17 Signs She Cheated On You Last Night


 What can be the signs she cheated on you last night?

Am I unnecessary doubting my adorable wife? Or is there something that I should be aware of?

These questions might pop up in your mind when something fishy starts happening in your beautiful relationship, but is your relationship actually beautiful or is it heading towards an unhealthy track that may ruin all of it?

Want to find out? Then do give a read to this article

She came home all reeking of alcohol and cologne that you don’t own? Want to know if she cheated on you last night? Even if you don’t suspect her do it, but some signs are too obvious. Even if you tried, there is no way that after encountering these signs she seems so trustworthy to you. If you see any of these signs when she came back home last night, then brace yourself – she might be cheating on you. 

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This article will cover almost every sign that women show when they are trying to hide something that they shouldn’t have done. Go through each of them and read till the end before making any conclusions.

1)She came home late after work

She came home late from work though she used to tell you that” I hate my job“!!!Your wife usually comes home on time, calls beforehand to inform you about her being late or going out with friends.

But this time, it was different. Not only she did come late but she never called you for informing.

It might bt that she lost track of time while working, or she had an invitation from one of her friends for dinner. But, you can never be so sure because she always used to let you know.

In this case, you can ask her about her whereabouts or if you trust her, not ask her at all.

If you do ask her, you can note her body language and way of talking to figure out of she is lying to you.


2) She never came back till morning from that party

Likewise, if she didn’t return home last night and didn’t respond to your calls or texts, then it might be a major red flag.

You might think that she had a spontaneous get together with her friends. But nothing is so spontaneous that she couldn’t even send you a text unless she is cheating.

She might say that she forgot to tell you or that she did tell you yesterday, but you will know when she is lying.

When you find yourself in such a situation, it is better to stay calm and ask her the right questions.

3)She came drenched in the smell of alcohol and cologne that doesn’t belong to you

she was drunken

Now I don’t think anybody has to explain this. She was partying with her friends or had a private party with some dude, the smell of cologne would prove it.

If she was out with her friends, it is never possible that she would smell like that. To check if she actually did cheat, ask her about the club she went to and who was with her.

If she is nervous while telling you the details, she definitely did cheat. After confirming, it is up to you whether you want to keep a blind eye or want to confront her about that. It is your relationship after all.


4) She left angry to only return the next morning

This happens after fights in most cases. You guys had a heated argument and she was shouting at you and you were complaining about something.

And then she picked her wallet and keys and left without a word.

It might be possible that she went to her favourite restaurant to cool off or to her friend’s house to talk about it. But if she spends the night – you can consider it as a red flag. Now how to notice the sign she cheated on you last night?

She would not be angry with you anymore. She would go on with the day as nothing happened and might also cook something good for you. If nothing happened last night, she would still be angry. 

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5) You didn’t know she was going somewhere

She is an adult and working, but there is an unspoken rule in every household. Whenever you are going out, you tell at least someone in the house.

Now since both of you are living alone, she must always tell you that she is going somewhere.

If she left and never told you that she is going somewhere and when you called she didn’t pick up. She might be with someone else, or she got kidnapped. 

6) She was not responding to your calls

not picking calls is sign she cheated on you last night

One of the surest signs she cheated on you last night.

She went out last night to hang out with one of her friends and didn’t pick up any of your calls? Not even responded to your texts? Maybe they are a little too busy.

There could be many reasons why she didn’t pick up the call, but there are none to why she never called back.

In such a case, all you can do is to ask her about her evening, who she was with, what she ate. If she goes into detail she is definitely cheating. Confused? Keep reading, you will get to know in a few minutes.


7) Her body language is different than usual

Whenever someone is lying or hiding something, their body language changes. They would want to keep as much distance between you two as possible. They might also keep something between you two as a distraction.

If she cheated on you last night, she would do the same. For example, if you two are sitting on the dining table to eat lunch, she would not be her own self. She would behave differently from her daily ways. She would keep her mouth full and would try to not talk. 


8) She started to argue when you asked about her whereabouts

The major clue to finding out whether someone is hiding something is “arguments”. If you ask her where she went last night, even in a general way, she would start arguing with you if she wants to hide her evening.

She would claim that you don’t trust her or she might start pointing out your mistakes. If she didn’t do anything wrong last evening, she would simply respond with the truth.

If she has nothing to hide, she would never fight unnecessarily. 


9) She is confused with the details

Want to know whether or not she cheated on you last night?

