5 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Social Media in Excess


1.) Reason for stress in teenagers

Social media creates stress

Social media has become the soundest platforms for teenagers to hookup, relationships are created, maintained and even destroyed on these social media.

The outcome of breakups is devastating as it can cause stress not only among teenagers but also among the people who are mature enough.

Social media has become a boon for people who are introvert and they like to spend hours socializing, wondering  they could talk to people online and when their expectation isn’t met, they get trapped inside the feeling of loneliness and stress which is bad for health

and if you are one of these kinds of person who is struggling with stress you need to check out our best ways to get rid of stress

2.) Creates a feeling of jealousy, anxiety

social media such as Instagram and Facebook have graced a platform for people to show off. From having a meal at a wonderful restaurant to savouring a tour in some fascinating destinations people are in a habit to post their stuff that may create a feeling of jealousy among people especially teenagers.

people start feeling low, wondering why they can’t have such a lifestyle and fun and eventually, their self-esteem gets vanish and they get trapped inside the feeling of envy and of course anxiety that is damaging for health.

Anxiety can cause headaches and breathing problems that are severely bad for health. But thanks to psychologists as they have the solution for anxiety that can make you kick it out of your body.

3.) Affects the posture

Excessive usage of social media results in poor posture. For accessing social media we need to grab the gadgets like smartphone, laptops etc and the excess usage of these gadgets can lead to poor postures such as swayback and forward head.

This problem is mostly seen among teenagers, they are addicted to social media and gadgets, as a result, their posture gets affected due to bending of neck while using gadgets, in fact, kids nowadays are getting addicted to gadgets and social media and this needs to be stopped because the poor posture in early age can create the worst kind of problems during the adulthood as well.

4.) Bad for eyes

Do you know how much severe social media is for your eyes?

we all use gadgets to access social media so indirectly I would say social media to0 is guilty of any kind of problem in our eyes.

while accessing social media we continue keeps our eyes in the screen without blinking and this habit can reduce our blinking rate which can cause dry eyes because blinking makes a thin layer of a tear to flow around our eyes and the less you blink the more drier it becomes.

5.) Makes you addictive

The addition of social media is worse than any other addiction, you keep on checking feed stories, your inbox, people sharing pieces of stuff and the list is endless.

When you are addicted to social media you feel an urge to check your social account every minute, friends sitting next to you become unimportant, you forget about the exam you need to give the next day and much more

The addition of social media makes your mind blocked, it makes your brain gets filled with unnecessary stuff and as a result, your thinking abilities get hindered.

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