, vegetables etc

BAD CARBS –  carbs in pastries, cakes, pasta, white rice etc


Proteins are responsible for building muscles and repair tissues but they also provide energy to our body. Protein is broken down into amino acid by our digestive system which helps in building and repairing muscles. Rich source of protein are legumes, eggs, fish. Proteins are vital for building stamina hence should be a regular component of our diet.


Most people avoid eating fats because they believe in a myth that fats are not good for health which is completely false. Like Carbs, fats also have tow types – good fat and the bad one. A small intake of good fats won’t cause any harm. Food items rich in good fats are  Avocados, whole eggs, peanut butter


Iron is the main source for building stamina. Red blood cells require iron to transport blood efficiently throughout our body, lack of which can cause anaemia thus decreasing your stamina. So make sure you add iron-rich foods such as pumpkin seeds, spinach, quinoa in your list of foods to increase stamina.

Vitamin C

It is a good habit to include food items that are rich in vitamin C because vitamin C improves the immune system which ultimately results in increased stamina. Foods rich in vitamin C are  Lemon, Apple, Guava etc

There are plenty of foods to increase stamina but scoopsfeed has created a list of best foods to increase stamina and keep you healthy.

Note: This article has been divided into two parts for users ease – one part contains veg foods to increase stamina and the other contains non-veg foods to increase stamina.

Vegetarian Foods to increase stamina fast

1. Oatmeal

Oats are rich in fibre and protein and can definitely help you to increase stamina provided you add oats daily in your diet and the best time to have an oatmeal diet is morning. Oatmeal is the complex carb, therefore, digested slowly and provide long-term energy to your body. You can add cinnamon, fruits, seeds to your oatmeal diet and believe me, it tastes so delicious

2. Bananas

Benefits of bananas are numerous, let us have a look at few- they help to increase stamina, easily available and also they taste so yummy. Bananas are rich in carbs and provide you with the fuel you need to perform high-intensity exercise. Not only this, bananas contain dopamine that helps to build concentration as well.

3. Beans

Beans are part of legumes and deficiency of beans can result in fatigue and weakness. Beans contain proteins, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients. They increase stamina by improving the blood circulation that carries all the essential nutrients to various organs.

4. Spinach

spinach is a natural powerhouse and thus considered one of the best foods to increases stamina. It contains vitamin A and vitamin C which provide energy and also improve blood circulation. The best way to eat it is without cooking as it loses some essential nutrients when cooked.

5. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in fibre, carbs, magnesium and other nutrients such as magnesium and iron. A handful of pumpkin seeds contains 5gram of crabs which provide you energy.

also, pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc that helps in producing testosterone at a good level which ultimately improves sex stamina.

6. Walnut

Walnut is rich in omega 3, healthy fats and fibres. Regular usage of walnuts in your diet will surely help you to increase your stamina. Walnut is helpful in making your skin look fresh and clear.

7. Coffee

According to a research moderate consumption of coffee can help in boosting endurance, so It is definitely one of the best food to add if you are willing to increase stamina. But don’t exceed the limit as it may have a negative effect as well

8. Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables have plenty of benefits of which you may be already knowing and one of them is to increase stamina. The green leafy vegetable is rich in vitamins and minerals and fibre which help in digestion and provide fuel for regular functioning of the body.

9. Chia seeds

Chia seeds should be in your list of best foods to increase stamina as they are rich in protein, calcium and fibre which supercharge your body to perform daily physical activities.

10. Brown Rice

Brown rice is the best source of complex carbohydrates which are digested slowly thus providing you energy throughout the day. Instead of having white rice in your diet, I would suggest you replace it with brown rice and see the results.

11. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are the major source of energy for athletes and help them to keep their energy level at the peak. So don’t forget to add sweet potatoes in your diet if you are really wishing to increase stamina. If you are into the habit of running and feel like you need more stamina then add this to your list of foods that increase stamina for running.

12. Apples

Apples are the most consumed fruit in the whole world and the reason being its health benefits. Apple is rich in dietary fibre. Apples also contain iron which increases haemoglobin thereby increasing stamina and keeping your body fully charged. Apple also helps in lowering bad cholesterol.