A psychological fact is that if a person is telling you the truth, they will not have to think twice describing the events. They will know where they went, what they did, who they were with, and how did they reach there.

Someone who is lying will skip some details and tell you about them later. They will say that they forgot about it.

But in fact, they were just trying to sound genuine. If she sounds confused with what she did last night then either she was drunk or she wants to hide everything from you.


10) Or she is very generous on the details 

Another psychological fact. If someone is describing true events without wanting to hide anything, they will not be too generous with the details.

If she says, “I went to the club with my colleagues, we drank and danced like crazy, and one of the colleagues even threw up on the floor”, she is telling the truth. But if she says, “Yeah, we went to the club which is three blocks away from our office, we were seven people in total, Jane insisted we drink a lot.. and she was wearing a very tight skirt… everyone was dancing like crazy…

The club was very crowded and the decor was very amazing… we were dancing when Jack threw up and spoiled Thomas’s shoes..”. Do you see what I am saying here? She is definitely overcompensating with the story.


11) She repeats your question while answering

Instead of answering outright, she will repeat the question stressing on it. Anyone who is lying will do so. Liers always repeat the question when they try to answer it while hiding the truth.

They will either repeat the question and then answer or will include the sentence in the answer. For example, if you ask her, “Were you at your office last evening?” If she is lying she will answer, “Yes, I was at my office last evening” or “Was I at my office last evening? Why yes, where else I will be at?”.

If she is telling the truth she will just say, “Yes, I was” or simply “Yes”.

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12) She is not her usual self

After she turns up from the party or late-night get together, is she behaving differently?

She would not kiss you a good night like she usually does, or she is shying away from you – this could be a red flag.

Try to understand her moves. Is it just because she is tired, or is it because she wants to have some distance between you two.

If she is tired, then after a good night’s sleep she must return to her normal self, but if she does not then she actually must be looking for a way out. In such cases, it is better to sit and have a heart-to-heart talk.


13) She is not maintaining eye contact


Usually, when people are trying to save themselves and don’t want to spill the truth, they avoid contact. It is because they feel guilty and think that you can tell by looking them into the eyes that they are lying.

So, notice her carefully when talking to her. Is she avoiding eye contact or is using an object like a cup of coffee to distract you, then she might be lying.

14)She is avoiding any discussion

avoiding discussion is a signs she cheated on you last night

Those who are not good at lying often try to avoid any discussion that might jeopardize their position.

She would try not to answer the questions you ask her and If she is avoiding you by keeping herself busy or by making excuses while you try to talk to her about last night then you should know that she might be hiding.

The best would be to not let her change the subject and make sure she tells you everything.

15) She would want to change the subject

Along with avoiding the discussion, she would try to change the subject. She would use tactics to make you forget about what you were asking and will start talking about something else.

She might also try to make a move on you so that you forget about your suspicion all-together.

After all, she doesn’t want you to know that she cheated on you last night


16) You notice a shift from her normal behaviour

She looks a little lost in her thoughts and when you ask her what’s wrong, she just says that its nothing – something might be bothering her.

Carefully notice her routine, is she acting the same as usual or is something different today? If she behaves differently then I would say it is among the signs she cheated on you last night

Women who cheat on their husbands or boyfriend mostly feel guilty and thus behave differently. Ask her gently whether she is okay or not, she might just confess.

17) When you question her, she goes in defensive mode

The one thing that will make it sure that she has cheated – she goes defensive when you ask her about last night. Now, this is nothing like the usual arguments, she would go berserk.

She will try to act innocent and might even question your integrity. She would say you don’t trust her and start crying but this is one of the surest sign she cheated on you last night.

She might even threaten you that she would leave if you keep on suspecting her. In most cases, this turns into emotional drama and men end up apologizing and start questioning themselves.

TakeAway On Signs She Cheated On You Last Night

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and to balance it is what keeps it going stronger with every day. But even if one of the partners breaks and looks for a way out, then everything will definitely crumble. If you have even a slight mistrust on your partner, don’t go questioning their integrity without being completely sure. It might ruin your relationship without any reason.

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Whether a couple has been together for many years or their relationship is relatively new, no one can tell when one of the partners is unfaithful. They might want out of the relationship or are plain unfaithful. You can never tell when the lie began and when it will end. All you can do is be faithful yourself and have trust in your partner. If you find out that they had been cheating or you suspect that they might be cheating, it is better to move on. It is better than hanging on hoping that they would change or love you as you do.