10 Types of Boyfriends And Ways To Deal With Them


Are you confused with what type of guy you are in a relationship with? Or maybe you have decided to look for the types of boyfriends that exist so that the vague idea of yours on the nature of boys gets cleared up?

Then this article is solely related to your query as this article accounts for the types of boyfriends we girls meet during different phases of life, some of you might have dated only one while others may have dated all! No offence, please

Types of Boyfriends [ The Complete List ]

1)Extrovert types of boyfriends

extrovert boyfriend

This kind of boyfriends is extra friendly to the people around you, be it your brother, your friends or maybe your parents. They have no control over their tongue and they never feel shy around people.

The main benefit of having this kind of boyfriend is their socialising skills, they don’t sound dumb like the introvert ones who take years to utter a word from their mouth.

Points – 7/10

2) One Who always thinks of marrying you

Thinks of marrying you

They are really in love with you and from the day they have seen you, they might have started thinking the names of kids as well.

Everything is very well decided by them already you don’t have to fear about your future, from the venue of marriage to the dress you both have to wear, these kinds of a boyfriend have all set in their minds

Remember Uday Chopra from the Dhoom series, yes exactly that kind of stuff.

Points – 7.5/10

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3)The Overpossessive case

Well if you are in a relationship with this type of boyfriend, you might feel suffocated often. These kinds of boyfriend don’t even let their girls breathe.

They will try imposing themselves on you, would restrict your meetings with your friends, decide themselves what kind of dress you have to wear, kind of food you have to eat, when to sleep and when to wake up.

They can really be annoying, little possession is good but if you feel like you have no control over your own life its time for a breakup.

points – 1.5/10

Quick tips to deal with such type of boyfriend:

  • Figure out why he is so possessive, maybe he doesn’t trust your male friends
  • After figuring out the root cause, try to make him trust you. Tell him that he is the best and you are not going to cheat him no matter what
  • Communicate with him and ask him to stop being so possessive as it suffocates you
  • Maybe he shows his possession out of habit if this is the case give more love to him and make him understand that being so much over possessive is not tolerable

4)The egoistic types of boyfriends

“I always try to save this relationship”

“I always pay the bills”

“My friends are better than yours”

ever heard these kinds of lines? rings a bell?

If you have heard all these lines from your own guy then I am pretty sure you are in a relationship with an egoistic dude.

A type of boyfriend who has fake confidence and treats himself “right” every now and then moreover when things do not happen their way, they can do anything to disturb your mental peace and create a shoddy environment. Also, they might have gone through many breakups in their lives for this behaviour

points – 2/10

Quick tips to handle such type of boyfriends

  • First of all, stay calm when he is aggressive or being much egoistic
  • When he says he has done everything, explain him calmly that a vehicle never runs only on one wheel. Show him what you too have done to stay together
  • Never be aggressive on such type of people, the better option is to part ways because egoistic people don’t try to change their behaviour and eventually it will be you who will lose the peace of mind staying with him

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Romantic boyfriend

This kind of boyfriend might be a fan of “Nicholas Sparks” and instead of reading his syllabus books, he entirely devotes his time in watching romantic movies of Shah Rukh Khan or reading romantic novels of “John Keats”.

Being romantic, he won’t shy holding your hand every time, his whole concentration would be to make the environment exclusively romantic to make you blush.

He won’t ever step back to show his romanticism and at times will plan a romantic dinner, will try to take you to a beach, Book movie tickets, often give you a love letter on valentines day because he loves you deeply and a lot more.

Points – 8/10

6)Over Analyser

He is the one who has a habit of over analysing things always. Don’t mistake this one as an overthinker, he is a kind of different species.

If you go to a coffee shop, he will surely analyse how the door opens, how the waiter treats you, people, what kind of cup they offer coffee in, is the coffee really good or not, are they charging more, are they charging quite less. Oh god difficult to handle.

But they are harmless, they just deep dive into things and try to figure out the “why” and “how” of that. But the “not good” thing is it can really get you annoyed at times.

Quick tips to handle

  • Straightway tell them to stop over analysing things
  • Ask them to stay calm and enjoy the moments without complaining

Take Away On Types Of Boyfriends

See being in a relationship and falling in love are two different things, take this post as a serious one and before deciding to fall in love, get to know the guy you are dating so that you won’t have to regret later

Or if you are already in a relationship, do comment what kind of boyfriend you have and do not forget to share it with your friends and boyfriends