7 Hurt Crushing Things Cheaters Say When Confronted


Things Cheater Says When Confronted!

It is very “hard to swallow the pill” to know that your partner is cheating on you. However, sometimes misunderstandings can build up trust issues and you may take your partner’s actions as cheating.

But if you have been noticing your partner making excuses or hiding things from you lately, there are chances of you getting cheated.   

It is not difficult to catch someone lying but there are a lot of things cheaters say to hide affairs and it may confuse you or put you in a situation where taking a decision becomes harder for you.

But confronting a cheater is important, no one has a right to play with your feelings and if someone has done that already, they should have the courage to have a face to face conversation with you, isn’t it? 

While confronting a cheater, it is important to know what is happening in the mind of a cheater, as cheaters blame-shifting games are common and you will have to deal with it wisely.

But before confronting a cheater, you should know what kind of questions to ask your unfaithful spouse and how do cheaters react when confronted as it will keep you away from falling into their mind games and excuses 

There are thousands of people wondering what things cheaters say to hide affairs, so you are not alone. We have made a list of some common things’ cheater say when confronted.

This may help in dealing with the cheaters’ blame-shifting game and how to tackle the situation wisely. Before moving towards the primary topic of this article, let us see why does a person cheat in a relationship? 

Why does a person cheat in a relationship?  

There are two types of cheaters, one who has any intention of hurting the feelings of their partner, and the other one who is not satisfied with the relationship and fails to express their emotions.

Mostly, people cheat because of their wrong intentions, unsatisfaction and because they are bored but several other reasons are being ignored. Let’s have a look at those reasons.  


  • Lack of communication  

When was the last time you both had a conversation? Well, is it taking you some time to think about the answer? If yes, then you have a reason and I don’t think there is a need for an explanation. Communication is the backbone of every relationship and if the backbone is missing, the relationship will collapse. Lack of communications proves that your relationship has started being toxic.

If you both haven’t had a talk over the evening tea for months, it is the right time to start doing it again. Communication can solve the major problems in a relationship and it is much easier than searching for a new partner.  


  • Lack of love and affection  

Who doesn’t need love? Even Hitler had a wife who loved him even after knowing who he was, so why can’t you love your partner by accepting their flaws? If your partner fails to find love and affection from you, the chances of getting cheated in a relationship increase a lot.  


  • Lack of sexual satisfaction  

Am I good in bed? No, don’t ask this to yourself, ask this question to your partner after spending the night with them. If your partner is not sexually satisfied with you then you need to know how to please a woman in bed otherwise they will lookout for someone who can fulfil their needs.  


  • Lack of support  

Do you praise your partner for their achievements? Whether it is winning a chicken dinner in PUBG or grabbing a huge contract for the business, you must support your partner. If your partner realizes that you don’t support them emotionally, chances of cheating increases, because who doesn’t need emotional support?  


  • Losing interests  

Sometimes it is not your fault, because maybe your partner finds their colleague more interesting than you. Feelings are not permanent and can change over time, at this point, it is better to maintain your self-respect and move on in life.  

While this may or may not be the situation in your case, finding out that your partner is cheating on your heartbreaking. We will now discuss the things the cheater says when confronted.   


Things Cheater Says When Confronted  


1) “Everything is fine, don’t worry”  

Are you constantly asking your partner if everything is fine in your relationship? Do they often say yes and end up the conversation by saying “Everything is fine, don’t worry?” If this happens a lot of time, there are chances of your partner cheating on you.  

It happens because your partner does not want to fix things with you so that one day you get fed up with the relationship and move on. In this situation, you should keep calm and find out what’s happening in your partner’s life. It could be because of the work pressure, depression or maybe someone else is keeping them happy. 


2) “It was not my fault” 

things cheater says when confronted

Did you catch your partner with someone else on the bed? Or maybe texting their colleague who likes your partner late at night?

Cheaters often practice blame-shifting after getting caught red-handed. Your partner may blame you saying that you didn’t support them or were not good in bed, or that they got frustrated with the issues in the family but let me tell you it is hard to understand the mind of a cheater.  