13. Berries

Did you know? berries are a great source of fibre and also keeps our digestive system healthy. Not only this but berries are rich in anti-oxidants such as anthocyanins that keep our memory sharp.

So berries should be a regular part of your diet as they are considered the favourite foods to increase stamina.

14. Quinoa

Quinoa is one of the best foods to increase stamina and also to remove pimples from the skin as it is rich in proteins that help you to stay active and gives a boost to your energy. So it is advised to have 1 cup of Quinoa ( contains 8gm of protein) in the breakfast and see your stamina skyrocketing. Not only it is rich in  protein but also contains magnesium, iron and potassium which are necessary  for the healthy growth of your body

15. Yoghurt

Yoghurt provides two health benefits: 1) improves digestion 2) boost sexual stamina

It contains probiotic bacteria which are known for improving your digestion system and keep you fit by making the immune system better.

It is also said to increase sexual stamina in men and also increases sperm count.

16. Avocados

Avocados are rich in fibre thus keeps you energized all day long. Not only this avocado is said to improve the functioning of health and as per a study people who eat avocados were found to be healthier than who didn’t. So don’t forget to add avocado to your list of foods  to increase stamina

17. Oranges

Oranges taste delicious and are one of the most consumed citrus fruit. Oranges are rich in  Vitamin C which keeps your immune system strong and also improves the functioning of the digestive system which ultimately keeps our body energized and increases your stamina.

18. Beetroot juice

Beetroot is delicious and is a rich source of potassium. Potassium helps our nerves to function properly thereby removing weakness and fatigue.

Beetroot juice can help your body to stay active and energized all day.

19. Pomegranate

The best fruit for athletes and people who love working out for long hours. Pomegranates are rich in Vitamin C and nitrates. During an intense workout, our muscles demand more and more of blood and in this scenario, the excess of nitrate gets converted into NO and helps in the widening of blood vessels thus allowing the blood to flow freely and boost the circulation of blood. Pomegranate is also one of the most consumed ” sex booster” fruit.

20. Soybeans

Soybeans are a great source of energy and help in increasing the sexual arousal in both the genders. so basically soybeans are helpful in increasing sexual stamina so don’t forget to add them in your diet if you want to perform well at the bed.

21. Kale

Kale is a dark, leafy vegetable which contains 3 grams of protein,2.5 grams of fibre ( 1 cup)  and other essential vitamins such as A, C and K which are required by our body for smooth functioning and boosting up stamina.

23. Garlic

Garlic has always been a favourite food when it comes to increasing sexual stamina. It increases blood flow and helps to bring in the desired energy during intercourse. So don’t forget to add garlic to your list of foods to increase stamina in bed.

Non-vegetarian foods to increase stamina

24. Eggs

Eggs are all-time favourite food to increase stamina for running as they are rich in protein and fat as well. An egg white contains 3 gm of proteins that help to improve your stamina. So if you are following a weight loss program, add egg white to your diet to maintain stamina level and it is also considered one of the best foods to increase stamina for running.

25. Chicken

Chicken is not only delicious but also provide “selenium” to our body which is highly beneficial in increasing our energy levels. Selenium is present in a good amount thus consuming chicken would improve your metabolism and keep you healthy foods. Furthermore, 100gm of chicken contains 28 grams ( approx) protein which again is a proven source of improving endurance.

 26. Wild salmon

Wild Salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for our body and wild salmon also contains a sufficient amount of Vitamins- A, C, D and B-12.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon are said to reduce inflammation in the body, which is a common cause of fatigue.


I hope you gained some information after reading this article on ” foods to increase stamina”. If you add the above-mentioned foods in your diet Then you will definitely be able to feel the increased endurance and stamina within weeks of following a healthy diet plan.

Well, diet alone is responsible for 80%  functioning of our body but make sure you follow a workout plan along with a healthy diet so that you can increase stamina and perform well in any field. If you feel this article worth sharing than lets your friend have a look at this too.