9 Signs That A Scorpio Man Has Feelings For You


If you are trying to know How does a Scorpio man acts when he likes you then perhaps you are an avid reader of astrology and trying to know how a Scorpio man behaves when he is in love with someone.

So, there is this cute Scorpio guy in your friend circle, or in your neighbourhood, maybe among your colleagues in your office who looks ultra-charming when he folds his sleeves and gives a presentation in the meeting room. You drool over him and Your heart skips a beat when he breezes off by you.

Till now you might have planned your honeymoon trip, even you may have decided by what name you will call your kids.

But Your mind gets vague when a question haunts you – How to tell if a Scorpio man is interested in you?

Bumping in front of him and confessing your feelings without even knowing if he feels the same or not can make things go south. It can make you feel embarrassed in case he rejects you.

But we’ve got your back. Thanks to astrology that helped us figure out how does a Scorpio man behaves when he likes you.

Signs That A Scorpio Man Has Feelings For you – 11 Subtle Signs

1) He gets emotional with you

Scorpio man are said to be fierce and strong as per the study of astrology. However, they have this soft side as well. We, humans, tend to share our emotions with the person we feel the most connected to and scorpions do this a lot often.

If the Scorpio guy shares the ups and downs of his life, about how his day has been, his daily struggles with you frequently than this is one of the most promising signs that the Scorpio man likes you and needs your shoulder to make him feel peace.

2) He Gets Possessive

Scorpions have an influence of mars – the planet of fierce energy. They tend to show protective yet possessive behaviour towards the people they care for.

You may get his text quite often that enquires about where you are, with whom you are, what exactly you have been doing and more such minuscule details. Also, he may get jealous if he sees you roaming around with some other guy. You would notice the subtle signs of jealousy on his face.

Yes, it may get irritating sometimes but this how Scorpio man is.

They either believe in making a strong connection or does not care at all. there is no in-between.

If you ever felt that he gets jealous when you roam around with any other male guy than this is a sure sign that a Scorpio man is attracted to you.

3) You catch him noticing you

The most obvious signs that prove that a Scorpio man likes you. If you frequently catch him gazing at you then you need to decide what dress you are going to wear on the very first date ( lol)

Well, it can make you feel uncomfortable but scorpions are not the guy who has a bad intention behind staring someone.

The most obvious reason for gazing at you can be getting the minuscule details of your appearance. Maybe he likes your deep blue eyes, or maybe your smile kills all his sadness.

He would try to figure out how you talk with people. Maybe he is trying to pyscho analyse you. If you find him gazing at you, then don’t get uncomfortable and behave how you actually are.


4)Asks you your secret desires

Does he somehow try to ask you of the dark fantasies you think of every night? Does he ever try to penetrate deep in your mind in order to know your sexual desires?

In case he does then you are lucky enough because he is trying to know how you perceive intimacy. As-built by a lot of passion a scorpion man look for someone who has kind of same intensity as he does.

Now here you don’t have to inject passion and lust in yourself forcefully just try to be a bit romantic and arouse a sense of intimacy in yourselves. You can do this by giving him some dirty compliments.

5) He Introduces you to the “luxury”

When a Scorpio man likes someone he strives to give his lady love every happiness that exists in the world. Be it emotional or physical.

Once a Scorpio man starts feeling for you, he would bring surprise presents for you. He will often take you to the most expensive hotels in the city (as expensive as he can afford). But beware not to think them as a spendthrift if they do so. he just wants to make you feel the queen of the entire universe.

6) He is extra nice to you

To be honest, when a scorpion man gets a crush over someone they make efforts. He will try to lend you help wherever he can.

Running out of money? He will get you out of the debt (obviously if he knows)

Any family issue! He will be there to offer his shoulder to you. Hence, this is a sure sign that a Scorpio man has feelings for you

So nice of them, isn’t it? Scorpio man never hesitates to help people especially for whom they have a soft corner. So if he does this, there are chances that he likes you a lot. But never ever try to take advantage of this trait of his, as it can lend you in trouble and he won’t ever see your face again.


7)He puts some extra efforts to please you

When a Scorpio man wants you, he will put in some extra efforts to get you

Do you gets a text from him asking if you reached home safely? Does he frequently asks you about your favourite family member and tries to bring some gift cards and presents for him/her? Ever notice him encouraging you to be nice towards your life and towards your dreams? Compliments you for your looks even when you know you aren’t dressed up that nice today!

Well, Scorpions do put in some extra effort to make their lady love meltdown on their knees.

8)Did You Notice His Suavity?

Scorpion man is known for their lust, love, passion and energy as they are born under the influence of mars. So if a scorpion man likes you, he will let you experience his sexiness in subtle ways.

He won’t hesitate to show you every tiny sexily-shaped muscle on his body that he has transformed by working out for hours.

And this is how Scorpios flirt and one of the most prominent signs that scorpion man has feelings for you