21 Sure Signs A Female Coworker Likes You But Hiding


It is quite exciting to have a love affair in the workplace.

It becomes easy to manage the relationship as well as the office workload when you have a person accompanying you all the way.

However, the question does my coworker like me is sometimes heartbreaking. There are certain signs she loves you but is scared. You need to observe everything much closely so as to create a long-term emotional affair with her.

Here are a few signs a female coworker likes you

1) Does she call or text you often?

If she is finding small reasons to text or call or sometimes even shoot an e-mail at you during the working hours, consider these as a sign that she is trying to get your attention. In this case, you should answer her phone calls and emails too, don’t ignore and act like a noob.

2) Shares her personal talks with you

When it comes to sharing secrets, girls often do it with someone they can trust with their eyes closed. If she tells you about her friends, family, her past relationships or anything else that can be considered as a secret, she likes you.

However, some girls have a habit of sharing personal talks with everyone, so make sure she is doing it with you otherwise you might be just a co-worker who she thinks is a reliable source for gossips.

3) When she tries to learn more about your personal life

This is another sign that your female co-worker likes you. If she pays attention or asks you about your personal life which can be your friends, family, health, past relationships and more, she is trying to fill the gap between you and her.

4) She notices every little change in you

Did she compliment you for your haircut? New Watch? Or a new shirt? Well, if this is true then she is keeping a watch on your moves. Although, we cannot call this stalking but there a very few chances when someone notices your new glasses, shoes or watch. But If your female coworker keeps passing compliments about your tiny little changes, it is a green signal from her side.

5) Ask you for a hangout in free time

Has she ever asked you for a movie, dinner or just hang out on weekends? Is She doing it more often? If the answer is yes then she is trying to spend some quality time with you. Even if you two spend half of your day at the workplace, she just can’t get enough of you. In this case, you should not reject the invitations if you aren’t busy. Try to spend more time with her and get to know more about her.

6) Remembers every little detail about you

Do you find her posting stories, statuses on social media a week before your birthday? Is she often celebrating your little achievements? Well, if this is the case, then consider this as a sign that your coworker likes you. This gives a hint that she is trying to get your attention by supporting your achievements.

7) Takes your stand

It is obvious that coworkers talk trash about each other behind their backs. If your coworkers talk anything against you and she defends you, there is a special place for you in her heart. Mostly, the woman takes stand for the person who means something to her. In this case, you should thank her whenever she tries to defend you or save your reputation in any way.

8) Sweet nicknames

Most of the girls have a habit to keep nicknames, well that’s obvious but girls generally keep nicknames of those who mean something to her, something more than a friend. If you are still wondering why she is calling you “my cupcake”, “my sweetheart” or something sweeter than this, then it is the time you should splash some cold water on your face and wake up. This is one of the signs which shows that your coworker likes you.

9) Brings extra lunch for you

Are you still a bachelor living on rent and hardly get time to cook food? Does she know about how mismanaged life you live? Is she bringing extra lunch with her to share it with you? If the answer is yes, then it can be a green flag. You might be thinking that she is being kind to you but, if she is doing this on a regular basis and bringing you favourite food, why not ask her out for a dinner some time?

10) Too many accidental touches

You will notice a lot of body language changes in your female coworker when she starts catching feelings for you. There will be times when she will accidentally brush her body against you. These signs are easily noticeable as women do not like accidental touches but these types of touches are becoming frequent between you two, then this is a sign that your female coworker likes you.

11) Gets jealous when you get close with other female employees

There’s no point in anyone getting jealous if you are talking or spending time with other coworkers who are kind of attracted to you. Well, if she is getting jealous when you spend time with other female coworkers, this is a sign that she likes you and is scared that someone else will take her place in your life.

12)  She always Smiles at you

How do you know if a female coworker likes you? The most important factor is her smiley face on seeing you. That smile is definitely not meant for everybody in the office. You can easily differentiate between that special smile and a casual grin.

