7 Signs Of A Bad Relationship And The Actions To Take


Generally, when we talk about relationships, there are often two views about it. The first is from the people who are in a blissful, happy relationship, and the other is from the people who are heartbroken or in general, a toxic relationship.

The first one often talks about how positive, loving, and growing relationships are, but the second one shows the dark side of relationships.

Usually, the red flags that we ignore at the beginning of a relationship become the reason for the breakup later. Here, I’m going to talk about those red flags or the signs of a negative relationship.

Signs of a Bad Relationship

1)Repetitive Fights

Fighting often is a sign of bad relationship

First and foremost, a negative relationship is not the one in which there is end no of fights. People confuse arguments with negativity, but if taken productively, fights can turn into big positive change in a relationship.

When we learn about the reason we are fighting for and decide to understand our partner’s point of view parallel to ours, it turns out to be a healthy argument with some positive conclusion in the end.

But if there are fights every day about every little thing, this is not a good sign. However, you can give surprise to your loved ones to rejuvenate your relationship and can buy variety of gifts online using Amazon Coupons with great deals.

Understanding and respect are the key aspects of a healthy relationship, and with fights every day, they fade away. Fights are okay and normal, but when they turn into unnecessary quarrels, they make the relationship toxic.

When there are no happy days, and out of 30 days in a month you have 29 fights, you might need to re-think about your relationship.

2) Physical Intimacy

Coming to my second point, physical intimacy is a critical part of a relationship. If you both want to indulge in an intimate sense, great; if you don’t want to indulge, okay again.

But if a partner wants to force physical intimacy on another, this is one red flag. Everything you two share should be with consent.

If a partner isn’t ready and you want to have sex, you should respect their feelings and stop yourself.

As humans, we do have some needs, sex, and physical closeness being one of those, but when we love someone, we understand the other person, not force them.

And if your partner is pressuring you, you should definitely re-think if you want to be in that relationship any more.


cheating your partner end relationship

According to me, only cheating is not the reason for a toxic breakup, but there are certain other things as well.

When your partner starts hiding things from you, when anyone of you has desperate need to check on the other now and then, when they begin deleting texts or pictures from their phone to hide it from you, you should know you’re already clearly given red signs.

I don’t think any relationship can survive without trust and complete transparency of each other’s feelings.

4)One-Sided Efforts

Another critical aspect of a healthy relationship is balance. The balance between work and relationship, between other relations and one with your partner and the most important; the balance of efforts.

There should be 50-50 always. If you’re the one putting all the efforts every single time, if only you want to make special days more special for them and they do not reciprocate it back, you should reconsider your relationship.

Because in a relationship, it’s all about the give and takes.

5)Lack of Communication

One last thing that I’m going to talk about is lack of communication and feelings of entrapment.Lack of communication can definitely make your relationship a toxic one.

When you feel suffocated in a relationship, and despite all your efforts you can’t just let go of that feeling, and you are unable to communicate it to your partner, your relationship definitely took the best of you, and you should consider it as a red flag to reevaluate your relationship.

There are more tiny little red flags that you should keep a check on, other than the one discussed over here.

For example, jealousy, over – possessiveness, the feeling of unworthiness, never-ending dramas, insufficient support for each other, disrespect in any way, etc. etc.

6) The difference in Opinions and Ego Factor

 Another point that leads to toxicity in a relationship is the ego factor. Having different opinions is totally normal, but when those opinions lead to conflicts, and none of you is ready to accept the other’s point of view, it’ll definitely create more and more problems in the relationship.

As I already said, understanding and respect are the key aspects, when these two lose their meanings in a relationship, that’s definitely a red flag.

One crucial part of a relationship is, as we know, communication.

But when you feel trapped, and you’re unable to make the other person understand what you’re trying to tell and it always turns to victimization and fighting, you might need to take this very seriously. This is also one sign of a toxic relationship.

Either you sit and communicate about it or it’s already towards the end.

When all the compromises come from your side, you should consider this as a big red flag. When the other person is not able to prioritize you, and you are the only one adjusting because of them, they might not have the same strong feelings that you have for them.

You should definitely keep track of who is the one always compromising on their wishes to keep the other one happy and act accordingly.

Take away on Signs of  a bad relationship

In the end, I’d just say that every relationship has some flaws, but when you love someone, you try to make it better for them, not worse. So even if with hundred per cent of your efforts, you cannot control the negativity in your relationship, I fear it’s the time to end it rather than just dragging it for the sake of love. Moreover, if you are looking for Indian Oil Corporation Recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it.

If you keep dragging your relationship which is already dead a long time ago, it will hurt you a lot. You might even start hating the person whom you once loved more than anything. So, be brave and make the right choice which will make you happy not the one that will make your soon to be ex-partner.