The very simple explanation for this is that your partner is trying to play safe by saying it was not their fault, even if it was.  


3) “You are too insecure”  

It is obvious to be a little insecure in a relationship, and it is not a crime to be insecure about losing the love of your life.

But, if the cheater tends to say this too often, it is because they are scared to get caught so they create to try to manipulate your mind by telling you that your trust issues are because of your insecurities.  

This can cause a lot of damage to the relationship, and If you feel like it has already started to happen with you, it is time to take action.  


4) “I’ll not repeat the mistake”  

i wont repeat it again

Mistakes are the nature of humans, but repeating the same mistakes is an intention.

If your partner promises you that they won’t repeat the mistake but still do it anyway, it shows that nothing can ever fix them.  

But in some cases, it can be true, after all a change of heart may happen and your partner might have realized their mistakes.

If this doesn’t happen very often, you can try to give one more chance, but as aforementioned, repeating the same mistakes leaves a negative impact on the relationship and remember, once a cheater, always a cheater. 


5) “I was not happy with you”  

What would you do with a product that you ordered from Amazon but didn’t like it? Well, the majority of you would return it because it is not worth your money, time and choice.  

While some of you will keep it and still buy an alternative for that product. That’s what a cheater will do too. A cheater after getting caught would tell you that he was not happy with you. A genuine person wouldn’t do that in the first place.   

There is no point in wasting someone’s time and hurting their feelings if you don’t feel anything for them.  

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6) “We never slept together”  

It not necessary for your partner to have sexual relations with the person he is meeting behind your back.

It can be emotional attachment, love, and affection too. But this doesn’t mean he can get away with this just because he didn’t sleep with someone else.  

Sexual bonding is not everything in a relationship, there can be emotional cheating too. The signs of emotional cheating include sharing sorrow and happiness with someone else but not with you.

Romantic connection with someone who he meets every day, that can also turn into a sexual relationship someday.  

The emotional affair can take many turns and in the end, it would be you who will be left alone and cheated if you find your partner is getting emotionally attached to another female and brushes it off by saying “we never slept together, it is a matter of concern.

He may or may not cheat you in the future, because who knows what is happening in the mind of a cheater?  

These are also the things cheaters say to hide affairs, and how can you blindly trust him that he never slept with someone else? Maybe he is trying to say that you are insecure and he will never break your heart but he is actually doing it behind you back.  


7) I didn’t tell you because I don’t want to hurt you 

This is the most common phrase a cheater uses when they get confronted. Some people do not want to hurt the feelings of the person they were once closed too. This is one of the things cheaters say to hide affairs, because why would they directly tell you that “yes I was cheating on you” he is trying to play safe and maintain his reputation in front of you.   

The mind of a cheater is very sharp, they know how to emotionally trap someone, and if you are emotionally weak and get carried away easily, you were prey.

It would be better to cut ties and move on in life if you want to know how we have also penned down “What to do after the confrontation?”  


How to deal with the confrontation?  

We explained the things Cheater Says When Confronted and also the things that cheaters say to hide affairs. This may or may not relate to your relationship issues, but gives you a gist of how the mind of a cheater works.   

Everyone deserves a second chance, if your relationship is as old as a mango tree, you can sit back and think about giving him a last chance. In my opinion, giving chances makes no sense if your relationship is a few months old.   

If you are deciding to move on, I would recommend you to talk to your close friends or relatives about the whole situation rather than hiding what you are feeling. Jumping into a new relationship to forget the old one is not the right thing at this moment. Make sure you heal the wounds before jumping into the battlefield of love.  

Final words  on things cheaters says when confronted

In this article, we have listed down the thing’s cheater says to hide affairs, we also focused on things that happen in the mind of a cheater.   

Understandably, you are going through a very rough time right now and walking away from infidelity is also an option but if you are feeling depressed or suicidal, it is better to reach out for help.   

If you both want to save the relationship, make sure you give you the best and be more careful this time.