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13) She looks forward to completing assignments with you

signs a female coworker likes you

Her Willingness to complete assignments together is definitely amongst several signs she wants to date you. maybe she is hesitant to say that directly and trying to beat around the bush. Maybe she wants to spend some extra time with you in the name of an assignment. Try to figure out what’s going on in the back of your mind.

14) When she finds reasons to be around

is my female coworker attracted to me? If this is the question in your mind after observing the idea, you are probably correct. The coincidence cannot happen more than twice or thrice. If she is trying to be there around you for some of the other reason, maybe it’s the time when you should change your status to mingled.

15) She has a more friendly nature towards you

Over friendliness is one of the major female coworker attraction signs. You should be observant when she offers you her lunch or asks you about your assignments. She will always show a lot of interest in accompanying you for the outings and provide you with whatever little help she can. Discussing her personal life becomes a part of her routine when a female coworker is actually having a crush on you.

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16) Unexpected touches and looks is a sign a female co-worker likes you

touches shows she is attracted to you

How can I tell if my coworker likes me? maybe she touches you or does something that is totally beyond a normal work routine. You have to remain vigilant because such actions rarely take place. If she is interested in having an affair with you, definitely those gestures would clarify everything.

Also, if you find your female coworker starring at you quite often, it’s a clear message of hatred or a sign of true love. It’s easy for a human brain to differentiate between a lovable stare and a hateful look. Eye contact is something that can begin the conversation spontaneously.

17) Has she flirted with you?

How do you know if a colleague is attracted to you? the question is best answered when you have caught her red-handed flirting with you. Maybe she is trying to give you those hints of love while trying to behave slightly extraordinary with you.

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18) If she gives you a special place in everything

When it comes to signs a female coworker likes you then giving importance is the thing that should not go unnoticed. Women are quite choosy about their companionships. Therefore, if she selects you like her company for every task she does, maybe it’s a clear sign that she has already fallen in love with you.

Remembering those small details about you and initiating the caring gestures must be a part of that companionship. Also, you should take note if she asks you to join those social groups where she can spend more time with you. If she intentionally insists on spending time with you, it’s obvious that she has something in her heart for you.

You don’t have to force your opinion at all. Sometimes, maybe she is just bored and finds your company as a better option than anyone else in the office. If she remains formal, probably there is nothing in her mind as such.

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19) If she wears your favourite colour and style

if she wears your favourites dress then she likes you a lot

Suppose you just complimented her yesterday for something and today again she is wearing the same thing. That cannot be just a coincidence. When things are beyond a formal relationship, you get to notice things like this. When she is trying to wear something just to impress you, it’s time when you should stop acting blind.

20) People are just talking about you both

Maybe she has not directly confessed her feelings to you but has already told her office mates and friends. The entire workplace knows that she loves you but it’s just you who needs to hear it from her. Those Weird expressions from your coworkers when they find both of you together clearly states that they have a clue about your secret affair. These are little hints that should clear your dilemma right away.

21) She brings you presents

The small gifts that you have been finding on your desk nowadays are kept by her. Believe me, she is in love with you if there is something awkward in her behaviour. Girls are hesitant to express their love on their own. They do certain small things that have to be noticed and interpreted by men in case of love. You just can’t let her go because of your failure to appreciate such things and this is undoubtedly a sure sign a female coworker likes you a lot.

22) She finds a place next to you in every meeting

If she quickly reserves a place next to her just to have you seated beside near, it’s again a symptom that you should catch up.

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23) She steals glances

have you ever noticed her looking at you while you are busy having a sip of coffee with other colleagues or while talking to your manager?

If you find her doing so then definitely your female coworker likes you because we humans crave to see the people we are attracted to secretly.


TakeAway On Signs a female coworker likes you

My question for this is; why you shouldn’t? There is always a positive part of dating your coworker. You don’t have to arrange for separate dates and there is plenty of time for both of you to spend together. Spending 8 hours every day together is a clear sign that both of you can tolerate each other for the rest of your life. In fact, there is no other better option than having your coworker as your love affair.