How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend: proven methods


Proposing a girl is not that difficult at all. You just need to portray those original feelings of your heart in your actions to hear “yes” from her. If you are wondering how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend romantically, this article is certainly going to help you to mingle up soon. Simply follow what we say and leave the rest upon the lord about-

How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

1. Behave naturally

Behave Nturally while asking a girl out

You don’t have to over try anything at all. Simply behave casual and don’t impose yourself on her at all. The more available you are, the lesser value you hold in her eyes. Therefore, treat her like any other friend. Also, care for her to an extent where your value does not degrade.


2. Have patience

Every girl wants to get proposed by the one she loves. However, it takes time for a girl to show that sign. In order to make sure that she is also interested in you, notice her gestures and attitude towards you. Never work on assumptions or make haste in proposing a girl.

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3. Bend on your knees

Every girl is soft-hearted. Therefore, when she would see you bending on your knees to grab her acceptance, she would definitely like it. Women are fond of things like cake, things and chocolates. Never forget to accompany such things when you are going to propose her.

4.Plan out a dinner

Plan A Romantic Dinner

Book a seat in a posh restaurant and order her favourite food and drink to seek her consent. If you think that she is interested in you, Grab a moment and ask her whether she would like to be your girlfriend. But before doing so don’t forget to make her comfortable by asking these questions, Creating a comfortable environment is a must

5. Give it in written

It is simple to suggest solutions for how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend but difficult to implement. Therefore, if you find it difficult to get those words out of your mouth, simply write them up in a beautiful handmade card and handover the same to the love of your life. If she loves you, she would revert for sure.

6. Use customized firecrackers

One of the best ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend is by customizing firework for her. Imagine spreading I love you message all over the sky with her name. Isn’t it cool? Any girl who is interested in you would hug you right away after seeing that thing.

7. Plan out a meeting at the place where you people met first

Visiting the place where you people became friends for the first time is also a way to find out what her heart feels for you. If she is interested in you, things will be better between you two in that place.

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8. Sit down under the sun on a beach

Play some soft music around and say those golden words the moment you feel the moment is correct. Having a secluded place is important to create the courage to propose her.

9. Give her time

Girls are not impulsive in case of love and relationships. Therefore, if you have proposed her after gathering much courage, don’t hurry up in getting her acceptance. Give her some time and convey the same to her right when you propose her.

10. Love a little more

Lover more to Ask Her to Be Your GF

Love her in the best possible way when you want her as your girlfriend. Tell her that you have the entire calibre to care and protect her throughout your life. More than materialistic pleasures, girls want security and true love. Therefore, if she happens to notice those things in you, you are definitely going to get her consent. You should take care of loving her more when you are planning to ask a girl out

11. Show that you don’t want to impose yourself on her

Proposing a girl to be your girlfriend involves a lot many things that you can imagine. For example, you need to propose her in a way to show that you love her unconditionally. Even if she is not ready for a relationship, you would never hurt her for rejecting your proposal. Instead of begging for her acceptance or trying to show your sadness because of rejection, behave genuinely and give her ample space to accept you from her own.

12. Make her feel that she is the one

Asking a girl to be your girlfriend requires you to inculcate those feelings in her heart. You need to get it very clear in your mind why do you need her as your girlfriend. Also, it would be helpful in explaining her reasons why you should come in a relationship with you. Propose a girl because you want her in your life instead of saving her from The Sorrows of a past relationship.

13. Talk about it with her parents

A genuine guy would never mind talking with the parents of the girl in order to marry her. Therefore, it is a good idea to plan out a meeting with her parents for taking things further. Meeting her parents is a considerate decision. It highlights the gravity of your decision to bring her permanently in your life. Also, it encounters the future risks of a relationship. A matter that is brought in the notice of the parents is taken on a serious note.

14. Dress up very well

Take a bath and clean your teeth very well before making an effort to propose her. You need to be Picture Perfect to drive a woman crazy. Wear something sober and branded.

15. Rehearse properly

The advanced practice of learning how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend is compulsory. This will help you to say the correct words on the first instance. Also, it will add a special feeling. Being confident is highly important in such situations.

16. Select a diamond ring

Girls love to wear diamonds on their fingers. Once everything gets decided, prefer buying a diamond ring for her. Check out the exact size of a finger and buy Gia certified diamond ring.

17. Use your pet 

Do you have a pet? If yes then it is pretty good, if no then get one. Pets can really make you succeed at your task. Just write a cute love letter and allow your dog to carry it. Once she opens it She will definitely go crazy the way you asked her out but try this tactic only when she is an animal lover. Pro tip – use a cat  to do so

18. Gift Her a book 

Does she loves reading books? If yes then don’t hesitate to use a book as the prop for your plan. Try to know which book she is planning to read in the coming days, get that book from online shopping or from the nearest book store. Write your feelings inside a small card and put it inside the book and gift it to her. Chances are that she will find it too amazing and unexpected and will give you a green signal.

Take Away on How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

Asking a girl to be your girlfriends isn’t a big deal these days but before doing so make sure that your feelings are true and you can handle the relationships maturely. Don’t take any decision if the feelings are temporary. Make her feel special and giver her reasons that can make her think that “yes this is is the one I deserve” and leave rest on the destiny.